25. August 2016

JOSEPH PARSONS is going new paths with The Field The Forest – one album on two CDs!

The Field The Forest is a double EP package that focuses on two distinctive writing styles of JOSEPH PARSONS. The Field carries a lighter meditation on redemption & relationships. The Forest is an adventurous, heavier rock toned EP that delves into topics of mortality, war and love.

There are at least two sides to every story and as we progress through life we often find our perspective switches as we evolve our thinking or change our condition. Right out of the gate, „“All The Way““ feels like a ride on a sunny day with the top down or another round on the Tilt-a-Whirl. We’ve got a tonic for mankind and we’re „“taking it all the way around the world, ‚til my heart explodes.““ „“Berlin““ celebrates the spirit of one of Europe’s oldest cities as she defines her place in the 21st century. Steeped in history, she seeks to maintain the vibrancy, diversity and independent streak that attract those who would gentrify her. Or maybe it’s about an attractive woman whose beauty is much more than skin deep.

This song cycle tackles the complicated nature of romantic entanglements and the challenges of maintaining a relationship over time. „“Don’t Belong““ is a signature Joseph Parsons love ballad: moody, melodic and honest. You have to have lived a little and felt a lot to be here. This is what brings audiences back again and again to his live shows and recorded work.

Following the opening catharsis of „“Scream““ and later „“Bliss““ Parsons takes us on The Forest on a path through an aural landscape that is moody and sometimes ominous. This is delivered through beautiful melodies rewarding our companionship on this journey. His poetic lyrics describe one man’s search for salvation from the „“Shadowland““. It feels personal. We are offered a glimpse into an intimate and private journal.

The Forest challenges Parsons‘ fellow musicians to go beyond their undoubted talents as a powerful rock band („“Scream““, „“Bliss““, „“Shadowland““) to conjure up textures for the moodier pieces and reign in for a lighter touch with equal devotion. The song cycle opens with the anthem-like „“Scream““ and concludes with the pastoral English folk stylings of „“Horizon““. It is here that our guide leaves us standing with the sun on the horizon, to ponder our thoughts and continue the journey in our own time. If you seek the companionship of a fellow traveller, you can always start again with The Field.

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