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Menschen können an Religion zerbrechen, Politik, Sucht, Liebe, Geld, Familie, Geschichte. Lamentations ist ein einfühlsamer Blick auf die andere Seite. Eine Gruppe von Geschichten darüber alles zu verlieren und dennoch den Willen zu finden, wieder aufzustehen und für die Dinge zu kämpfen, die am wichtigsten sind. American Aquarium ist BJ Barham und Band. Produziert hat Shooter Jennings.

Lamentations is a 10-song ruminations on the current state of the world around me. I was raised in the faith and the book of lamentations was always one that caught my attention. A broken man Crying out to the heavens, asking why God sat back and let his country fall apart. Questioning the sheer existence of a higher power in the lowest of times. How could an all loving God sit back and let an entire nation's Cry for help go unanswered? I saw many parallels in that story and the current climate of this country in 2020.

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Chicamacomico CD € 10.90* Info
Chicamacomico LP (green and black smoke vinyl) € 25.90* Info

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NW 6485
€ 15.90*

1. Me + Mine (Lamentations)
2. Before the Dogwood Blooms
3. Six Years Come September
4. Starts With You
5. Brightleaf + Burley
6. The Luckier You Get
7. The Day I Learned to Lie to You
8. A Better South
9. How Wicked I Was
10. The Long Haul