24. Oktober 2016

German Country Music Awards 2016: MARKUS RILL wins in two categories!

The German Country Music Awards 2016 in 7 different categories were handed out in a gala on October 14 in Bergheim near Cologne, Germany. MARKUS RILL who has been a member of the Blue Rose family since his 1999 album The Devil & The Open Road won two trophies: for “Male Artist Of The Year” and for “Album Of The Year”. Dream Anyway, recorded with his band The Troublemakers, was released on Blue Rose Records in April.

The „Album Of The Year“ Award does not come as a complete surprise since Dream Anyway received numerous media accolades.
„Saarbrücker Zeitung“: “Markus Rill may still look like a sunny boy but he does not shy away from hot-button topics (child abuse, Alzheimer’s disease, celibacy). His album cover design are reliably classy and nostalgic. Rill has a sandpaper voice and plays guitar, banjo and harmonica passionately. He has a sense of humor and irony about himself (“I love you forever unless I don’t”) and moves effortlessly between folk, country, heartland and rock’n’roll, sometimes sounding like Bruce Springsteen. On ten albums he has disproven the theory that there is no exciting roots rock from Germany.”
Music magazine „Good Times“ is practically ecstatic: „They are rare but every once in a while you find one: An album in which everything fits, when you know from the first listen that it will be your life-long friend. With ,Dream Anyway’ Markus Rill has created such an exceptional masterpiece. It’s hard to point out a single quality because this assessment comes from a combination of various components and a gut feeling. On the Americana musician’s new outing, the songs come first and foremost, moving beautifully between Tom Petty-inspired heartland rock, laconic songwriter fare a la Townes van Zandt and classic Americana not unlike The Band. Strongly recommended for all roots rock fans, an album that (in a fair world) belongs on many a year-end best list.”
Industry magazine „Musikwoche“ sums it up in one sentence: „Markus Rill is rightfully considered Germany’s best, most consistent and most authentic Americana musician – and he delivers further proof that this assessment is entirely justified with his tenth album of original songs.”

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