Carnegie Hall 1970

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Am 4. Dezember 1970 spielte Neil Young zwei legendäre Acoustic-Shows in der New Yorker Carnegie Hall. Die 23 Songs in diesem Set wurden von den Original 1/4 inch-Bändern von Young und Niko Bolas gemixed. Hier ist die frühe Show, die nie zuvor gebootlegged worden oder im Umlauf war, und ist die erste Veröffentlichung in Neils neuer "Official Bootleg Series".

On December 4th 1970, Neil Young played two legendary solo acoustic shows at New York's Carnegie Hall. The 23 songs in this set (2 LP or 2 CD) have been mixed from the original ¼ inch tapes by Young and Niko Bolas. This is the early show which has never been bootlegged or circulated, and is the first release in Neil's new "Official Bootleg Series".

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Carnegie Hall 1970
Carnegie Hall 1970
RPRW LP 5956
€ 33.90*

Disc 1
1 Down By the River (Live)
2 Cinnamon Girl (Live)
3 I Am a Child (Live)
4 Expecting to Fly (Live)
5 The Loner (Live)
6 Wonderin' (Live)
7 Helpless (Live)
8 Southern Man (Live)
9 Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (Live)
10 Sugar Mountain (Live)
Disc 2
1 On the Way Home (Live)
2 Tell Me Why (Live)
3 Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Live)
4 Old Man (Live)
5 After the Gold Rush (Live)
6 Flying on the Ground Is Wrong (Live)
7 Cowgirl in the Sand (Live)
8 Don't Let It Bring You Down (Live)
9 Birds (Live)
10 Bad Fog of Loneliness (Live)
11 Ohio (Live)
12 See the Sky About to Rain (Live)
13 Dance Dance Dance (Live)