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02. Mai 2019

The title tells the story – MARKUS RILL’s songwriting is the heart of Songland !

€ 14,90

If you go into the studio planning to hopefully record ten songs in ten days and you come out the other end after little more than half this time with all 15 of your new songs recorded and in the bag, you have every right to call that a successful session! This happened in late October of 2018 at 7V studios in Bockenem/Germany to Markus Rill – considered by experts and fans to be Germany’s finest Americana artist for more than 20 years – and his band The Troublemakers as they recorded their brand-new album Songland. The title tells the story: Rill’s
songwriting – the joy he finds in poetic, sometimes surrealist lyrics, in creative eloquence as a logical evolution of his earlier, purer storytelling – is at the heart of the album. Musically, Rill and his guys always play in service of the song and do so in absolutely terrific fashion. Not one of the 15 tracks falls short of the others in any way, so Rill’s decision to forget about marketing ploys or saving any song as a possible bonus track makes perfect artistic sense. Almost an hour of Songland – a true feast for fans!

Since 1997 Markus Rill from Würzburg has been living proof that you don’t necessarily need American genes to write and sing authentic folk & roots music. He’s been touring in Germany and Europe for more than twenty years and has steadily released album after strong album which makes his back catalogue quite an impressive one. Since his second album, The Devil & The Open Road (1999), he’s been signed to Blue Rose Records who have released most of his albums since then. There’s the trilogy of albums recorded with some of Nashville’s finest musicians – Hobo Dream (2004), The Price Of Sin (2006) and The Things That Count (2007) -, the meaty Americana songwriter effort Wild Blue & True (2011) and in early 2013 the tremendous band album My Rocket Ship, recorded with The Troublermakers. With Dream Anyway in 2016 Rill & band made a quantum leap. This gem was very varied, sounded fantastic and presented a mature artist with depth and rock’n’roll appeal at the apex of his abilities (up to now). In early 2018 he released Getting Into Trouble for his 20-year anniversary, a double album featuring new material and a collection of rare tracks culled from limited releases or collaborative albums with Swedish New Folk artist Annika Fehling or his German colleagues Hubert Treml & Franz Schuier.

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30. April 2019

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 97 now available for only 5 € or for free!

A new month, another issue of the Blue Rose Nuggets series which is exclusively available at the Blue Rose webshop. We have May 2019 and number 97. This new edition again contains 15 songs featuring current releases or to be released albums by Russ Tolman, Todd Thibaud, Markus Rill, and Rich Hopkins & Luminarios plus more tracks taken from backcatalog CDs.

You can buy the CD for either 5,00 € or you’ll get it for free if your order contains four and more items!

1. THE SCHRAMMS – 300 Questions / taken from the album „One Hundred Questions“ (BLU CD0117)
2. HENSLEY STURGIS – I Fall Back / taken from the album „Open Lanes“ (BLU CD0124)
3. TODD THIBAUD – Life Worth Living / taken from the album „Hill West“ (BLU DP0735)
4. JIM ROLL – She Ain’t Gonna Go / taken from the album „Lunette“ (BLU CD0125)
5. THE HOOBLERS – Afraid / taken from the album „Where We Are“ (BLU CD0118)
6. CHRIS BURROUGHS – A Blessing And A Curse / taken from the album „Loose“ (BLU CD0122)
7. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – Get Off The Telephone / taken from the album „Back To The Garden“ (BLU DP0731)
8. ELLIOTT MURPHY & IAIN MATTHEWS (with WOLFGANG NIEDECKEN) – The Ballad Of The Soldier’s Wife / taken from the album „La Terre Commune“ (BLU CD0231)
9. MICHAEL HALL – If You Were Gonna Find Her, You Would’ve Found Her By Now / taken from the album „Dead By Dinner“ (BLU CD0128)
10. MARKUS RILL – Swampland Of The Mind / taken from the album „Songland“ (BLU DP0734)
11. SLOBBERBONE – Meltdown / taken from the album „Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today“ (BLU CD0123)
12. JOLENE – John The Gun / taken from the album „Antic Ocean“ (BLU CD0119)
13. FRED HARING – Work In Progress / taken from the album „This Grand Parade“ (BLU CD0129)
14. RUSS TOLMAN – Yuba City / taken from the album „Goodbye El Dorado“ (BLU DP0730)
15. BOCEPHUS KING – Josephina / taken from the album „The Blues Sickness“ (BLU CD0132)

30. April 2019

General Store new arrivals week 17+18/2019

25. April 2019

Six years after Waterfall TODD THIBAUD is back with Hill West !

Hill West
€ 14,90

Like his last record, Waterfall, Todd Thibaud’s studio albums have been predominantly full band, rock collections, charged with a collective energy that effortlessly pulls the listener in on his journey. With Hill West, that energy still resonates, but Thibaud steers it toward a more intimate, stark approach, fueled by a changing and uncertain world. Inspired by artists and albums such as Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, Gillian Welch’s Revival, Aimee Mann, and Nick Lowe, Thibaud, a Blue Rose artist since 1997, homes in on the essentials: lyric, melody, and voice.

The result is a poignant reflection on our modern world – in a time when other artists have chosen to eschew the big questions or sit still with themselves long enough to look inside. In songs like „Find Your Love“, Thibaud shares a glimpse into two people’s struggle to grapple with the fear and pain that surrounds them, zooming his lens out as he goes to view the greater picture of human relationships. „Great Unknown“ explores the nostalgia we all have for the simpler, hopeful times experienced in youth – when uncertainty was fueled by big dreams – with lyrics reminiscent of Pete Yorn’s Music for the Morning After. In the gritty, forceful „Edge of Breaking“, Thibaud takes the wheel of his future, demanding a fearless love from the perspective of nothing left to lose. „Path of Us“, perhaps the barest track with only his voice and an acoustic guitar, turns back to those two lovers, offering a bittersweet delivery but hopeful message. „Something about open doors, makes me feel so unsure… But what I wouldn’t do for you.“ While the narrator may be unsure, the message is clear: we always have a friend to share our burdens.

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16. April 2019

Welcome back to the Blue Rose family: RUSS TOLMAN with Goodbye El Dorado !

Goodbye El Dorado
TOLMAN, RUSS Goodbye El Dorado 2CD (incl. Bonus-CD "Compass & Map")
€ 14,90

Americana singer, songwriter and guitarist, Russ Tolman has been confounding expectations from the start, following his own unique path, all the while with a knowing nod, tugging on our coats, inviting us to come along. It has always been a pleasing, worthwhile suggestion.

With his eighth album, Goodbye El Dorado, Tolman wistfully, but with a clear, critical eye examines his homeland from afar, penning his „love letter to Los Angeles“ without acrimony and with the clarity of distance. He was half a world away in Osaka, Japan and the miles provided a prism of certitude.

From his gunslinging days in the seminal 80’s twin guitar chainsaw band True West throughout a varied, exceptional solo career, Tolman’s strengths as a singer-songwriter are on full display here. From the everyday laments of time melting away on the 405 freeway to the personal musings over the intimate, familial travails of having your hopes and dreams running headlong into reality. Heady stuff you say? No doubt.

Dispatching these emotional adventures with his usual wisecracking aplomb, Tolman enlists some familiar musical samurai, along with some new ronin to expand the colors of his burgeoning musical palette. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Lloyd (Steve Wynn, Nels Cline, Wesley Stace) caressingly picks a mandolin, tickles the ivories and delightfully offers the plush inflections of his accordion, painting Tolman’s House of Melody with a fresh coat of satisfying color. Long-time six-string comrade Kirk Swan (Dumptruck, Amy Rigby) swings as usual with an insouciant groove, handsomely propelling the overall sentiment with taste and verve. Veteran Kevin Jarvis takes a double dip, serving as both engineer and drummer, providing pivotal experience from his previous work with Lucinda Williams, Grant Lee Phillips, and Brian Wilson. Cindy Wasserman (John Doe Band, Dead Rock West) provides glowing, elegant backing vocals and Tolman vet Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate, Al Green) anchors the bottom with his Motown tinctured bass guitar, while Tom Heyman contributes his potent pedal steel sheen. Newcomer Slim Zwerling offers his trumpet and flugelhorn, providing a yummy Bacharach zest, adding new flavors to Tolman’s soulful gumbo. Drop in a healthy dollop of Tolman’s seasoned, silky honeycomb vocals
and the results are a golden treasure.
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01. April 2019

No April Fools Day joke: We have reduced the prices on many Blue Rose-CDs!

New on Midprice (each CD € 9,50):
COLD TRUTH – Grindstone
TOM GILLAM – Beautiful Dream
THE GREAT CRUSADES – Until The Night Turns To Day
WILLIE NILE – World War Willie
MARKUS RILL – Dream Anyway
WALTER SALAS-HUMARA – Explodes And Disappears
HANK SHIZZOE – This Place Belongs To The Birds
SHURMAN – East Side Of Town
AD VANDERVEEN – Presents Of The Past (2CD)
AD VANDERVEEN – Stellar Cellar Band
WATER AND SAND – Water And Sand

New on Budget Price (each CD € 5,90):
ALECTRO – School Of Desire
BEN ARNOLD – Lost Keys
HIGH LINE RIDERS – Bumping Into Nothing
ELLIOTT MURPHY – Aquashow Reconstructed
PSYCHO SISTERS – Up On The Chair, Beatrice
LEEROY STAGGER – Dream It All Away
THE STATESBORO REVUE – Jukehouse Revival

29. März 2019

THE BLACK SORROWS are returning with a live album!

We have another Friday with a new Blue Rose release and it’s a very special one: For the first time in the label history an album is only available in the digital format and only available on CD at the band’s shows in Scandinavia and the UK in April and in the fall at their upcoming German tour – THE BLACK SORROWS are back with the live album Live At The Palms, recorded on October 26, 2018 at „The Palms At Crown“ in Melbourne, Australia.
The album contains features nine songs, seven taken from the band’s latest studio release, Citizen John. The remaining tracks are covers by The Coasters („Down Home Girl“) and „The Honeydripper“ by Joe Liggins & The Honeydrippers.
Live At The Palms is now available at European download and streaming sites.

29. März 2019

General Store new arrivals week 11-13/2019

14. März 2019

Digging For Rays is JOSEPH PARSONS‘ new album and way of saying „searching life for a little light, for rays of hope & sunshine“

There are beautiful melodies and insightful lyrics, a sound of wide-open spaces and a vibe that’s both timeless and contemporary, and there’s this majestic elegant voice. Joseph Parsons‚ new album Digging For Rays has got everything you want from a song-oriented album in 2019 and then some. Sure, Parsons is a singer-songwriter but he’s also a widely-traveled musician in the here and now and his 13th studio album effortlessly reflects both.

The Pennsylvania & Louisiana raised artist currently residing in Germany draws from the familiar well of folk and rock to create something new – a music that’s exciting and current without eschewing its roots or catering to the dance-oriented zeitgeist. In other words: It’s the kind of album this writer thinks you’ve been waiting for.

Songs like „Living Things“ with its propelling beat, the acoustic, elegiac „Sad Parade“, the dark, driving rocker „Wide Awake“ and the beguiling „Beautiful Lie“ all sound fresh and original and are elevated by a one-of-a-kind voice. Parsons is a deliberate, controlled singer who conveys emotional depth with subtlety and nuance – and a lot of lure.

Digging For Rays is Parsons‘ way of saying „searching life for a little light, for rays of hope & sunshine“ – sorely needed considering the shape the world is in and, specifically, his home country. „I’m still an optimist even when things look bleak“, Parsons says. Music helps him maintain his equilibrium and positive outlook.

Over the course of a dozen studio albums, various live & collaborative projects and more than twenty years of touring, Joseph Parsons has established himself as a world class singer and writer, great all-around musician and an immensely personable performer. And yet he still keeps pushing himself, adding modern sounds to his palette to create another eminently listenable album that reveals deeper layers with every repeated listening. Some of his songs are introspective and provide keen insight, while others are written from the vantage point of an astute observer and chronicler of this ever-changing world. It is a world he knows well having lived in many places over the years from Los Angeles to Baghdad to Berlin.

Parsons also draws from artists like songwriting greats James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and outside-the-box-thinkers like Miles Davis, Paco de Lucia, Bob Marley and Daniel Lanois. From these ingredients he creates original music unconcerned with fitting into a specific genre. The only thing that counts for Parsons is a good song. And how does he measure if it’s a good song? „When it reaches the heart & soul of the listener,“ Parsons says. Undoubtedly, the 10 songs of Digging For Rays do exactly that.

08. März 2019

Welcome to the Blue Rose family: DAN NAVARRO!

Shed My Skin
€ 14,90

Shed My Skin is Los Angeles native Dan Navarro’s long-awaited first studio album after 14 albums in 20+ years with Lowen & Navarro, Triple A Radio mainstays in the 1990s. Dan went solo in 2009 after the retirement and subsequent death of Eric Lowen due to ALS (MND).

Shed My Skin is produced and guitarred by Steve Postell (Little Blue, Danny Kortchmar, Jennifer Warnes) featuring a duet with blues singer Janiva Magness, hit singer-songwriter Wendy Waldman (Vanessa Williams, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Grace Pettis and Brother Sun, plus players Danny Kortchmar (James Taylor, Don Henley, Jackson Browne), Leland Sklar (James Taylor, Phil Collins), Butch Norton (Lucinda Williams), Bob Malone (John Fogerty), Debra Dobkin (Bonnie Raitt, Was Not Was), roots artist Tony Furtado, Phil Parlapiano (John Prine, Grant Lee Buffalo), Joel Tepp (Bonnie Raitt, Danny O’Keefe), Freebo (Bonnie Raitt), Dennis Edwards (Eddie Money), Brendan Buckley (Shakira), Jon Ossman (Marc Cohn, Paula Cole), Aubrey Richmond (Shooter Jennings), David Glaser and Peter Adams.

The songlist on Shed My Skin features eight Navarro originals plus four covers, two by old friends, Kenny Edwards („Night Full Of Rain“) and Tom Wilson of Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and Lee Harvey Osmond („You Drove My Crazy“, a duet with Janiva Magness). Rounding out the album are the haunting „Sweet Sixteen“ by Billy Idol and the Jimmy Webb standard „Wichita Lineman“ in a sumptuous new arrangement.

Dan’s long songwriting career includes Pat Benatar’s Grammy-nominated classic „We Belong“, Top 5 in 30 countries, plus songs recorded by The Bangles, Dave Edmunds, Dionne Warwick, Jackson Browne, Keb’Mo‘, The Temptations, freestyle hip-hop pioneers TKA, Jon Ondrasik (Five For Fighting), Nile Rodgers or The Triplets Billboard US #14 single „You Don’t Have To Go Home Tonight“), among many others.
His songs have appeared in films and TV shows as „Deadpool 2“, „Pitch Perfect 2“, „The Office“, „General Hospital“, „Melrose Place“, „The Color of Money“, „American Dad“, „American Idol“, „The Voice“ and dozens of MTV & VH1 specials.

Dan tours constantly, for over 20 years with Lowen & Navarro and since 2008 as a solo artist, with headline and mainstage performances in legendary acoustic/roots venues and festivals, including The Kerrville Folk Festival, The Woody Guthrie Festival, Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, Vancouver Island Music Fest, The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, McCabe’s Guitar Shop (Santa Monica CA), The Birchmere (Alexandria VA), Rams Head Onstage (Annapolis MD), The Bitter End and The Bottom Line (NYC) and many more.

Lowen & Navarro were listed in the „100 Most Influential Independent Artists“ by Performing Songwriter Magazine in 2008.

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