08. Dezember 2018

Big December Sale of 130+ Blue Rose CDs !

Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, Red Weeks or whaterver campaigns are over, now the tzime is ours! Not as spectacular but small but mighty is our special offer we have all over December. This offer includes almost the complete available Blue Rose catalog, regular prices are reduced down to 50 % and split in three price categories:

REegular price CDs: € 9,90
Midprice-CDs: € 5,90
Budget-CDs: € 2,90

We have straight links to each title, searching is not necessary. There is no order minimum, with each purchase of four and more items a free copy of our current mailorder-only CD compilation Blue Rose Nuggets will be included.

BLU CD0268 Steve Wynn – There Will Come Day Day (Maxi-CD)
BLU DP0300 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – Static Transmission (2CD)
BLU CD0387 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – Bruises (CD-EP)
BLU CD0390 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – tick…tick…tick
BLU DP0433 Greyhound Soul – Tonight And Every Night
BLU CD0436 Any Trouble – Live In Reverse
BLU SI0268 Steve Wynn – Crossing Dragon Bridge
BLU DP0451 The Baseball Project – Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails
BLU CD0453 Jordan Zevon – Insides Out
BLU DP0476 Tom Gillam & Tractor Pull – Play Loud…Dig Deep
BLU DP0492 Kris Kristofferson – Closer To The Bone
BLU DP0502 Jon Dee Graham – It’s Not As Bad As It Looks
BLU DP0514 Susan Cowsill – Lighthouse
BLU DP0517 Austin Collins – Wrong Control
BLU DP0518 The Dustin Bentall Outfit – Six Shooter
BLU CD0519 Tom Gillam – Better Than The Rest – An Anthology
BLU DP0524 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 – Northern Aggression
BLU DP0527 Cindy Bullens – Howling Trains And Barking Dogs
BLU DP0528 Paul Thorn – Pimps And Preachers
BLU DP0531 Greg Trooper – Upside-Down Town
BLU CD0534 David Lowery – The Palace Guards
BLU CD0536 Ad Vanderveen – Days Of The Greats
BLU DP0537 The Baseball Project – Vol 2: High And Inside
BLU DP0538 Owen Temple – Mountain Home
BLU DP0553 Westwood – After All This Time
BLU DP0568 I See Hawks In L.A. – New Kind Of Lonely
BLU DP0572 The Refugees – Three
BLU DP0575 Shurman – Inspiration (2-CD)
BLU DP0576 The dB’s – Falling Off The Sky
BLU DP0577 Paul Thorn – What The Hell Is Goin On?
BLU DP0578 Jon Dee Graham – Garage Sale
BLU DP0579 Plainsong – Fat Lady Singing
BLU DP0582 Skydiggers – Northern Shore
BLU DP0583 Jim Cuddy – Skyscraper Soul
BLU DP0584 Lincoln Durham – The Shovel Vs. The Howling Bones
BLU CD0587 Ad Vanderveen – Driven By A Dream
BLU DP0588 Tom Gillam – Good For You
BLU DP0589 Wheeler Brothers – Portraits
BLU DP0591 The Departed – Adventus
BLU DP0593 Amelia Curran – Spectators
BLU DP0594 Whitehorse – The Fate Of The World Depends On This Kiss
BLU DP0595 Jenn Grant – The Beautiful Wild
BLU DP0597 Elliott Murphy – It Takes A Worried Man
BLU DP0602 The Whipsaws – The Whipsaws
BLU DP0604 US Rails – Heartbreak Superstar
BLU DP0605 The Resentments – Ghost Ship
BLU DP0607 The Statesboro Revue – Ramble On Privilege Creek
BLU DP0611 I See Hawks In L.A. – Mystery Drug
BLU DP0613 Leeroy Stagger – Truth Be Sold
BLU DP0617 The Wynntown Marshals – The Long Haul
BLU DP0618 Owen Temple – Stories They Tell/Live At The Saxon Pub (2-CD)
BLU DP0619 Jess Klein – Behind A Veil
BLU DP0623 Blue Rodeo – It’s My Nature
BLU DP0625 David Grissom – How It Feels To Fly
BLU DP0626 Sons Of Bill – The Gears EP
BLU DP0627 Reto Burrell – Lucky Charm
BLU CD0628 The Great Crusades – Thieves Of Chicago
BLU DP0629 Lincoln Durham – Exodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous
BLU DP0630 William Clark Green – Rose Queen
BLU DP0632 Hank Shizzoe – Songsmith
BLU DP0633 Easton Stagger Phillips – Resolution Road
BLU DP0634 NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway
BLU DP0635 Los Lonely Boys – Revelation
BLU DP0636 Tom Gillam – Last Night On Earth
BLU DP0637 Jess Klein – Learning Faith
BLU DP0638 Walter Salas-Humara – Curve & Shake
BLU DP0639 The Parson Red Heads – Orb Weaver
BLU DP0640 Micky & The Motorcars – Hearts From Above
BLU DP0643 Amelia Curran – They Promised You Mercy
BLU DP0645 Paul Thorn – Too Blessed To Be Stressed
BLU CD0648 Stoney LaRue – Aviator
BLU CD0655 Various Artists – 20 Years Blue Rose Records – Best Of Americana Rock Music (2CD)
BLU CD0671 Various Artists – 20 Years Blue Rose Records – Best Of Americana Rock Music Vol. 2 (2CD)

BLU DP0585 The Resentments – Welcome To My Living Room/Live At The Lac in Stuttgart (2-CD+DVD)
BLU DP0622 Bottle Rockets – The Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side (2-CD)
BLU DP0642 Kelley Mickwee – You Used To Live Here
BLU DP0644 Parsons Thibaud – Eden
BLU DP0646 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Tombstone
BLU DP0651 Cody Canada & The Departed – HippieLovePunk
BLU DP0652 American Aquarium – Wolves
BLU DP0654 Elliott Murphy – Aquashow Deconstructed
BLU DP0656 The High Line Riders – Bumping Into Nothing
BLU DP0657 Alectro – School Of Desire
BLU DP0658 Ad Vanderveen – Presents Of The Past/Requests Revisited (2CD)
BLU DP0660 The Statesboro Revue – Jukehouse Revival
BLU DP0661 Micky & The Motorcars – Across The Pond – Live In Germany
BLU DP0662 Hollis Brown – 3 Shots
BLU DP0663 Tony Furtado – The Bell
BLU DP0664 The Psycho Sisters – Up On The Chair, Beatrice
BLU DP0665 Titus Wolfe – Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.
BLU DP0666 The Wynntown Marshals – The End Of The Golden Age
BLU DP0668 Leeroy Stagger – Dream It All Away
BLU DP0669 The Bottle Rockets – South Broadway Athletic Club
BLU DP0672 Stoney LaRue – Us Time
BLU CD0674 Ben Arnold – Lost Keys
BLU CD0675 Scott Bricklin – Lost Til Dawn

BLU DP0673 Stacie Collins – Roll The Dice
BLU DP0667 Hank Shizzoe – This Place Belongs To The Birds
BLU CD0676 Tom Gillam – Beautiful Dream
BLU DP0677 Shurman – East Side Of Love
BLU DP0678 The Wood Brothers – Paradise
BLU DP0679 Walter Salas-Humara – Work: Part One
BLU CD0680 Ad Vanderveen – The Stellar Cellar Band
BLU CD0681 Markus Rill – Dream Anyway
BLU DP0682 Cold Truth – Grindstone
BLU DP0683 Willie Nile – World War Willie
BLU DP0684 Walter Salas-Humara – Explodes And Disappears
BLU DP0685 William Harries Graham – Foreign Fields
BLU DP0687 The South Austin Moonlighters – Ghost Of A Small Town
BLU DP0688 Water And Sand – Water And Sand
BLU DP0689 Stephen Simmons – A World Without
BLU DP0690 US Rails – Ivy
BLU DP0691 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Way Or The Highway
BLU DP0692 The Band Of Heathens – Duende
BLU CD0693 Elliott Murphy – Prodigal Son
BLU DP0694 Walter Salas-Humara – Work: Part Two
BLU CD0695 – The Great Crusades – Until The Night Turned To Day
BLU DP0698 The Wynntown Marshals – After All These Years
BLU DP0699 Peter Bruntnell – Nos Da Comrade
BLU DP0700 Hardpan – Hardpan
BLU CD0701 Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings
BLU DP0702 Markus Rill – Getting Into Trouble
BLU CD0703 High Line Riders – Walking Home
BLU DP0704 US Rails – We’ve All Been Here Before
BLU DP0714 Nora Jane Struthers – Champion
BLU DP0715 Jeff Crosby – Postcards From Magdalena
BLU CD0716 Stacie Collins – Stacie Collins
BLU DP0718 Luke Gasser – The Judas Tree
BLU DP0719 I See Hawks In LA – Live And Never Learn

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