25. September 2014

New Blue Rose release:
Third album out now!

€ 9,90

Eden is the third team effort by longtime Blue Rose artists Joseph Parsons and Todd Thibaud. Both are very proud of Eden and have every right to be: Ten brand-new songs – five by each of the protagonists – deal with great insight and poetry with the changes life brings with it, with getting older, with letting go of old relationships, with dreams, hopes, missed chances, faith and truth. Song titles like ‚Everything Changes‘, ‚When Nothing Left Is True‘, ‚Cost Of Eden‘, ‚Dreams We Dare‘ speak for themselves. Parsons and Thibaud have written some somber, thoughtful songs and recorded them without outside help with haunting poignancy. Harmonica, a little percussion and a lot of ambience are the only ingredients that are added to their acoustic guitars and their magnificent voices, easily identifiable when they sing separately and a powerful amalgam when they sing those hooky choruses together. Their effortless, beautiful vocal blend may remind listeners of Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby & Nash, Louris & Olson (Jayhawks), Jamestown Revival or Milk Carton Kids. Two soul brothers & charismatic musicians with an intimate album filled with passion, poetry and melodious harmony.

Parsons signed with the German label in 1998, Thibaud even a year earlier. Although they crossed paths early on, opening live dates for each other and collaborating in cult group Hardpan, it took a while for the two friends to release their first duo album. Parsons Thibaud recorded impromptu in 2007 before a joint tour of Germany, seemed like a successful side project outing. But the 2011 follow-up Transcontinental Voices was a full-blown professional production that helped establish Parsons Thibaud as a bona fide musical force in „competition“ with their individual careers. And now there’s Eden! In time for their October tour of Germany, the two singer-songwriters have come up with a batch of high-quality, vibey songs.

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Traveling man Joseph Parsons has lived in Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Louisiana, was a street musician in Barcelona and other European cities and worked with the Anti Gulf War Peace Team in Baghdad in 1991. After that experience he moved to Philadelphia, started his career on Blue Rose in 1998 with the much-lauded 5 AM and followed it with regular studio albums, European tours and some live releases. Early in the new millennium, Parsons and his colleagues Chris Burroughs, Terry Lee Hale and Todd Thibaud won critical acclaim and fans with Hardpan, a folk pop/acoustic rock all-star band. After 4 Way Street, a short-lived, CSNY-style quartet, he started US Rails in 2010 with Tom Gillam, Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin and Matt Muir. This small supergroup has rocked their ever-growing audience with three studio albums and a number of tours. And as a solo artist Parsons who has relocated to Hannover/Germany has released the great albums Hope For Centuries (2011) and Empire Bridges (2014). It’s a wonder he finds time for Parsons Thibaud in all of this!

Todd Thibaud started out in the early 90ies with the Courage Brothers. Even then he delivered folk pop songs with strong melodies and an exquisite sound. His 1997 solo debut Favorite Waste Of Time is something of a Blue Rose classic. And the Boston man kept releasing first-rate albums one after the other, among them Little Mystery (1999), Northern Skies (2004) and the most recent Waterfall in 2013. He has also released live albums – solo or with full band support -, worked with Hardpan and Parsons Thibaud. His sensitive, appealing vocals, strong harmonies, convincing Westcoast-influenced guitar parts, the attractive mix of acoustic & electric guitars and the punch of heartland & prairie rock identify him as a master singer-songwriter and great rock & pop artist.

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