15. Juni 2019

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 98 now available for only 5 € or for free!

A new month, another issue of the Blue Rose Nuggets series which is exclusively available at the Blue Rose webshop. We have June 2019 and number 98. This new edition again contains 15 songs featuring current releases or to be released albums by The Schramms, Todd Thibaud, Peter Bruntnell. Joseph Parsons and Rich Hopkins & Luminarios plus more tracks taken from backcatalog CDs.

You can buy the CD for either 5,00 € or you’ll get it for free if your order contains four and more items!

1. PETER BRUNTNELL – Broken Wing / taken from the album „King Of Madrid“ (BLU DP0733)
2. BIG IN IOWA – Bull In A China Shop / taken from the album „Green Pop“ (BLU CD0246)
3. MAP OF WYOMING – For All I Can See / taken from the album „Trouble Is“ (BLU CD0240)
4. WACO BROTHERS – It’s Not Enough / taken from the album „Electric Waco Chair“ (BLU CD0234)
5. TODD THIBAUD – Great Unknown / taken from the album „Hill West“ (BLU DP0735)
6. STEVE WYNN – Silver Lining / recorded live at HOT-FM Studio in Hof, Germany January 30, 1998 (previously unreleased)
7. VOLEBEATS – I Tried To Tell You / taken from the album „Mosquito Spiral“ (BLU CD0236)
8. THE SILOS – Satisfied / taken from the album „Laser Beam Next Door“ (BLU DP0242)
9. TIM EASTON – Bad Florida / taken from the album „The Truth About Us“ (BLU CD0248)
10. JOSEPH PARSONS – Wide Awake / taken from the album „Digging For Rays“ (BLU DP0732)
11. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – Acoma Mary / taken from the album „Back To The Garden“ (BLU DP0731)
12. RETO BURRELL – Shot Down / taken from the album „Echo Park“ (BLU CD0243)
13. RUSS TOLMAN – Monterey / recorded live at HOT-FM Studio in Hof, Germany May 12, 1998 (previously unreleased)
14. THE SCHRAMMS – Faith Is A Dusty Word / taken from the album „Omnidirectional“ (BLU CD0724)
15. RAINRAVENS – Zapruder Blues / taken from the album „One Last Saturday Night“ (BLU CD0239)

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