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21. Mai 2024

General Store neu eingetroffen / new arrivals week 20+21/2024

18. April 2024

New exclusive free mailorder-only CD available – Blue Rose Collection 19!

Almost a year has passed since the 18th edition of the Blue Rose Collection series was released. Now it is available, number 19. When selecting the 15 songs, we limited ourselves to the early years of Blue Rose Records; all pieces come from CDs that we released between 1995 and 2001.
As with the previous editions, every order of four articles or more at our webstore will automatically receive this number 19 free of charge, but the free item will no longer be included with every additional order of at least 4 articles, unless the purchaser expressly requests another free copy. If desired, a copy of the Blue Rose Collection No. 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 or a copy of the still available editions of the Blue Rose Nuggets series can be requested as a replacement. These wishes can be expressed in the comment field in the shopping cart before submitting the order.
Of course, this 19th edition of the Blue Rose Collection series can also be purchased for € 5.00.

1. TRISH MURPHY – I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE (taken from the album „Rubies On The Lawn“)
2. CHRIS BURROUGHS – PENNY RITUALS (taken from the album „Clutter“)
3. SAND RUBIES – PRIMEVIL LOVE (taken from the album „Return Of The Living Dead“)
4. FRED HARING – THERE’S A SONG IN MY HEAD (taken from the album „This Grand Parade“)
5. TROY YOUNG CAMPBELL – A LITTLE MORE EVERYDAY (taken from the album „Man Vs. Beast“)
6. FRED EAGLESMITH – GETTIN‘ TO ME (taken from the album „50-Odd Dollars“)
7. JIMMY LAFAVE – VAST STRETCHES OF BROKEN HEART (taken from the album „Road Novel“)
8. ARTHUR DODGE AND THE HORSEFEATHERS – THE REAL ME (taken from the album „Nervous Habit“)
9. JOLENE – FIND IT LOVELY (taken from the album „Antic Ocean“)
10. THE BEL-VISTAS – LEARNING TO FIGHT (taken from the album „Pretty Ugly“)
11. RICH HOPKINS AND BILLY SEDLMAYR – AMELIA (taken from the album „The Fifty Percenter“)
12. MICHAEL HALL AND THE WOODPECKERS – TRULY (taken from the album „Dead By Dinner“)
13. JOHN P. STROHM – BALLAD OF LOBSTER BOY (taken from the album „Vestavia“)
14. DESERT BOOT – P.S. (taken from the album „Craving“)
15. HENSLEY STURGIS – SCRIBBLE (taken from the album „Open Lanes“)

12. April 2024

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 15/2024

03. April 2024

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 12-14/2024

Jpeg Raw
€ 17,90*
Jpeg Raw
€ 40,90*
Girl Friends
DION Girl Friends CD
€ 17,90*
Girl Friends
DION Girl Friends LP
€ 33,90*
Echo Dancing
ESCOVEDO, ALEJANDRO Echo Dancing 2-LP (gold vinyl)
€ 37,90*
Stained Glass
VENICE Stained Glass CD
€ 15,90*
Stained Glass
VENICE Stained Glass 2-LP
€ 26,90*
23. März 2024

Finally available: The DREAM SYNDICATE documentary How Did We Find Ourselves Here coupled with the CD/2-LP Live Through The Past, Darkly

The DVD is coupled with a brand-new CD/2-LP titled „Live Through the Past, Darkly“ featuring all never-before released live audio spanning the band’s entire career from 1983 to 2023 including Karl Precoda, Paul Cutler, Jason Victor with Steve Wynn, Dennis Duck and Mark Walton. Plus special guest Vicki Peterson of the Bangles on a searing 15-minute version of „John Coltrane Stereo Blues“ from the band’s recent London 2023 appearance. The 2 LP set is on colored vinyl: One disc is Orange and one disc is Blue. The DVD contains the Dream Syndicate documentary „The Dream Syndicate: How Did We Find Ourselves Here?“ plus a previously unreleased bonus video of a complete 1984 live Show from The Roxy in LA.

20. März 2024

New category in our General Store: Customer recommendations!

Horizon Line
NAVARRO, DAN Horizon Line CD
€ 15,90*
€ 16,90*

For many years, actually since the beginning of Blue Rose Records and our mailorder service, we have been receiving tips from our customers and friends about including CDs in the mail order program. We liked to do that every now and then, but we had previously integrated these recommendations into the “normal” program. From now on we will list customer recommendations separately, as these CDs do not always be brand new titles. And we will only be able to recommend CDs that can supplied by wholesalers or distributors. And yet quantities are limited, so please don’t wait too long if you’re interested. Then let’s get started today – have fun and THANK YOU for the tips!

08. März 2024

On March 7 TOWNES VAN ZANDT would have turned 80. The three singer-songwriter MARKUS RILL, MR. JONES and ROBERT HASLEDER dedictated album To Live Is To Fly to TvZ with 11 of his songs!

We took the following review from the online site
On New Year’s morning 1997, the life of one of the greatest and most influential US singer-songwriters came to an end: Townes van Zandt died at the age of just 52. He, who had written so many beautiful and sad country songs, was destroyed by his demons. The suffering of the world and himself and the means with which he tried to escape this suffering. He would have been 80 years old on March 7th.
In the year of his 80th birthday, the great tribute project “To Live Is To Fly” shows that Townes van Zandt’s art is also alive in this country and that artists explicitly refer to him. The three German Americana musicians Markus Rill, Mr. Jones and Robert Hasleder have recorded an album with twelve songs.
Eleven classics written by Townes such as the title song, “Tecumseh Valley” or “Pancho & Lefty” as well as the tribute song “The Late Great TVZ” by Markus Rill. Rill, who is one of the leading Americana musicians in Germany and Europe, learned his craft in Austin, Texas. Back in Germany he was allowed to open a concert for him and since then van Zandt has been one of his great heroes. “The Late Great TVZ” is a very moving song tribute to the great Texas singer-songwriter.
For Mr. Jones, the Americana singer-songwriter from Lower Bavaria, Townes “embodies the traveling troubadour like no other” when he discovered him in the mid-1990s. “I always had the feeling that these were songs ‘right from the bottom of the heart’ and not second-hand feelings,” he remembers. And further: “What was particularly fascinating was the fact that you could get so close to him and that he was the author of these poetic, often deeply sad songs, which always included a lot of autobiography.” And even today, Mr. Jones is always there surprised that “even after so many years, I can still discover new facets in the songs.”
The result is a fascinating album with gripping and moving versions of van Zandt’s songs: a tribute worthy of the great artist.

07. März 2024

We are very pleased with a new BASKERY album – V: End Of The Bloodline !

V: End Of The Bloodline is the latest offering from sisters Sunniva, Greta and Stella Bondesson whose combined talents coalesce to produce the divine sound of Baskery. The self-proclaimed ‘three bitches from Sweden’ can often be found in a chipper mood and aren’t averse to dabbling in a bit of rock, blues or even a dash of punk. This album however sees the girls bringing on the heartache with a dozen sublime and, for the most part, tear-drenched Americana folk/country tales of lost love and injustice delivered in their inimitable style.
For the uninitiated, Baskery’s secret lies largely in the versatility that is afforded by having three such talented individuals working in perfect harmony, all bringing something a bit special to the mix. Their instrumental flexibility includes Greta’s unique banjo/drums combo (with a bit of guitar and piano thrown in for good measure), while lead singer Sunniva is an accomplished guitarist in her own right, and Stella’s upright bass works perfectly for the band offering a completely different texture to the bass guitar.

All three have sublime voices which meld to magnificent effect bringing to life the full gamut of emotions expressed by their impressive songwriting to which, naturally, they all contribute. Sean Lakeman’s empathetic and uncluttered production suggests the Bondessons have found a kindred spirit while brother Seth contributes viola to a couple of tracks, offering a stamp of approval from folk royalty which affirms the high esteem in which Baskery are held by fellow musicians.
And so you have it, a fifth studio album from this talented trio to add to their already impressive back-catalogue and establish them once and for all as a force to be reckoned with. Parallels are inevitably drawn with other all-female acts and there are some obvious stylistic references, but when it comes to the overall Baskery sound, these sisters are very much doing it for themselves.
To say that there isn’t a bad track on the album would be no overstatement, and it’s impressive indeed that a band which seems constantly to be on the road somehow manages to craft each song with the perfectionist’s eye for detail and the poet’s ability to paint a picture in your mind.

25. Februar 2024

General Store Neuheiten / new releases Week 07-09/2024

€ 15,90*
€ 27,90*
Crow Gifts
€ 16,90*
El Viejo
€ 15,90*
El Veijo
LUND, CORB El Veijo LP (clear vinyl)
€ 27,90*
€ 15,90*
TROUT, WALTER Broken 2-LP (Transparent Vinyl)
€ 31,90*
05. Februar 2024

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 02-06/2024

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