BLU DP0753 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 18
BLU DP0752 US Rails – Live For Another Day
BLU LP0752 US Rails – Live For Another Day
BLU DP0751 The Wynntown Marshals – Big Ideas
BLU LP0751 The Wynntown Marshals – Big Ideas
BLU DP0750 Joseph Parsons – Holy Loneliness Divine
BLU DP0749 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 17
BLU DP0748 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Exiled On Mabel St
BLU LP0748 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Exiled On Mabel St
BLU DP0747 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 16
BLU CD0746 Markus Rill – New Crop
BLU DP0745 US Rails – Last Call At The Red River Saloon
BLU DP0744 Joseph Parsons – At Mercy’s Edge
BLU DP0743 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 15
BLU DP0742 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 14
BLU DP0741 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection 13
BLU DP0740 Steve Wynn – Solo Acoustic
BLU DP0739 US Rails – Mile By Mile
BLU DP0738 Water And Sand – Catching Light
BLU DP0737 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Live At El Lokal
BLU DP0736 The Black Sorrows – Live At The Palms!
BLU DP0735 Todd Thibaud – Hill West
BLU DP0734 Markus Rill & The Troublemakers – Songland
BLU DP0733 Peter Bruntnell – King Of Madrid
BLU DP0732 Joseph Parsons – Digging For Rays
BLU DP0731 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Back To The Garden
BLU LP0731 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Back To The Garden
BLU DP0730 Russ Tolman – Goodbye El Dorado
BLU DP0729 Dan Navarro – Shed My Skin
BLU DP0728 Jess Klein – Back To My Green
BLU DP0727 Jess Klein – Back To My Green
BLU DP0726 Bottle Rockets – Bit Logic
BLU DP0725 Hank Shizzoe – Steady As We Go
BLU LP0725 Hank Shizzoe – Steady As We Go
BLU CD0724 The Schramms – Omnidirectional
BLU DP0723 Cody Canada & The Departed – 3
BLU LP0722 The Black Sorrows – Citizen John
BLU DP0722 The Black Sorrows – Citizen John
BLU DP0721 Walter Salas-Humara – Walterio
BLU DP0720 Julian Dawson – Life And Soul Vol. 2 – Bargains Galore
BLU DP0719 I See Hawks In L.A. – Live And Never Learn
BLU DP0718 Luke Gasser – The Judas Tree
BLU CD0716 Stacie Collins – Stacie Collins (Re-Issue)
BLU DP0715 Jeff Crosby – Postcards From Magdalena
BLU DP0714 Nora Jane Struthers – Champion
BLU LP0713 The Brandos – The Light Of Day – The Single
BLU DP0712 The Brandos – Live At Loreley
BLU DP0711 The Brandos – Contribution
BLU DP0710 The Brandos – In Exile – Live
BLU DP0709 The Brandos – Nowhere Zone
BLU LP0709 The Brandos – Nowhere Zone
BLU DP0708 The Brandos – Pass The Hat
BLU LP0708 The Brandos – Pass The Hat
BLU DP0707 The Brandos – The Light Of Day
BLU LP0707 The Brandos – The Light Of Day
BLU DP0706 The Brandos – Gunfire At Midnight
BLU LP0706 The Brandos – Gunfire At Midnight
BLU DP0705 The Brandos – Honor Among Thieves
BLU LP0705 The Brandos – Honor Among Thieves
BLU DP0704 US Rails – We Have All Been Here Before
BLU CD0703 The High Line Riders – Walking Home
BLU DP0702 Markus Rill – Getting Into Trouble
BLU CD0701 Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings
BLU LP0701 Matthew Ryan – Hustle Up Starlings
BLU DP0700 Hardpan – Hardpan
BLU DP0699 Peter Bruntnell – Nos Da Comrade
BLU DP0698 The Wynntown Marshals – After All These Years
BLU CD0697 The Brandos – Over The Border (Re-Issue)
BLU DP0696 The Brandos – Town To Town, Sun To Sun (Re-Issue)
BLU CD0695 The Great Crusades – Until The Night Turned To Day
BLU DP0694 Walter Salas-Humara – Work: Part Two
BLU CD0693 Elliott Murphy – Prodigal Son
BLU LP0693 Elliott Murphy – Prodigal Son
BLU DP0692 The Band Of Heathens – Duende
BLU DP0691 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Way Or The Highway
BLU LP0691 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Way Or The Highway
BLU DP0690 US Rails – Ivy
BLU DP0689 Stephen Simmons A World Without
BLU DP0688 Water And Sand Water And Sand
BLU DP0687 The South Austin Moonlighters – Ghost Of A Small Town
BLU DP0686 Joseph Parsons – The Field The Forest
BLU DP0685 William Harries Graham – Foreign Fields
BLU DP0684 Walter Salas-Humara – Explodes And Disappears
BLU DP0683 Willie Nile – World War Willie
BLU DP0682 Cold Truth – Grindstone
BLU CD0681 Markus Rill & The Troublemakers – Dream Anyway
BLU CD0680 Ad Vanderveen – The Stellar Cellar Band
BLU DP0679 Walter Salas-Humara – Work: Part One
BLU DP0678 The Wood Brothers – Paradise
BLU DP0677 Shurman – East Side Of Love
BLU CD0676 Tom Gillam – Beautiful Dream
BLU CD0675 Scott Bricklin – Lost ‚Til Dawn
BLU CD0674 Ben Arnold – Lost Keys
BLU DP0673 Stacie Collins – Roll The Dice
BLU LP0673 Stacie Collins – Roll The Dice
BLU DP0672 Stoney LaRue – Us Time
BLU CD0671 Various Artists – 20 Years Blue Rose Records – Best Of Americana Rock Music Vol. 2 (2CD)
BLU DP0670 The Brandos – Los Brandos
BLU LP0670 The Brandos – Los Brandos
BLU DP0669 The Bottle Rockets – South Broadway Athletic Club
BLU DP0668 Leeroy Stagger – Dream It All Away
BLU DP0667 Hank Shizzoe – This Place Belongs To The Birds
BLU LP0667 Hank Shizzoe – This Place Belongs To The Birds
BLU DP0666 The Wynntown Marshals – The End Of The Golden Age
BLU LP0666 The Wynntown Marshals – The End Of The Golden Age
BLU LP0665 Titus Wolfe – Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.
BLU DP0665 Titus Wolfe – Ho-Ho-Kus N.J.
BLU DP0664 The Psycho Sisters – Up On The Chair, Beatrice
BLU DP0663 Tony Furtado – The Bell
BLU DP0662 Hollis Brown – 3 Shots
BLU DP0661 Micky & The Motorcars – Across The Pond – Live In Germany
BLU DP0660 The Statesboro Revue – Jukehouse Revival
BLU DP0658 Ad Vanderveen – Presents Of The Past/Requests Revisited (2CD)
BLU DP0657 Alectro – School Of Desire
BLU DP0656 The High Line Riders – Bumping Into Nothing
BLU CD0655 Various Artists – 20 Years Blue Rose Records – Best Of Americana Rock Music (2CD)
BLU DP0654 Elliott Murphy – Aquashow Deconstructed
BLU DP0653 Steve Wynn – Solo! Electric!
BLU DP0652 American Aquarium – Wolves
BLU DP0651 Cody Canada & The Departed – HippieLovePunk
BLU DP0650 Willie Nile – If I Was A River
BLU LP0650 Willie Nile – If I Was A River
BLU DP0649 James McMurtry – Complicated Game
BLU LP0649 James McMurtry – Complicated Game
BLU CD0648 Stoney LaRue – Aviator
BLU DP0647 Matthew Ryan – Boxers
BLU LP0647 Matthew Ryan – Boxers
BLU DP0646 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Tombstone
BLU LP0646 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Tombstone
BLU DP0645 Paul Thorn – Too Blessed To Be Stressed
BLU DP0644 Parsons Thibaud – Eden
BLU DP0643 Amelia Curran – They Promised You Mercy
BLU DP0642 Kelley Mickwee – You Used To Live Here
BLU DP0641 South Austin Moonlighters – Burn & Shine
BLU DP0640 Micky & The Motorcars – Hearts From Above
BLU DP0639 The Parson Red Heads – Orb Weaver
BLU DP0638 Walter Salas-Humara – Curve And Shake
BLU DP0637 Jess Klein – Learning Faith
BLU DP0636 Tom Gillam – Last Night On Earth
BLU DP0635 Los Lonely Boys – Revelation
BLU DP0634 NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway
BLU DP0633 Easton Stagger Phillips – Resolution Road
BLU DP0632 Hank Shizzoe – Songsmith
BLU LP0632 Hank Shizzoe – Songsmith
BLU DP0630 William Clark Green – Rose Queen
BLU DP0629 Lincoln Durham – Exodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous
BLU CD0628 The Great Crusades – Thieves Of Chicago
BLU DP0627 Reto Burrell – Lucky Charm
BLU DP0626 Sons Of Bill – The Gears EP
BLU DP0625 David Grissom – How It Feels To Fly
BLU DP0624 Joseph Parsons – Empire Bridges
BLU DP0623 Blue Rodeo – It’s My Nature
BLU DP0622 Bottle Rockets – The Bottle Rockets/The Brooklyn Side (2-CD)
BLU CD0621 Stacie Collins – Sometimes Ya Gotta… (Jewel Case Edition)
BLU DP0620 Julian Dawson – Life And Soul – A Retrospective 1982-1995 (3-CD)
BLU DP0619 Jess Klein – Behind A Veil
BLU DP0618 Owen Temple – Stories They Tell/Live At The Saxon Pub (2-CD)
BLU DP0617 The Wynntown Marshals – The Long Haul
BLU DP0616 The Band Of Heathens – Sunday Morning Record
BLU LP0616 The Band Of Heathens – Sunday Morning Record
BLU DP0615 Ad Vanderveen & The O’Neils – Live Labor
BLU DP0614 Reckless Kelly – Long Night Moon
BLU DP0613 Leeroy Stagger – Truth Be Sold
BLU DP0612 The Del-Lords – Elvis Club
BLU DP0611 I See Hawks In L.A. – Mystery Drug
BLU DP0610 Willie Nile – American Ride (Ltd. Tour Edition)
BLU DP0609 Stacie Collins – Shinin‘ Live (DVD+CD)
BLU DP0608 US Rails – US Rails (Jewel Case Edition)
BLU DP0607 The Statesboro Revue – Ramble On Privilege Creek
BLU DP0606 Willie Nile – American Ride
BLU LP0606 Willie Nile – American Ride
BLU DP0605 The Resentments – Ghost Ship
BLU DP0604 US Rails – Heartbreak Superstar
BLU DP0603 Turnpike Troubadours – Goodbye Normal Street
BLU DP0602 The Whipsaws – The Whipsaws
BLU DP0601 The Dirty Guv’nahs – Somewhere Beneath These Southern Skies
BLU DP0600 Poco – All Fired Up
BLU LP0600 Poco – All Fired Up
BLU DP0599 Shooter Jennings – The Other Life
BLU DP0598 Todd Thibaud – Waterfall
BLU LP0598 Todd Thibaud – Waterfall
BLU DP0597 Elliott Murphy – It Takes A Worried Man
BLU LP0597 Elliott Murphy – It Takes A Worried Man
BLU CD0596 Uncle Lucius – And You Are Me
BLU DP0595 Jenn Grant – The Beautiful Wild
BLU DP0594 Whitehorse – The Fate Of The World Depends On This Kiss
BLU DP0593 Amelia Curran – Spectators
BLU DP0592 Markus Rill – My Rocket Ship
BLU DP0591 The Departed – Adventus
BLU DP0590 US Rails – Live Europe 2012 (2-CD+DVD)
BLU DP0589 Wheeler Brothers – Portraits
BLU DP0588 Tom Gillam – Good For You
BLU CD0587 Ad Vanderveen – Driven By A Dream
BLU DP0586 American Aquarium – Burn.Flicker.Die.
BLU DP0585 The Resentments – Welcome To Our Living Room – Live At The Lab In Stuttgart (2-CD+DVD)
BLU DP0584 Lincoln Durham – The Shovel Vs. The Howling Bones
BLU DP0583 Jim Cuddy – Skyscraper Soul
BLU DP0582 Skydiggers – Northern Shore
BLU DP0581 Skydiggers – The Truth About Us: A 20 Year Retrospective (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0579 Plainsong – Fat Lady Singing
BLU DP0578 Jon Dee Graham – Garage Sale
BLU DP0577 Paul Thorn – What The Hell Is Goin On?
BLU DP0576 The dB’s – Falling Off The Sky
BLU DP0575 Shurman – Inspiration (2-CD)
BLU DP0574 Todd Thibaud – Music Star 11 April 11
BLU DP0573 The Band Of Heathens – The Double Down/Live In Denver Vol. 1+2 (2-CD+2-DVD)
BLU DP0572 The Refugees – Three
BLU DP0571 Wrinkle Neck Mules – Apprentice To Ghosts
BLU DP0570 The Band Of Heathens – The Double Down/Live In Denver Vol. 2 (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0569 The Band Of Heathens – The Double Down/Live In Denver Vol. 1 (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0568 I See Hawks In L.A. – New Kind Of Lonely
BLU DP0567 Sons Of Bill – Sirens
BLU DP0566 Ruthie Foster – Let It Burn
BLU DP0565 Tom Gillam – Rustic Beauty
BLU CD0564 Colin Brooks – Blood And Water
BLU DP0563 Leeroy Stagger & His Band – Radiant Land
BLU CD0562 Drew Landry – Sharecropper’s Whine
BLU DP0561 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Buried Treasures (2-CD)
BLU DP0560 Israel Nash Gripka – 2011 Barn Doors Spring Tour, Live in Holland (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0559 Israel Nash Gripka – Barn Doors And Concrete Floors
BLU DP0558 Hank Shizzoe – Live At The Blue Rose Christmas Party 2010
BLU DP0557 Carolyn Wonderland – Peace Meal
BLU DP0556 Deadman – Take Up Your Mat And Walk
BLU DP0555 Deadman – Live At The Saxon Pub
BLU DP0554 Micky & The Motorcars – Raise My Glass
BLU DP0553 Westwood – After All This Time
BLU DP0552 John Hiatt – Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0551 John Hiatt – Dirty Jeans And Mudslide Hymns
BLU DP0550 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Live At The Rockpalast Crossroads Festival (2-CD+DVD)
BLU DP0549 Stephen Simmons – The Big Show
BLU DP0548 Cody Canada & The Departed – This Is Indian Land
BLU DP0547 US Rails – Southern Canon
BLU DP0546 Parsons Thibaud – Transcontinental Voices
BLU DP0545 The Silos – Florizona
BLU DP0544 Baskery – New Friends
BLU LP0544 Baskery – New Friends
BLU DP0543 Todd Thibaud – Live At The Rockpalast Crossroads Festival (2-CD+DVD)
BLU DP0542 Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0541 Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
BLU DP0540 The Band Of Heathens – Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster’s Son
BLU LP0540 The Band Of Heathens – Top Hat Crown & The Clapmaster’s Son
BLU DP0539 Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – Here We Rest
BLU DP0538 Owen Temple – Mountain Home
BLU DP0537 The Baseball Project – Vol 2: High And Inside
BLU DP0536 Ad Vanderveen – Days Of The Greats
BLU CD0535 Ben Arnold – Simplify
BLU CD0534 David Lowery – The Palace Guards
BLU DP0533 Buddy Miller – The Majestic Silver Strings (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0532 Markus Rill – Wild, Blue And True
BLU DP0531 Greg Trooper – Upside-Down Town
BLU DP0530 Various Artists – 21 Roses
BLU DP0529 Paul Thorn – Pimps And Preachers (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0528 Paul Thorn – Pimps And Preachers
BLU DP0527 Cindy Bullens – Howling Trains And Barking Dogs
BLU CD0526 Statesboro Revue – Different Kind Of Light
BLU CD0525 Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers – Live At The Red River Saloon (2-CD)
BLU DP0524 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 – Northern Aggression
BLU LP0524 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 – Northern Aggression
BLU CD0523 Elliott Murphy – Elliott Murphy
BLU LP0523 Elliott Murphy – Elliott Murphy
BLU DP0522 Stacie Collins – Sometimes Ya Gotta…
BLU CD0521 Chris Brecht – Dead Flower Motel
BLU DP0520 Leeroy Stagger – Little Victories
BLU CD0519 Tom Gillam – Better Than The Rest – An Anthology
BLU DP0518 The Dustin Bentall Outfit – Six Shooter
BLU DP0517 Austin Collins – Wrong Control
BLU DP0516 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – El Otro Lado/The Other Side
BLU DP0515 The Slummers – Love Of The Amateur
BLU DP0514 Susan Cowsill – Lighthouse
BLU DP0513 Reckless Kelly – Somewhere In Time
BLU DP0512 US Rails – US Rails
BLU DP0511 John Hiatt – The Open Road
BLU DP0510 Kasey Anderson – Nowhere Nights
BLU LP0509 Hank Shizzoe – Breather (LP+CD)
BLU DP0509 Hank Shizzoe – Breather
BLU LP0508 Jason & The Scorchers – Halcyon Times (2-LP+CD)
BLU DP0508 Jason & The Scorchers – Halcyon Times
BLU CD0507 Rainravens – Rattle These Walls (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0506 Sons Of Bill – One Town Away
BLU CD0505 Gov’t Mule – High & Mighty
BLU DP0504 Julian Dawson – Live (2CD+DVD)
BLU DP0503 Cracker – Live At The Crossroads/Rockpalast Festival (2CD+DVD
BLU LP0502 Jon Dee Graham – It’s Not As Bad As It Looks (LP+CD)
BLU DP0502 Jon Dee Graham – It’s Not As Bad As It Looks
BLU DP0501 Joseph Parsons – Slaughterhouse Live (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0500 Tift Merritt – Home Is Loud
BLU DP0499 Tom Gillam – Had Enough?
BLU LP0498 James McMurtry – Live In Europe (LP+CD+DVD)
BLU DP0498 James McMurtry – Live In Europe (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0497 Elliott Murphy – Alive In Paris (DVD+CD)
BLU CD0496 Micky & The Motorcars – Naive (2CD)
BLU CD0495 Wrinkle Neck Mules – Let The Lead Fly
BLU LP0494 Chris Cacavas – Love’s Been Discontinued (LP+CD)
BLU CD0494 Chris Cacavas – Love’s Been Discontinued
BLU DP0493 Kris Kristofferson – Closer To The Bone (2CD)
BLU DP0492 Kris Kristofferson – Closer To The Bone
BLU DP0491 The Band Of Heathens – One Foot In The Ether
BLU DP0490 The Bottle Rockets – Lean Forward
BLU DP0489 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors – Live In Motown (2CD+DVD)
BLU DP0488 Ian Hunter – Man Overboard
BLU DP0487 The Band Of Heathens – Live At The Blue Rose Christmas Party 2008
BLU DP0486 Willie Nile – House Of A Thousand Guitars
BLU DP0485 Todd Thibaud – Lakewest Sessions
BLU DP0484 Leeroy Stagger – Everything Is Real
BLU DP0483 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors – Live In Motown (2CD+DVD)
BLU DP0482 Steve Earle – Townes
BLU DP0481 Tim Easton – Porcupine
BLU DP0480 The Flatlanders – Hills And Valleys
BLU DP0479 Buddy & Julie Miller – Written In Chalk
BLU DP0478 Steve Earle – Townes (2CD)
BLU DP0477 The Resentments – Roselight
BLU DP0476 Tom Gillam & Tractor Pull – Play Loud…Dig Deep
BLU DP0475 Todd Thbaud – Broken (2CD)
BLU CD0474 Todd Thibaud – Broken
BLU DP0473 Mark Olson & Gary Louris – Ready For The Flood
BLU DP0472 Rich Hopkins & Lisa Novak – Loveland
BLU DP0471 Steve Wynn & The Dragon Bridge Orchestra – Live In Brussels (2CD+DVD)
BLU DP0470 Scrappy Jud Newcomb – Ride The High Country
BLU DP0469 Easton Stagger Phillips – One For The Ditch
BLU DP0468 Willie Nile – Live From The Streets In New York (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0467 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 12 (2CD)
BLU CD0466 Westwood – Live (2CD)
BLU DP0465 Kasey Anderson – The Reckoning
BLU CD0464 Joseph Parsons – Heavens Above
BLU CD0463 Cracker – Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey
BLU LP0463 Cracker – Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey
BLU DP0462 Trevor Alguire – Thirty Year Run
BLU DP0461 Julian Dawson – Deep Rain (2CD)
BLU CD0460 Julian Dawson – Deep Rain
BLU CD0459 The Whipsaws – 60 Watt Avenue
BLU DP0458 The Band Of Heathens – The Band Of Heathens (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0457 The Band Of Heathens – The Band Of Heathens
BLU DP0456 Blue Mountain – Omnibus
BLU DP0455 Blue Mountain – Midnight In Mississippi
BLU DP0456 Blue Mountain – Midnight In Mississippi
BLU DP0454 James McMurtry – Just Us Kids
BLU CD0453 Jordan Zevon – Insides Out
BLU DP0452 Austin Collins – Roses Are Black
BLU DP0451 The Baseball Project – Vol. 1: Frozen Ropes And Dying Quails
BLU DP0450 John Hiatt – Same Old Man (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0449 John Hiatt – Same Old Man
BLU DP0448 Ad Vanderveen – Still Now (2CD)
BLU DP0447 Steve Wynn – Crossing Dragon Bridge
BLU LP0447 Steve Wynn – Crossing Dragon Bridge (LP)
BLU DP0446 Elliott Murphy – Notes From The Underground
BLU LP0446 Elliott Murphy – Notes From The Underground (LP+7″)
BLU DV0445 The Brandos – Town To Town, Sun To Sun – Live Germany October 2007 (DVD)
BLU DP0444 Jason Ringenberg – Best Tracks And Side Tracks 1979-2007 (2CD)
BLU DV0443 Gov’t Mule – A Tail Of 2 Cities (2DVD)
BLU CD0442 Green On Red – Valley Fever – Green On Red Live At The Rialto Tucson, AZ 9/04/05 (JC edition)
BLU DP0441 Drive-By Truckers – Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
BLU DP0440 Parsons Thibaud – Parsons Thibaud
BLU DP0439 The Brandos – Town To Town, Sun To Sun – Live Germany October 2007 (2CD+DVD)
BLU CD0438 Sand Rubies – Mas Cuacha
BLU CD0437 Gov’t Mule – Mighty High
BLU LP0437 Gov’t Mule – Mighty High (2LP)
BLU CD0436 Any Trouble – Live In Reverse
BLU DP0435 Markus Rill – The Things That Count
BLU CD0434 Trevor Alguire – As Of Yesterday
BLU DP0433 Greyhound Soul – Tonight And Every Night
BLU DP0432 Tom Gillam – Never Look Back
BLU DP0431 Danny & Dusty – Here’s To Yoou Max Morlock – Danny & Dusty Live In Nuremberg 2CD+DVD)
BLU LP0430 Gov’t Mule – Deja Voodoo (2LP)
BLU DP0429 Dwight Yoakam – Dwight Sings Buck
BLU DP0428 Steve Earle – Washington Square Serenade (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0427 Steve Earle – Washington Square Serenade
BLU DP0426 Ben Lee – Ripe
BLU LP0425 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors – Headlines (2LP)
BLU LP0425 Hank Shizzoe & The Directors – Headlines
BLU DP0424 Jason Isbell – Sirens Of The Ditch
BLU DP0423 Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces
BLU CD0422 Iain Matthews – Contact (CD+DVD)
BLU DP0421 Gurf Morlix – Diamonds And Dust
BLU CD0420 Wrinkle Neck Mules – The Wicks Have Met (2CD)
BLU DP0419 The Mother Hips – Kiss The Crystal Flake
BLU DP0418 Danny & Dusty – Cast Iron Soul (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0417 Danny & Dusty – Cast Iron Soul
BLU LP0417 Danny & Dusty – Cast Iron Soul
BLU LP0416 Elliott Murphy – Coming Home Again (2LP)
BLU DP0416 Elliott Murphy – Coming Home Again
BLU CD0415 Various Artists – 26 Roses – A Year In Music
BLU DP0414 Rickie Lee Jones – The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard (SACD+DVD)
BLU DP0413 Rickie Lee Jones – The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard
BLU CD0412 The Silos – This Highway Is A Circle
BLU DP0411 The Brandos – Over The Border
BLU LP0411 The Brandos – Over The Border
BLU DP0410 Robert Cray Band – Live Across From The Pond (2CD)
BLU CD0409 Ad Vanderveen – Cloud Of Unknowing
BLU CD0408 The Resentments – On My Way To See You
BLU DP0407 Todd Thibaud – Live (2CD)
BLU DP0406 Chris Knight – Enough Rope
BLU DP0405 Gov’t Mule – High & Mighty
BLU LP0405 Gov’t Mule – High & Mighty (2LP)
BLU CD0404 Farmer Jason – Rockin‘ In The Forest With Farmer Jason
BLU CD0403 Rainravens – Garden Rocket
BLU DP0402 Cindy Bullens – Live (2CD)
BLU DP0401 David Knopfler – Songs For The Siren
BLU CD0400 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – The Horse I Rode In On
BLU LP0400 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – The Horse I Rode In On
BLU DP0399 Michael Hall – The Song He Was Listening To When He Died
BLU DP0398 Joseph Parsons – The Fleury Sessions (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0398 Joseph Parsons – The Fleury Sessions
BLU CD0397 The Drams – Jubilee Dive
BLU CD0396 Randall Bramblett – Rich Someday
BLU CD0395 Tim Easton – Ammunition
BLU DP0394 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 – Live Tick (2CD+DVD)
BLU DP0393 Bottle Rockets – Zoysia
BLU LP0393 Bottle Rockets – Zoysia
BLU DP0392 Green On Red – Valley Fever – Green On Red Live At The Rialto Tucson, AZ 9/04/05
BLU DP0391 Jon Dee Graham – Full
BLU CD0390 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – …tick…tick…tick
BLU DP0389 The Silos – Come On Like The Fast Lane
BLU CD0388 Markus Rill – The Price Of Sin
BLU SI0387 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – Bruises (CD-EP)
BLU DP0386 Kris Kristofferson – This Old Road
BLU DP0385 Drive-By Truckers – A Blessing And A Curse
BLU CD0384 Bottle Rockets – Live in Heilbronn/Germany July 17, 2005 (2CD)
BLU LP0384 Bottle Rockets – Live in Heilbronn/Germany July 17, 2005 (2LP+7″)
BLU CD0383 Patty Hurst Shifter – Too Crowded On The Losing End
BLU CD0382 Chris Cacavas & the Slivers Of Hope – Live At The Laboratorium (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0381 Jud Newcomb – Byzantine
BLU DP0380 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – …tick…tick…tick – deluxe edition –
BLU LP0380 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – …tick…tick…tick (LP+7″)
BLU SI0380 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – Amphetamine (7″)
BLU CD0379 Elliott Murphy – Murphy Gets Muddy (CD+DVD)
BLU LP0379 Elliott Murphy – Murphy Gets Muddy (2LP)
BLU CD0378 Stephen Bruton – From The Five
BLU DP0377 Delbert McClinton – Cost Of Living
BLU CD0376 The Resentments – Switcheroo
BLU DP0375 Iain Matthews – Sparkler – The Texas Recordings 1989-2004 (2CD)
BLU CD0374 Rainravens – Best Of Rainravens (2CD)
BLU DV0373 Todd Thibaud – Rock The Lab (DVD)
BLU DP0372 Dwight Yoakam – Blame The Vain
BLU DP0371 John Hiatt – Master Of Disaster
BLU DP0370 Todd Thibaud – The Best Of Todd Thibaud (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0369 Bill Janovitz & Crown Victoria – Fireworks At TV!
BLU DP0368 Cindy Bullens – Dream #29
BLU LP0368 Cindy Bullens – Dream #29
BLU CD0367 Steve Wynn – What I Did After My Band Broke Up (2CD)
BLU CD0366 Joseph Parsons – The Vagabond Tales
BLU CD0365 Jeff Black – Tin Lily
BLU DP0364 Vic Chesnutt – Ghetto Bells
BLU LP0364 Vic Chesnutt – Ghetto Bells (2×10″ LP)
BLU DP0363 Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion – Exploration
BLU DP0362 Ben Lee – Awake Is The New Sleep
BLU DP0361 Old 97’s – Drag It Up
BLU DP0360 Drive-By Truckers – Gangstabilly
BLU DP0359 Drive-By Truckers – Pizza Deliverance
BLU DP0358 Elliott Murphy – Never Say Never/The Best Of 1995-2005… And More (CD+DVD)
BLU LP0358 Elliott Murphy – Never Say Never/The Best Of 1995-2005… And More (2LP+7″)
BLU SI0358 Elliott Murphy – Green River (7″ Single)
BLU CD0357 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 11 (2CD)
BLU CD0356 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Welcome To Woody Creek
BLU CD0355 Michael McDermott – Ashes
BLU CD0354 Hi-Fi – Complete Works (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0353 Various Artists – From A Man Of Mysteries – Steve Wynn Tribute (2CD)
BLU DV0352 Elliott Murphy – Twelfth Night l Live in Heilbronn (DVD)
BLU DP0351 Buddy Miller – Universal United Sound Of Prayer
BLU DP0350 Chuck Prophet – Age Of Miracles
BLU CD0349 Mic Harrison – Pallbearer’s Shoes
BLU CD0348 Todd Thibaud – Northern Skies
BLU CD0347 Arthur Dodge & the Horsefeathers – Room #4
BLU CD0346 Jason Ringenberg – Empire Builders
BLU CD0345 Jon Dee Graham – The Great Battle
BLU CD0344 Drive-By Truckers – The Dirty South
BLU DP0343 Various Artists – From A Man Of Mysteries – Steve Wynn Tribute (Digipak 2CD)
BLU DV0342 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – This Love’s For You – Live in Germany 2004 (DVD)
BLU DV0341 Todd Thibaud – Live At Toad (DVD)
BLU CD0340 The Silos – When The Telephone Rings
BLU CD0339 Driveway – Driveway
BLU CD0338 Susan Cowsill – Just Believe It
BLU CD0337 Randall Bramblett – Thin Places
BLU CD0336 Jay Farrar – Stone, Steel & Bright Lights (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0335 Iain Matthews – Zumbach’s Coat (CD+DVD)
BLU CD0334 Say ZuZu – Live In Germany (2CD+DVD)
BLU CD0333 Markus Rill – Hobo Dream
BLU CD0332 Elliott Murphy – Live Hot Point
BLU CD0331 The Flatlanders – Wheels Of Fortune
BLU CD0330 Ad Vanderveen – Late Bloomer
BLU CD0329 Jabe – Drama City
BLU CD0328 Ghosthouse – Devotion
BLU CD0327 The Resentments – The Resentments
BLU CD0326 Terry Lee Hale – Celebration What For
BLU CD0325 Julian Dawson – Bedroom Suite
BLU CD0324 Chris Cacavas – Self Taut
BLU LP0324 Chris Cacavas – Self Taut (LP)
BLU DP0323 Reto Burrell – Roses Fade Blue
BLU CD0322 Red Star Belgrade – The Real Traitors
BLU DP0321 Delbert McClinton – Live (2CD)
BLU SH0320 Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – CD-Ticket (4 song-EP)
BLU DP0319 Drive-By Truckers – Decoration Day
BLU SI0318 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – California Style (6 song-EP)
BLU CD0317 Elliott Murphy – Strings Of The Storm (2CD)
BLU LP0317 Elliott Murphy – Strings Of The Storm (3LP)
BLU CD0316 June Carter Cash – Wildwood Flower
BLU DP0315 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Ka-Ju-Tah
BLU LP0315 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Ka-Ju-Tah (2LP)
BLU CD0314 Hardpan – Live (2CD+DVD)
BLU CD0313 John Cate & the Van Gogh Brothers – Two Brothers
BLU CD0312 Patty Hurst Shifter – Beestinger Lullabies
BLU CD0311 Swinging Steaks – Sunday Best
BLU CD0310 Cindy Bullens – Neverland
BLU CD0309 Ol‘ Yeller – Penance
BLU CD0307 Chris Knight – The Jealous Kind
BLU CD0306 Various Artists – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 10 (2CD)
BLU CD0305 Vic Chesnutt – Silver Lake
BLU CD0304 Continental Drifters – Nineteen Ninety-Three
BLU CD0303 Mack Starks – Elsewhere
BLU CD0302 Tim Easton – Break Your Mother’s Heart
BLU CD0301 Ad Vanderveen – The Moment That Matters
BLU CD0300 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – Static Transmission
BLU LP0300 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – Static Transmission (2LP)
BLU CD0299 Plainsong – Pangolins
BLU CD0298 Jeff Black – Honey And Salt
BLU CD0297 Elliott Murphy – Murph The Surf
BLU CD0296 Waco Brothers – New Deal
BLU LP0296 Waco Brothers – New Deal
BLU CD0295 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Tinitus
BLU CD0294 John Cate Band – V
BLU CD0293 Delbert McClinton – Room To Breathe
BLU CD0292 Slobberbone – Slippage
BLU CD0291 Red Star Belgrade – Secrets And Lies
BLU CD0290 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 9
BLU CD0289 Resentments – Sunday Night Line-Up
BLU CD0288 Sand Rubies – Goodbye: Live At Alte Mälzerei
BLU CD0287 Alejandro Escovedo – By The Hand Of The Father
BLU CD0286 Jason & The Scorchers – Wildfires + Misfires
BLU DP0285 Steve Wynn – Fluorescent (Special Edition)
BLU CD0284 Reto Burrell – Shaking Off Monkeys
BLU CD0283 Mark Eitzel – Music For Courage And Confidence
BLU CD0282 Flatlanders – Now Again
BLU CD0281 Stephen Bruton – Spirit World
BLU CD0280 Hooblers – I Hate Folk Singers
BLU CD0279 Fred Haring – Every Reason That Doesn’t Matter
BLU CD0278 Jason Ringenberg – All Over Creation
BLU CD0276 Jon Dee Graham – Hooray For The Moon
BLU SH0275 John Crooke – HOT-FM Session (CD-Ticket) (mailorder only)
BLU CD0274 Michael Hall & the Woodpeckers – Lucky Too
BLU CD0273 Chuck Prophet – No Other Love
BLU LP0273 Chuck Prophet – No Other Love
BLU CD0272 Julian Dawson – Hillbilly Zen
BLU CD0271 Hardpan – Hardpan
BLU CD0270 Bottle Rockets – Songs Of Sahm
BLU LP0270 Bottle Rockets – Songs Of Sahm
BLU CD0269 Elliott Murphy – Soul Surfing
BLU LP0269 Elliott Murphy – Soul Surfing (2LP) (deleted)
BLU SI0268 Steve Wynn – There Will Come Day Day (Maxi-CD)
BLU CD0267 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 8
BLU DP0266 Thibaud, Todd – HOT FM Session
BLU DP0265 Continental Drifters – Listen, Listen
BLU LP0265 Continental Drifters – Listen, Listen
BLU CD0264 Say ZuZu – Every Mile
BLU CD0263 Jolene – The Pretty Dive
BLU CD0261 Yayhoos – Fear Not The Obvious
BLU CD0260 Eaglesmith, Fred – Ralph’s Last Show (2CD)
BLU CD0259 Blake Babies – God Bless The Bake Babies
BLU SH0258 Elliott Murphy, Iain Matthews & Olivier Durand – Cortez the Killer (CD-Ticket) (mailorder only)
BLU SH0257 Big In Iowa – 25 Bucks (CD-Ticket) (mailorder only)
BLU CD0256 Little Blue – Straight For The Moon
BLU CD0255 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Lucky Stars
BLU DP0255 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Lucky Stars
BLU LP0255 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – My Lucky Stars (2LP)
BLU CD0254 HensleySturgis – Cabin Fever
BLU CD0253 Continental Drifters – Better Day
BLU DP0253 Continental Drifters – Better Day
BLU LP0253 Continental Drifters – Better Day
BLU CD0252 Shaver – The Earth Rolls On
BLU CD0251 Escovedo, Alejandro – A Man Under The Influence
BLU LP0251 Escovedo, Alejandro – A Man Under The Influence (deleted)
BLU CD0250 McClinton, Delbert – Nothing Personal
BLU CD0249 Jupiter Coyote – Waxing Moon
BLU CD0248 Easton, Tim – The Truth About Us
BLU CD0246 Big In Iowa – Green Pop
BLU LP0246 Big In Iowa – Green Pop
BLU DP0245 Wynn, Steve – The Emusic Singles Collection (mailorder only)
BLU CD0244 V.A. – HOT FM Blue Rose Collection Vol. 2 (2CD)
BLU CD0243 Burrell, Reto – Echo Park
BLU DP0242 Silos – Laser Beam Next Door
BLU LP0242 Silos – Laser Beam Next Door
BLU DP0241 Big In Iowa – 4 Guys In A Trabi
BLU CD0240 Map Of Wyoming – Trouble Is
BLU CD0239 Rainravens – One Last Saturday Night
BLU CD0238 Thibaud, Todd – Church Street Live
BLU DP0237 Wynn, Steve – Here Come The Miracles (2CD)
BLU LP0237 Wynn, Steve – Here Come The Miracles (2LP)
BLU CD0236 Volebeats – Mosquito Spiral
BLU CD0235 Parsons, Joseph – Live In Europe (deleted)
BLU CD0234 Waco Brothers – Electric Waco Chair
BLU CD0233 Rich Hopkins & Billy Sedlmayr – The Fifty Percenter
BLU CD0232 Bocephus King – The Blue Sickness (deleted)
BLU CD0231 Elliott Murphy & Iain Matthews – La Terre Commune
BLU LP0231 Elliott Murphy & Iain Matthews – La Terre Commune (2LP)
BLU CD0230 Thibaud, Todd – Squash
BLU CD0129 Haring, Fred – This Grand Parade
BLU CD0128 Michael Hall & the Woodpeckers – Dead By Dinner
BLU LP0128 Michael Hall & the Woodpeckers – Dead By Dinner (2LP)
BLU CD0127 Shakin‘ Apostles – Live – Too Hot For Snakes
BLU CD0126 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 7 (2CD)
BLU CD0125 Roll, Jim – Lunette (deleted)
BLU CD0124 HensleySturgis – Open Lanes
BLU CD0123 Slobberbone – Everything I Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today
BLU CD0122 Burroughs, Chris – Loose
BLU CD0121 Tolman, Russ – New Quadraphonic Highway
BLU CD0120 Thibaud, Todd – Dead Flowers (mailorder only)
BLU CD0119 Jolene – Antic Ocean
BLU CD0118 Hooblers – Where We Are
BLU CD0117 The Schramms – 100 Questions
BLU CD0116 Dodge, Arthur & the Horsefeathers – Nervous Habit
BLU CD0115 Matthews, Iain – A Tiniest Wham
BLU CD0114 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 6
BLU CD0113 Murphy, Elliott – April (mailorder only)
BLU CD0112 Mount Pilot – Mount Pilot
BLU CD0111 Bottle Rockets – Brand New Year
BLU LP0111 Bottle Rockets – Brand New Year (deleted)
BLU CD0110 Murphy, Trish – Rubies On The Lawn (deleted)
BLU CD0109 Todd Thibaud – Todd’s Birthday Party (mailorder only)
BLU CD0108 Murphy, Elliott – Rainy Season
BLU LP0108 Murphy, Elliott – Rainy Season (deleted)
BLU CD0107 McEntee, Robert – Preserving The Eror
BLU CD0106 Eaglesmith, Fred – 50-Odd Dollars
BLU CD0105 Rill, Markus – The Devil And The Open Road
BLU CD0103 Big In Iowa – Bangin‘ ’n‘ Knockin‘
BLU LP0103 Big In Iowa – Bangin‘ ’n‘ Knockin‘ (deleted)
BLU CD0102 V.A. – HO*T-FM Blue Rose Broadcasts Vol. 1 (2CD)
BLU CD0101 Courage Brothers – Wood
BLU CD0100 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 5
BLU CD0099 Courage Brothers – Something Strong
BLU CD0098 Sand Rubies – Release The Hounds (deleted)
BLU CD0097 Big In Iowa – Big In Iowa
BLU CD0096 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Devolver (2CD)
BLU 2LP0096 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Devolver (2LP) (deleted)
BLU CD0095 Murphy, Elliott – 12
BLU CD0094 Thibaud, Todd – Little Mystery (Maxi-CD)
BLU CD0093 Parsons, Joseph – Joseph Parsons
BLU CD0092 Plainsong – New Place Now
BLU CD0090 Strohm, John P. – Vestavia
BLU CD0089 Dawson, Julian – Under The Sun
BLU LP0089 Dawson, Julian – Under The Sun
BLU CD0087 Campbell, Troy Young – Man Vs. Beast (deleted)
BLU CD0086 Thibaud, Todd – Little Mystery
BLU LP0086 Thibaud, Todd – Little Mystery (deleted)
BLU CD0085 Electric Family – Tender
BLU LP0085 Electric Family – Tender
BLU CD0084 Rainravens – Rose Of Jericho
BLU CD0083 Swan, Kirk – It’s About Time (deleted)
BLU CD0082 Wynn, Steve – My Midnight
BLU DP0082 Wynn, Steve – My Midnight
BLU LP0082 Wynn, Steve – My Midnight (2LP)
BLU CD0081 Schramm, Dave – Hammer And Nails
BLU CD0080 Wooldridge Brothers – Uncovering The Sun
BLU CD0079 Pinetops – Above Ground And Vertical (deleted)
BLU CD0078 Connells – Still Life (promo maxi CD)
BLU CD0077 Connells – Still Life (2CD)
BLU CD0076 Sun Kings – Adios
BLU CD0075 Easton, Tim – Special 20
BLU CD0074 Farmer Not So John – Receiver
BLU CD0072 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 4
BLU CD0071 Westwood – Spirits In The Wind
BLU CD0070 Sand Rubies – Return From The Living Dead (deleted)
BLU LP0070 Sand Rubies – Return From The Living Dead (deleted)
BLU CD0069 Big In Iowa – Twisted
BLU CD0068 Lapides, Sam – Wake Up From The Wasteland
BLU CD0067 Naked Barbies – Living Independently (deleted)
BLU CD0066 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – 3000 Germans Can’t Be Wrong (Live ’97) (deleted)
BLU CD0065 Desert Boot – Craving (deleted)
BLU CD0064 Continental Drifters – Vermilion
BLU LP0064 Continental Drifters – Vermilion (deleted)
BLU CD0063 Murphy, Elliott – Beauregard
BLU LP0063 Murphy, Elliott – Beauregard (deleted)
BLU CD0062 Parsons, Joseph – 5am
BLU CD0061 Steve Wynn – How’s My Little Girl (Maxi-CD) (deleted)
BLU CD0060 Grier, Mike – Shaken Not Stirred
BLU CD0059 Shakin‘ Apostles – Medicine Show (deleted)
BLU CD0058 Wynn, Steve – Sweetness And Light
BLU CD0057 Dollfish – Dollfish
BLU CD0056 Matthews, Iain – Excerpts From Swine Lake
BLU CD0055 McBride, Todd – Sketchy (deleted)
BLU CD0054 Burroughs, Chris – Liberty (deleted)
BLU CD0053 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – The Glorious Sounds Of
BLU CD0052 Thibaud, Todd – Favorite Waste Of Time
BLU CD0051 Chris Burroughs – West Of Texas/Trade Of Chains
BLU CD0050 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 3
BLU CD0049 Rainravens – Diamond Blur (deleted)
BLU CD0048 Murphy, Elliott – Going Through Something – The Best Of 1978-1992
BLU CD0047 Tolman, Russ – City Lights (deleted)
BLU CD0046 Jimmy LaFave – Road Novel (deleted)
BLU CD0045 Jupiter Coyote – Ghost Dance (deleted)
BLU CD0044 Phon Roll – 91-95
BLU CD0043 Volebeats – Sky And The Ocean (deleted)
BLU CD0042 Davis, Stuart – Nomen Est Numen (deleted)
BLU CD0041 Hooblers – Can You Do This? (deleted)
BLU CD0040 Habel, Robyn – Red (deleted)
BLU CD0039 Usher, George – Miracle School (deleted)
BLU CD0038 Schramms – Dizzy Spell (deleted)
BLUCD 037 Dashboard Saviors – Take One For The Team (Live) (deleted)
BLUCD 036 Shakin‘ Apostles – Austin, Texas (deleted)
BLUCD 035 Wooden Leg – Wooden Leg (deleted)
BLUCD 034 Dan Kibler – Haunted (deleted)
BLUCD 033 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – El Paso
BLUCD 032 Coxswain – Sunflower (deleted)
BLUCD 031 Steeplejack – Kitchen Radio
BLUCD 030 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 2
BLUCD 029 Saints – Howling (deleted)
BLUCD 028 Jupiter Coyote – Wade (deleted)
BLUCD 027 Jupiter Coyote – Cemetaries And Junkyards (deleted)
BLUCD 026 Holsapple, Peter – Out Of My Way
BLUCD 025 Shines – Last Gospel (deleted)
BLUCD 024 Rainravens – Rainravens
BLUCD 023 Lisa Mednick – Artifacts Of Love (deleted)
BLUCD 022 Pride – Lipstick Traces (deleted)
BLUCD 021 Burroughs, Chris – Clutter (deleted)
BLU 30.120-1 Yardsale – Resurrection Mary (deleted)
BLU 30.119-1 Yardsale – Yardsale (deleted)
BLU 30.118-1 Dashboard Saviors – Spinnin On Down (deleted)
BLU 30.117-1 Dashboard Saviors – Kitty (deleted)
BLU 30.116-1 Dashboard Saviors – Love Sorrow Hatred Madness (deleted)
BLU 30.115-1 Murphy, Elliott – Selling The Gold
BLU 30.114-1 Desert Boot – First Steps (deleted)
BLU 30.113-1 Jupiter Coyote – Lucky Day (deleted)
BLU 30.112-1 V.A. – Blue Rose Collection Vol. 1
BLU 30.111-1 Big Whiskey – The Distance (deleted)
BLU 30.110-1 Cowboy Mouth – It Means Escape (deleted)
BLU 30.109-1 Icecream Hands – Travelling… Made Easy (deleted)
BLU 30.108-1 Sanchez, Paul – Wasted Lives And Bluegrass (deleted)
BLU 30.106-1 Health & Happiness Show – Instant Living (deleted)
BLU 30.105-1 dB’s – Paris Avenue (deleted)
BLU 30.104-1 Bel-Vistas – Pretty Ugly (deleted)
BLU 30.103-1 Continental Drifters – Continental Drifters (deleted)
BLU 30.102-1 Wells, Peter – Orphans (deleted)
BLU 30.101-1 Jacobs, Kate – What About Regret (deleted)

Official Bootleg Series
BLUBS 001 Todd Thibaud – Neustadt/Weinstrasse, Germany 21.10.2000 (2CD)
BLUBS 002 Elliott Murphy, Iain Matthews & Olivier Durand – Solingen, Germany 1.6.2001 (2CD)
BLUBS 003 Jolene – Frankfurt, Germany 13.1.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 004 Reto Burrell/Julian Dawson (Blue Rose Christmas Party) – Heilbronn, Germany 18.12.2001 (2CD)
BLUBS 005 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Frankfurt, Germany 7.7.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 006 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Heilbronn, Germany 6.7.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 007 Elliott Murphy – Wredenhagen, Germany 8.6.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 008 Alejandro Escovedo – Heilbronn, Germany 12.12.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 009 The Schramms – Regensburg, Germany 6.4.2000 (2CD)
BLUBS 010 Steve Wynn & Miracle 3 – Heilbronn, Germany 3.4.2003 (2CD)
BLUBS 011 The Resentments – Frankfurt, Germany 20.9.2004 (2CD)
BLUBS 013 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 – Geislingen, Germany 5.11.2005 (2CD+DVD)
BLUBS 014 Ad Vanderveen & The O’Neils – Heilbronn, Germany 7.6.2004 (2CD)
BLUBS 015 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Stuttgart, Germany 7.6.2004 (2CD)
BLUBS 016 Jon Dee Graham – Neustadt/Weinstraße, Germany 24.5.2002 (2CD)
BLUBS 017 Joseph Parsons Squad – Stuttgart, Germany 5.5.2005 (2CD)
BLUBS 018 The Bottle Rockets – Heilbronn, Germany 17.7.2005 (DVD)
BLUBS 019 Elliott Murphy – Heilbronn, Germany 24.3.2004 (2CD+DVD)
BLUBS 020 Todd Thibaud – Stuttgart, Germany 12.12.2004 (2CD+DVD)
BLUBS 021 Ad Vanderveen & The Crossroads Combo – Stuttgart, Germany 10.03.2007 (2CD)
BLUBS 022 Joseph Parsons Band – Heilbronn, Germany 19.10.2006 (CD)
BLUBS 023 Todd Thibaud – Beverungen, Germany 12.06.1999 (Orange Blossom Special Festival) (CD)
BLUBS 024 Joseph Parsons Squad – Bonn, Germany 19.10.2005 (Crossroads Festival) (CD+DVD)
BLUBS 025 Parsons Thibaud – Heilbronn, Germany 12.11.2007 (2CD)
BLUBS 026 Blue Rose Rockestra – Isernhagen, Germany 13.12.2008 (Blue Rose Christmas Party) (CD)
BLUBS 027 Blue Rose Rockestra – Isernhagen, Germany 05.12.2009 (Blue Rose Christmas Party) (CD)
BLUBS 028 Todd Thibaud – Heilbronn, Germany 17.12.2004 (CD+DVD)
BLUBS 029 Rich Hopkins & Luminarios – Regensburg, Germany 16.02.1997 (CD)
BLUBS 030 Sand Rubies – Regensburg, Germany 25.01.1999 (2CD)
BLUBS 031 Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers – Heilbronn, Germany 22.10.2009 (2CD)
BLUBS 032 Todd Thibaud – Blue Rose Christmas Party Heilbronn, Germany 12.12.2004 (2CD)
BLUBS 033 Chris Burroughs – Complete HOT-FM Sessions – Hof, Germany 1997/1998/1999 (CD)
BLUBS 034 Danny & Dusty – Nürnberg, Germany 19.04.2007 (2CD+DVD)
BLUBS 035 The Silos – Heilbronn, Germany 20.04.2006 (2CD+DVD)
BLUBS 036 Say ZuZu – Heilbronn, Germany 20.09.2002 (2CD+DVD)
Box Sets
BLUBX 001 Sidewinders/Sand Rubies – The very best and worst of the greatest band in the world who played desert rock and you probably haven’t ever heard of them (12 CD Box) (release date: September, 2002)

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