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26. Juli 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 30/2021

21. Juli 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 27-29/2021

30. Juni 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 25-26/2021

05. Juni 2021

Label Special: KEEP ON CHOOGLIN‘ RECORDS – new issue available now: Vol. 28/Mud Island!

Inspired by such great compilation like Country Got Soul, Delta Swamp Rock and Country Funk!
Comin’ right up, a steaming gumbo of down home, honey drippin’ Voodoo-Soul and rough-fried funky Blues with a large side order of countrified brain salad and gritty Southern Rock. These compilations encompass the elation of gospel with the sexual thrust of the blues, country hoedown harmony with inner city grit. It is alternately playful and melancholic, slow jammin’ and booty shakin’. It is both studio slick and barroom raw. And while these all may seem unlikely combinations at first glance, upon close listen, it all makes sweet sense.
Follow the Love Rustler train through the landscape of blues and country with stops in Jackson, Mississippi. Memphis, Tennessee. New Orleans, Louisiana. Big Rock, Arkansas. Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Old Funk, Georgia. The legendary south of country preachers, forgotten jailhouses, rowdy juke joints and jaded dreams of salvation.

The tunes are from the glorious era between 1970 and 1975 with some years plus and few minus. We found the best tunes on albums you thought you knew and searched a lot of relatively unknown bands and releases for exceptional tunage. If sonically imperfect we had the tracks mastered and listened to the bunch endlessly to achieve the perfect flow.
The Love Rustler recommends: “Pour yourself a drink and keep on chooglin’!”

23. Mai 2021

General Store / new arrivals week 20/2021

11. Mai 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 19/2021

28. April 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 15-17/2021

30. März 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 11-13/2021

07. März 2021

General Store Neuheiten / new arrivals week 7-10/2021

27. Februar 2021

New exclusive free mailorder-only-CD available now – Blue Rose Collecvtion 16!

Another issue of the Blue Rose Collection series is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to an order at our webshop with four and more items but a copy is also available to purchase for € 5,00.

1. RECKLESS KELLY – Every Step Of The Way (taken from the album Long Night Moon)
2. WILLIE NILE – LET’S ALL COME TOGETHER (taken from the album World War Willie)
3. SHURMAN – NEVER GONNA QUIT (taken from the album East Side Of Love)
4. HANK SHIZZOE – I BEEN TREATED WRONG (taken from the album Steady As We Go)
5. DAN NAVARRO – BULLETPROOF HEART (taken from the album Shed My Skin)
6. WILLIAM CLARK GREEN – IT’S ABOUT TIME (taken from the album Rose Queen)
7. LEEROY STAGGER – ONE PERFECT WAVE (taken from the album Dream It All Away)
8. THE GREAT CRUSADES – ONLY TOOK A MINUTE NOT TO SAY GOOD NIGHT (taken from the album Until The Night Turned To Day)
9. US RAILS – EAGLE & CROW (taken from the album Last Call At The Red River Saloon)
10. LOS LONELY BOYS – GIVE A LITTLE MORE (taken from the album Revelation)
11. JOSEPH PARSONS – MADNESS (taken from the album At Mercy’s Edge)
13. MARKUS RILL – YOU & MY YOUTH (taken from the album New Crop)
14. HARDPAN – THIS PLACE AND TIME taken from the album Hardpan)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – FRIEND OF THE SHOOTER (taken from the album Buried Treasures)

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