Gets Loaded

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Was zunächst als eine Hommage für Lou Reed angedacht war, als sich Lenny Kaye, Arto Lindsay, Voidoids' Ivan Julian und andere in NYC's Bowery Electric versammelt hatten, entwickelte sich für die Band Hollis Brown, die ebenfalls eingeladen war, zu einem besonderen Ereignis, denn das Quartett aus Queens sollte das Velvet Underground-Album "Loaded" komplett spielen. Sie bgrachten die Stücke so großartig rüber, dass die Beteiligten sich entschlossen, das Ganze für die Nachwelt festzuhalten, zumal die Stücke des Originals zu All Time Classics von VU zählen, darunter "Sweet Jane", "Rock & Roll", Head Held High" oder "New Age"

It started out as live tribute last November. Lenny Kaye, Arto Lindsay, Voidoids' Ivan Julian and others convened at NYC's Bowery Electric to pay homage to the late, great Lou Reed. The Queens-based roots-rock band Hollis Brown were also invited to perform the Velvet Underground's 1970 album Loaded in its entirety. What began as live memorial to a fallen legend has now been preserved on wax for the ages. Hollis Brown Gets Loaded finds the foursome turning in earthy studio takes on all 10 of perhaps the VU's most accessible tracks. From the cocky strut of classics such as Sweet Jane and Rock & Roll to the lovely balladry of New Age, I Found A Reason and the pile-driving rock of Head Held High , Hollis Brown pays homage to this time-honored album with takes that don't stray far from the originals, yet still unfold as beautiful new songs with their own unmistakable rootsy approach. And not unlike the running order of the tracks - which goes from last to first, opening with Oh! Sweet Nuthin' and closing with Who Loves The Sun - this is one great young NYC rock band putting a refreshing spin on, arguably, the greatest of NYC rock bands.

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Gets Loaded
Gets Loaded
ALI LP 158
€ 17.90*

1. Oh Sweet Nuthin'
2. Train Round The Bend
3. I Found A Reason
4. Lonesome Cowboy Bill
5. Head Held High
6. New Age
7. Cool It Down
8. Rock & Roll
9. Sweet Jane
10. Who Loves The Sun