Denver Nevada (Still Life)

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AD VANDERVEEN, der wohl fleißigste Singer-Songwriter Hollands hat wieder ein neues Studioalbum produziert! "A World Within" ist gerade mal ein Jahr "auf dem Markt", da läßt Vanderveen mit "Denver Nevada (Still Life)" ein weiteres Mal aufhorchen. Blue Rose hatte ja bereits mehrere Alben von ihm veröffentlicht, diesmal hat das Label den holländischen Kollegen von CRS den Vortritt gelassen.
"Denver Nevada (Still Life)" kann als Sequel zu "A Worlds Within" angesehen werden und ist zumindest so gut gelungen! Vanderveen hat über die vielen Jahre seinen Stil gefunden, der sicher immer wieder gerne mit dem kanandischen Kollegen Neil Young verglichen wird, wobei der ungleich Unbekanntere für viele Insider schon seit Langem die besseren Songs verfasst. Inhaltlich geht es wie meist in Vanderveen's Texten um Einsamkeit, Sehnsucht und Resignation, wobei auch der Drang und die nicht stoppbare Geschwindigkeit und Notwendigkeit, immer weiter kreativ zu sein und Songs zu schreiben, eine große Rolle spielt. "Melancholische Atmosphäre und Stimmung" trifft sicher ganz gut die Beschreibung der Stücke, die am Besten als zeitgenössischer Folk mit Einfüssen von Rock, Jazz und Klassik beschrieben werden kann. Die Songs und die Instrumentierung basieren auf akustischer Gitarre und Gesang, ergänzt durch Piano, elektrischer Gitarre, Bass, Percussion/Schlagzeug, Harmony Vocals sowie hin und wieder mit Streichern und Bläsern.

Denver Nevada is a place that is not real, it’s made up. But it is real in the sense that it’s an anagram for Ad Vanderveen. As for Still Life; all meanings of the term can apply in this case.
Desolation, serenitiy; scenes like in a David Lynch movie or an Edward Hopper painting come to mind when listening to the singer-songwriter’s new album. Existential themes such as solitude, longing and resignation are expressed throughout the lyrics. But the album is also about the inexplicable and unstoppable drive and necessity to keep writing and creating.
Vanderveen can be counted among the most prolific songwriters in the new folk and roots genre, with over 30 albums to his name since the early 90s. As a person and a craftsman Ad is mostly geared towards growth and development and he tends to keep away from matters not involving music or spirituality. Dealing with issues like name, fame and big sales numbers is not one of his priorities. Among music lovers and critics, colleagues and peers however, he is highly regarded as a songwriter and musician; none other than Van Morrison, after hearing Ad’s album Worlds Within, personally invited him as his opening act in July 2017.
Another one of Vanderveen’s long-time favorites, John Gorka, joins on Denver Nevada’s lead off track in the duet Another Song.
Denver Nevada strikes a certain melancholy atmosphere and mood that underscore the poems and lyrics at the core of the songs. The style can best be described as contemporary folk with influences of rock, jazz and classical music. The songs and instrumentation are based on acoustic guitar and vocal; accompanied by piano, electric guitar, bass, percussion/drums, harmony vocals and augmented by strings and horns.
Ad’s previous album Worlds Within was hailed as a ‘classic’ by roots-americana critics and considered to be one of his best works. Fortunately the well has not run dry yet and those initiated say the sequel Denver Nevada will top the former one, journeying further and deeper into new territory and changing soundscapes. Ad Vanderveen keeps on challenging himself and the roots music audience!

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Denver Nevada (Still Life)
Denver Nevada (Still Life)
CSCCD 1147
€ 14.90

1. Another Song
2. Big Old Lonely Feeling
3. Backroads of Hope
4. Castles
5. Denver Nevada
6. Ruminations
7. Wooden Shoes, Wooden Heart, Wouldn't Listen
8. Blackbird Singing a Blue Note
9. In The Name Of Rock'n'Roll
10. My Sweet Crushed Angel
11. Afterthought - Groveling Grandeur