One Drop Of Truth CD € 13.90 Info
One Drop Of Truth LP € 19.90 Info
Paradise CD € 14.90 Info
Paradise LP+CD (Personal Vinyl Edition) € 21.90 Info
Ways Not To Lose CD € 14.90 Info
Live 1: Sky High CD € 12.90 Info
Live 2: Nail & Tooth CD € 12.90 Info
Smoke Ring Halo CD € 12.90 Info
The Muse CD € 12.90 Info

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  • Paul Lacques sagt:

    Yo, Edgar, what’s going on with „Live And Never Learn?“ Why aren’t you returning our emails? Are you manufacturing? Should we re-press our own CD? We’re planning on getting CDs from you, but if that’s not happening give us some notice so we don’t show up in UK with no CDs.

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