Murph The Surf

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Remastered on 180g vinyl! Elliott Murphy's 1982 album Murph The Surf (rated 4 stars**** on All Music Guide) is finally again available in a beautiful remastered audiophile vinyl edition. This was the album whose success in Europe propelled Elliott to a large following in France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Belgium and beyond. Featuring such classic songs as "The Fall of Saigon," "Continental Kinda Girl" and "Dusty Roses" as well as the successful single "Baby I've Been Thinking." Cover photo by Mick Rock (Lou Reed, David Bowie). Sonically restored by Gaspard Murphy. Order now - limited edition!

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Murph The Surf
Murph The Surf
€ 19.90*

Side One
1. Continental Kinda Girl
2. Off The Shelf
3. Baby I Been Thinkin'
4. Modern Romance
5. You Got It Made

Side Two
1. The Fall Of Saigon
2. Dusty Roses
3. Garden City
4. Calling On Cathleen
5. Blue Towers