I'll Be Yours

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Zu ihren Fans gehören T Bone Burnett, Jack White und Kultautor & Musikjournalist Greil Marcus. The Americans stehen für eine Mischung aus Country und Blues, garniert mit einer feurigen Note Rock'n'Roll. Vereint durch ihre Begeisterung für amerikanische Roots-Musik, verbrachten die drei Jungs Jahre damit, sich durch alte Aufnahmen und unbekannte Aufzeichnungen zu hören sowie sich selbst Banjo, Geige und Mandoline beizubringen. Frontmann Patrick Ferris sagt dazu: "We were suspicious of modern rock music. I think we were all curious whether we could summon the spirit of old blues and country through what we'd learned firsthand, and create something brand new, leaving behind the nostalgia and musical aesthetics."

Fans von The Gaslight Anthem, Jack White und Bruce Springsteen sollten das Debütalbum der Americans nicht verpassen!

New Loose signings, Los Angeles quartet The Americans, will release their forthcoming studio album, I?ll Be Yours. Having started out as a roots band enthralled by pre-war American country and blues, they have evolved into a blistering amalgamation of those influences, injected with a fiery blue collar rock?n?roll attitude, absorbing and reconfiguring the history of American music from Chuck Berry and Tom Waits to Bruce Springsteen. The Americans were plucked from obscurity by Jack White, T Bone Burnett and Robert Redford to appear in the forthcoming PBS documentary series American Epic, due to air on the BBC from 16 May 2017. Featuring artists such as Beck, Elton John, Nas, Willie Nelson, Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers and many more, the film reconstructs the story of the first American music in the 1920s and re-assembled the recording apparatus that was used at the time. As experts in early music, The Americans were invited in to figure out the equipment and make the first recordings. Once the sessions were underway, they functioned as the house band, backing up various artists and suggesting songs to the filmmakers. Burnett was quoted as saying; ?The Americans are part of this group, these genius 21st century musicians, that are reinventing American heritage music for this century. And it sounds even better this century.?

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I'll Be Yours
I'll Be Yours
VJCD 234
€ 14.90*

1. Nevada 3:22
2. The Right Stuff 4:23
3. Stowaway 2:57
4. I'll Be Yours 5:47
5. Last Chance 4:45
6. Hooky 2:55
7. Gone at Last 4:03
8. Harbor Lane 4:11
9. Long Way from Home 2:47
10. Bronze Star 4:20
11. Daphne