04. November 2017

Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH & MASSACRE RECORDS have set the course for a bright future together!

Both MASSACRE RECORDS as well as Blue Rose Records have been taken over by their long-time distributor Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH! The headquarter will remain in Untergruppenbach, Germany, and we will continue as an autonomous limited company (GmbH). Here’s what Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH’s CEO, the founder and the label manager of MASSACRE RECORDS have to say about joining forces:

Statement by Jochen Richert (CEO, Soulfood):
„Back in 1991, Massacre was the first label I supervised as a label manager at Intercord. We’ve walked the same path ever since. It goes without saying, that the label as well as its staff are very important and dear to me. Besides, Massacre and Blue Rose perfectly match our existing structures. We can take care of a lot of administrative operations so that the team can focus on the creative core tasks. We want to thank Torsten for his trust in us and will do our very best to position both Massacre and Blue Rose as important players in the market.“

Statement by Thomas Hertler (Label Manager, Massacre Records):
„There are a lot of new perspectives and possibilities on the horizon for Massacre Records with the recent take-over by Soulfood. The decade-long collaboration with Soulfood will now be enhanced even more. I’m really happy about this constellation and to be part of the Soulfood family now!“

Statement by Torsten Hartmann (founder of Massacre Records):
„All good things come to an end… after more than 25 years as the CEO of Massacre Records, I want to withdraw from the active music business to focus on new tasks. I’m happy that, together with Soulfood, we’ve found a positive and future-oriented solution for Massacre Records. There’s a close friendship between Jochen Richert and the Soulfood staff since the foundation of Massacre Records. I want to thank everyone involved for the amazing and successful time and want to wish everyone all the best and continued success for the future.“

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