22. Januar 2016

Blue Rose mailorder sales chart 2015

We have found out the best-selling CDs and LPs through our own Blue Rose mailorder and are happy to see that from the TOP 20 just two albums are not a Blue Rose release! That’s a confirmation for us to be totally right with the releases we put out over the last year. We will do our very best to make our fans, friends and customers happy in 2016 with more interesting albums in the Americana genre!
In the January issue of the Blue Rose Radio Show on rockradio.de Blue Rose label manager and hobby DJ Edgar Heckmann played a song from each of the TOP 10 albums. The complete show is available as a

to listen to. Well, the talking between the songs is in German but here is a playlist of the show so if you want you can scroll forward if Edgar’s talking is too annoying for you…

And here they are, the TOP 20 of the Blue Rose mailorder sales 2015:
1. Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Tombstone
2. Cody Canada & The Departted – HippieLovePunk
3. James McMurtry – Complicated Game
4. The Wynntown Marshals – The End Of The Golden Age
5. The Bottle Rockets – South Broadway Athletic Club
6. American Aquarium – Wolves
7. Leeroy Stagger – Dream It All Away
8. Hollis Brown – 3 Shots
9. The Statesboro Revue – Jukehouse Revival
10. Willie Nile – If I Was A River
11. Elliott Murphy – Aquashow Deconstructed
12. Hank Shizzoe – This Place Belongs To The Birds
13. Micky & The Motorcars – Across The Pond
14. Ad Vanderveen – Presents From The Past/Requests Revisited
15. High Line Riders – Bumping Into Nothing
16. Tony Furtado – The Bell
17. Ryan Bingham – Fear And Saturday Night
17. Stacie Collins – Roll The Dice
19. Bob Seger – Ride Out
20. Alectro – School Of Desire

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