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12. Oktober 2018

General Store new arrivals week 41/2018

11. Oktober 2018

After three years the BOTTLE ROCKETS are back with the new album Bit Logic !

Bit Logic
€ 14,90

Formed nearly 30 years ago, the Bottle Rockets helped forge a now-popular subgenre-small-town, middle-class, Midwest American roots rock-part right-to-the-gut poetry, part rock ’n‘ roll, all truth. Bit Logic is a different sort of album for the St. Louis natives and shows them at their most self-aware, self-challenging, and socially alert.

Recorded in St. Louis at Sawhorse Studios, engineered by Mario Viele and produced by longtime studio collaborator Eric „Roscoe“ Ambel (The Del-Lords, Steve Earle), the Bottle Rockets‘ 13th album has them looking at their unique stylistic blend through a different lens. While one of the group’s earmarks is constructing blue-collar anthems, Bit Logic has the quartet focusing outside themselves, at how change and adaptation affects the bigger picture.

„We were not planning any kinda ‚theme‘ to this album, but one kinda showed up,“ said lead singer and guitarist Brian Henneman. „If it’s about anything at all, it’s an album about existing in this modern world. Trying to dodge depression and anger. These songs are views from the moments when you’re mostly succeeding at it.“ Yet, to balance those times when success may seem just a breath out of reach, the album includes the infectious pop masterpiece „Maybe Tomorrow“ which offers an optimistic and buoyant outlook on momentary failure.

The band returned to its more democratic songwriting approach this time, which generated four co-written songs, in contrast to their previous and critically acclaimed album, South Broadway Athletic Club, which Henneman primarily wrote. Leading up to their time in the studio, Henneman sent around some bare-bones acoustic iPhone recordings that would serve as the album’s blueprint, and the group fleshed out one song a day by means of three 4-day studio sessions.

The group went into the recording sessions with a fresh outlook-to bring out more of their Americana influences and to write a record that more accurately reflected their collective approach. What they found while doing so surprised them.

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30. September 2018

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 91 now available for only 5 € or for free!

With the 91th issue of the mailorder exclusive CD series Blue Rose Nuggets we continue in working our way up the extensive 600+ catalog albums since the label start in spring of 1995. The numbers 41 through 51 are surrounded by new releases from Walter Salas-Humara, Cody Canada & The Departed, The Black Sorrows plus two albums which see the light of day in October (Bottle Rockets) or even not before November 2018 (Jess Klein).

You can buy the CD for either 5,00 € or you’ll get it for free if your order contains four and more items!

1. JUPITER COYOTE – Tumbleweed / taken from the album „Ghost Dance“ (BLU DP0045)
2. THE BLACK SORROWS – Wednesday’s Child / taken from the album „Citizen John“ (BLU DP0722)
3. STUART DAVIS – Progress / taken from the album „Nomen Est Numen“ (BLU CD0042)
4. RAINRAVENS – Down In The Water / taken from the album „Diamond Blur“ (BLU CD0049)
5. VOLEBEATS – It’s Alright / taken from the album „Sky And The Ocean“ (BLU CD0043)
6. JESS KLEIN – Mammel / taken from the album „Back To My Green“ (BLU DP0727)
7. THE HOOBLERS – Love / taken from the album „Can You Do This?“ (BLU CD0041)
8. ELLIOTT MURPHY – Out For The Killing / taken from the album „Going Through Something“ (BLU CD0048)
9. CHRIS BURROUGHS – West Of Texas / taken from the album „West Of Texas/Trade Of Chains“ (BLU CD0051)
10. PHON ROLL – River Of Love / taken from the album „91-95“ (BLU CD0044)
11. BOTTLE ROCKETS – Highway 70 Blues / taken from the album „Bit Logic“ (BLU DP0726)
12. RUSS TOLMAN – Two Drinks From Genius / taken from the album „City Lights“ (BLU CD0047)
13. CODY CANADA & THE DEPARTED – Unglued / taken from the album „3“ (BLU DP0723)
14. WALTER SALAS-HUMARA – I Want To Be With You / taken from the album „Walterio“ (BLU DP0721)
15. JIMMY LAFAVE – Hold On / taken from the album „Road Novel“ (BLU CD0046)

28. September 2018


28. September 2018

General Store new arrivals week 37-39/2018

20. September 2018

THE BRANDOS – all the band’s studio albums for the first time on vinyl available!

The Light Of Day
BRANDOS The Light Of Day LP
€ 18,90
Pass The Hat
€ 18,90
Nowhere Zone
BRANDOS Nowhere Zone LP
€ 18,90

For the first time all the five regular studio albums of THE BRANDOS plus a rare compilation are now available on vinyl. All albums are limited to 300 copies and handnumbered. The re-release marathon comes to a perfect end with the fact that the vinyl revival still goes on and on.

14. September 2018

Welcome to Blue Rose: THE BLACK SORROWS!

„Do I move you?“ Joe Camilleri asks on The Black Sorrows‚ new album, Citizen John. „Is it thrillin‘?“

More than five decades into his illustrious career, the answer remains a resounding yes!

Citizen John – The Black Sorrows‘ 21st album – sits comfortably alongside the band’s finest work, including multi-platinum classics such as Harley and Rose and Hold On To Me. Albums that achieved considerable chart success both in their home country of Australia and in Europe.

The album showcases The Black Sorrows‘ sophisticated brand of soulful, bluesy roots music and production prowess. Joe wrote the record with his long-time compadre Nick Smith. The 10 original songs are complemented by covers of Bob Dylan’s underrated pop gem ‚Silvio‘ and Nina Simone’s ‚Do I Move You?‘ plus an original arrangement of a traditional number ‚Sitting On Top Of The World‘.

Citizen John comes nearly 35 years after Joe started The Black Sorrows at Melbourne’s Café Neon. Since then, the band has graced concert stages around the world, including building a passionate following in Europe, where Citizen John is released on the German label Blue Rose Records.
Highlights include ‚Lover I Surrender‘ – one of the Sorrows‘ finest love songs – and ‚Brother Moses‘, a life-affirming dose of playful blues, which sees Joe singing, „You can dance in your dreams, and trouble seems to leave your weary head.“

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31. August 2018

Vol. 1 only told half of the story – now comes Life And Soul Vol. 2 (Bargains Galore) telling the second part of JULIAN DAWSON’s adventures in music!

When, five years ago, Julian Dawson decided to bring out a personally chosen ‚Best Of‘ compilation with Blue Rose Records, Life And Soul was the perfect title for a look back at a uniquely varied musical odyssey.

As Geoff Wall noted in his sleeve notes, ‚I can’t think of another artist with a career path that includes collaborations with avant-garde pioneers Can, jazz genius Toots Thielemans, country royalty Charlie Louvin and Vince Gill, soul legends Dan Penn and Lucinda Williams and guitar heroes Duane Eddy, Richard Thompson and Steuart Smith!‘

The lovingly packaged three-CD first box-set was well-received by fans and critics alike, but with more than forty years and twenty albums to choose from, Volume I only told half the story…

Now comes Life And Soul Volume II, ‚Bargains Galore‘ (translates into German as something like ‚Reichlich Schnäppchen‘).

With another eye-catching cover, a lavish forty-page booklet and three CDs packed with more than sixty songs, Volume II brings us up to date. Julian again picked his personal favourites from seven albums recorded between 1997 and 2017. The new package features more rare photographs from Julian’s personal archive as well as recording details, reminiscences and background stories to each and every song.

Where Volume I loosely covered his major label years while fronting a band, the follow-up begins with Move Over Darling, his first acoustic venture, recorded in New York with producer Stewart Lerman and his old friend Steuart Smith (who has spent the last decade onstage with the Eagles).
Julian has always displayed great taste in his choice of musicians and collaborators. The quietly compelling songs on Move Over Darling were graced by additional appearances from guests Richard Thompson, The Roches and soul legend Dan Penn (a constant presence throughout this collection). The Doris Day song of the title sat comfortably alongside audience favourites such as ‚If I Needed Rain‘, ‚All The King’s Horses‘ and ‚Pilgrims‘, all captured here in pristine form.

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23. August 2018

General Store new arrivals week 32-34/2018

11. August 2018

Ex-Silos mastermind WALTER SALAS-HUMARA rocks again on Walterio !

For years, Walter Salas-Humara has split his time between making music and visual art, so it’s not surprising that Walterio, his new release on Blue Rose Records, contains rich imagery — both lyrically and on its cover. But one of the strongest images it evokes actually comes from the music itself, which might be described as the sonic equivalent of a tree — a rock ’n’ roll family tree. Salas-Humara was made in Cuba but born in America (the album’s title is his Hispanic nickname). He spent a good chunk of his Florida childhood studying drums, which, of course, led to teenage rock ’n’ roll bands.

Tracks such as “Here We Go,” “She’s a Caveman” and “Out of the Band” can trace lineage back to The Silos, the still-kicking band Salas-Humara co-founded in New York’s post-punk ’80s scene. Playing alt-country before anyone called it that, they were named „Best New Artist“ in the 1987 Rolling Stone Critics Poll— which temporarily deep-sixed Salas-Humara’s art-career plans.

Walter Salas-Humara joined Blue Rose in 2001 with the Silos album Laser Beam Next Door and has released another eight albums on the label since then. With five records by The Silos and four under his own name Walterio marks the 10th release in seventeen years!

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