28. Juni 2014


On this page you find video clips, live and studio footage, and more.

It’s hard to make a movie that works well for everyone. Modems (56 K) can’t handle the high data rates required for high quality playback (between 8 MB and 13 MB, depending on the video), while people with faster connections (ISDN, T1, Cable Modem, xDSL) expect to see better movies.
The video streaming also depends on your system requirements. The more MHz (even better, GHz) and the more RAM your system is provided with the faster the video streaming will be.
Example: a Pentium 4 with 2 GHz and 256 MB RAM for Windows XP works perfect for a streaming video without any download time. Note: the lower your system requirements are the longer it takes to download the complete video.

To watch the videos on this site a Real Player is required. You can download the free player here.

Okay – enough technical support. Let’s have fun with live videos we made at shows with Blue Rose artists, links to other websites and more interesting videos.


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