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06. Juni 2020


30. Mai 2020


Last Train Leaving
Last Train Leaving
€ 15,90*
David Knopfler is a UK musician who probably needs little introduction. A founding member of the legendary rock outfit, Dire Straits, he left his brother, Mark, and the band behind many years ago, long before it met its inevitable demise, to pursue his own independent music career. And it must be said maybe the music world has benefitted from his free-spirited outlook. With many solo albums behind him, Knopfler has carved out a successful career across much of Europe where his gigs are invariably sold out and his fan-base eagerly anticipate his regular tours.
With Last Train Leaving, Knopfler delivers an album that at times feature his fine keyboard skills and always his elegant fretwork, never overpowering but always skilfully and masterfully understated. Surprisingly there’s even some Dylanesque harp at times. It’s hard not to love particular tracks above others, and for me, “All The Fun Of The Fair,” is one of those simply wonderful cuts, poignant recollections and a warmth at its heart making it little short of irresistible.
Not many would try a rhyme with colonoscopy in there, but here in one track, “I Gave My Heart,” Knopfler somehow or other pulls it off. Each of the fourteen tracks are single stories, melodically wrapped with fine musicianship and a tale to be told. Overall, this entire album is a true delight, roots music at its core with hints of blues, country and rock rippling throughout the mix.
“Perfect Storm” is another track that pulls you in from the initial, opening bars with Knopfler’s vocals bristling and perfectly pitched. If there’s a surprise here, for many it might be the simple thought that looking back at Dire Straits and brother Mark’s own solo output over the years, David Knopfler is the guy who carries a melody and has a voice that is genuinely gripping, harmonic, wonderfully raw and emotive.
If anyone has yet to catch this guy’s solo efforts, Last Train Leaving could well be a perfect introduction and certainly a rewarding release worth catching. Last Train Leaving is that rarity, a musical treat and a thing of true beauty. Grab it while you can.
—Iain Patience for

15. Mai 2020

General Store Neuheiten Woche 15-20/2020 / New Arrivals week 15-20/2020

24. März 2020

New Blue Rose mailorder-only-CD series started with the re-launch of the Blue Rose Collection series!

A few months ago we had announced the end of our compilation CD series Blue Rose Nuggets with the release of issue #100. However, all the remaining issues are still available for purchase for € 5,00.

We still want to thank our devoted customers with an exclusive free CD of an order with four items and more. We are making a re-launch of the Blue Rose Collection series which was sent in hiatus in 2008 with issue #12. The difference is that the new editions are not available in regular outlets but like the Nuggets series through the Blue Rose mailorder only, limited to 300 copies each issue. Of course the CD is also available for purchase for only € 5,00. When compiling this new collection we were trying not to use songs we have already put on the Nuggets series but please forgive us if it doesn’t work for all the selected tracks.

A copy of the Blue Rose Collection 13 issue will be added automatically as a giveaway to orders with four and more items.

The tracklist of Blue Rose Collection 13:
1. THE GREAT CRUSADES – IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE ME NOW / taken from the album „Until the Night Turned to Day“ (BLU CD0695)
2. WILLIE NILE – TROUBLE DOWN IN DIAMOND TOWN / taken from the album „World War Willie“ (BLU DP0683)
3. WATER AND SAND – CONFESSION / taken from the album „Catching Light“ (BLU DP0738)
4. THE BLACK SORROWS – LOVER I SURRENDER / taken from the album „Citizen John“ (BLU DP0722)
5. THE BAND OF HEATHENS – SUGAR QUEEN / taken from the album „Duende“ (BLU DP0692)
6. US RAILS – TAKE YOU HOME / taken from the album „Mile By Mile“ (BLU DP0739)
7. HARDPAN – MIRACLE CURE / taken from the album „Hardpan“ (BLU DP0700)
8. STEVE WYNN – CRAWLING MISANTHROPIC BLUES / taken from the album „Solo! Acoustic (Vol. 1)“ (BLU DP0740)
9. THE BRANDOS – WOODSTOCK GUITAR / taken from the album „Los Brandos“ (BLU DP0670)
10. MATTHEW RYAN – BATTLE BORN / taken from the album „Hustle Up Starlings“ (BLU CD0701)
11. NORA JANE STRUTHERS – LET’S GET THE DAY STARTED RIGHT / taken from the album „Champion“ (BLU DP0714)
12. MARKUS RILL AND THE TROUBLEMAKERS – INSIDE THE WHEEL / taken from the album „Songland“ (BLU DP0734)
13. JESS KLEIN – BLAIR MOUNTAIN / taken from the album „Back To My Green“ (BLU DP0727)
14. THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS – BALLAD OF JAYNE / taken from the album „After All These Years“ (BLU DP0698)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – A STONES THROW / taken from the album „Live At El Lokal“ (BLU DP0737)
16. DAN NAVARRO – NIGHT FULL OF RAIN / taken from the album „Shed My Skin“ (BLU DP0729)
17. BOTTLE ROCKETS – WAY DOWN SOUTH / taken from the album „Bit Logic“ (BLU DP0726)
18. HANK SHIZZOE – CALIFORNIA / taken from the album „Steady As We Go“ (BLU DP0725)

03. März 2020

New STEVE WYNN release on Blue Rose – Solo! Acoustic (Vol. 1) exclusively available through the Blue Rose mailorder and at shows of Steve Wynn!

„Despite 40 years of solo tours all around the world, I had never released a record of just me and my acoustic guitar. I’d thought about it a lot and fans who came to these intimate, stripped down shows would often drift by the merch booth at the end and ask “Which of these records sounds like the show you just played?” I’d point to some older releases like “Fluorescent” or the “Live In Bremen” collection I made in 2003 with Jason Victor but none of the documented history could provide a literal translation of what they’d been watching.

In the last few years I’d been listening quite a bit to Bill Callahan. He’s a great songwriter, daring lyricist and his voice is distinctive and beautiful. But I also really loved the production on his records. They all sound so fantastic. I checked the credits and saw they were almost all recorded by Brian Beattie at a studio in Austin, Texas. I knew that was the sound I’d want to have on my first solo acoustic record.

As it turned out, the Dream Syndicate had a show in Austin on November 1 of last year and I didn’t have to be anywhere for a few days. I got in touch with Brian and he was free those days so I made plans to record a selection of songs from my back catalogue that I thought would suit his approach and sound. I always enjoy this blind-date, travelogue style of working and in the past I tried to make records in which I would choose or write material to represent some mystical fantasy of what my music might sound like, for example, with Chris Eckman in the pastoral city of Ljubljana (“Crossing Dragon Bridge”) or the blunt ferocity of the band Come in their gritty hometown of Boston (“Melting In the Dark.”).

This one was a similar approach. Like many songwriters, I’m often tempted to shelter my lyrics and vocals by adding extra layers so that I feel a little less vulnerable. Not this time. I went for some of the most lyric-heavy, emotionally stark songs in my catalog and knew that the vocal would be the focal point of the record. And that’s exactly what happened. Brian’s approach was indeed to put me in a room, surround me with vintage mics, guitars and processors and just capture my performance in the most honest, stark way possible.

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21. Februar 2020

STACIE COLLINS is a DAMN GIRL on her new album!

Damn Girl
€ 14,90*

„We’ve finally completed the 6th Stacie Collins album titled DAMN GIRL! We started recording DAMN GIRL! while on tour back in May with my friend Sir Martin Ekelund at Lemon Studios in Sweden and finished it at my home studio in Nashville. This album is special because for the first time I was able to use my touring band The AL-Mighty 3 featuring Jon Sudbury, Ola Göransson and Al Collins in the studio. Get ready for a ride that has lots of twists, turns, and a few surprises. I think it’s the most diverse record we’ve ever made. All the songs were written by Al and myself along with a few collaborations with Jon and Ola.“ (Stacie Collins)

10. Februar 2020

Following a covers album US RAILS are back with a new album of eleven originals!

Mile By Mile
US RAILS Mile By Mile CD
€ 14,90*

US RAILS continues their journey into the next decade with a brand new record, Mile By Mile (Blue Rose Records). Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin, Tom Gillam and Matt Muir have made a conscious effort to open the gates and let their Rock n’roll horses run free. This is not to say they’ve abandoned their trademark harmony vocal blend. It’s still there front and center, but with more musical muscle underneath. Drawn from their collective influences and takes on rock and vintage R&B, the good-time recording atmosphere of the recording sessions, during a summertime week in Philadelphia, is palpable on each and every track. These rapidly changing times in the U.S. and around the world, show them wearing some of their thoughts and beliefs, as well as their hearts on their well tattered sleeves. Mile By Mile, the band‘s 5th full length original album, shows them growing even more comfortable and loose, diving into some of their ragged, rock roots in a collection of songs that have some of the feel of the past with an eye toward the future.

What was once just a one off, go-for-the-thrill experiment, has by now become a fixture in the lives of each member of US RAILS while they all continue to pursue thriving solo careers, producing, recording, and releasing countless albums on their own. It is their separate experience, spun together, which adds layer upon layer to the solid bedrock that forms the foundation of this band’s rare and exceptional sound.

US RAILS are now looking forward to taking it all out on the road throughout Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands again this year. Jackson Parten from Austin, Texas will be joining the band on bass guitar for the tour.

A well seasoned, veteran live act, this is a band who has shared the better part of their lives playing masterful, iconic sounding rock and roll in the shadows of the giants but continues to create, evolve, persist, and have a lot of laughs and fun along the way Mile By Mile!

08. November 2019

WATER AND SAND is Todd Thibaud and Kim Taylor – they are back with new album Catching Light!

For several years Todd Thibaud and Kim Taylor had the same management. Their idea was that both musicians should try writing songs together that the management could then submit to their contacts. Both finally met each other in person at SXSW several years ago and struck up a friendship.
While they were at SXSW, they made plans to get together for a writing session the next time Kim traveled to Boston from her home in Ohio. When she was in Boston they met up and actually had no luck that day writing a song, but discovered that they really liked singing together. The idea for a collaboration project came from that meeting. They talked about how interesting it would be to focus the songwriting for their collaboration on the struggles and joys of relationships/marriage etc. Both of them were busy with their own projects at the time, but they agreed to stay in touch and make this happen as soon as the time was right. After a few years had gone by without any progress, it was Taylor who took the initiative and got the ball rolling for what would become WATER AND SAND.

„We struggled coming up with a name for our project, sending each other lists of potential options, but nothing seemed to really resonate“, Thibaud recalls. „Both of us were in the process of writing songs at that time for our forthcoming album, and Kim sent me one of her new ones called ‚Water and Sand‘. I loved the song as soon as I heard it, and as the two of us discussed it, I think we both agreed that it would actually make a good band name for our project. We ran it by our management and some trusted friends/family, and everyone seemed to like it. I think for us the name relates to the balances that life imposes and requires of us. The two sides of the coin. The Yin and Yang. The life giving water and the gritty, abrasive sand. There are many joys and good times in our lives, but of course, there are also times of struggle and pain. I think the name points to those co-existing experiences.“

Compared to their own releases, WATER AND SAND is different. „We both wanted to center the project around two vocals, singing together, in harmony, and build things from there; always keeping those elements front and center. We never made any hard and fast rules in regard to other instrumentation. We’ve just always tried to do what’s right for the songs, and not overshadow the vocals too much.“

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27. September 2019

After eight years RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS are back with a stunning live album!

Live At El Lokal
Live At El Lokal
€ 14,90*
For three decades now, the name Rich Hopkins has been synonymous with dusty, guitar-drenched desert rock from the American southwest. This is true for the Tucson, Arizona musician’s regular albums and even more so for his irresistible live performances. Backed by the Luminarios, a tight band, Hopkins plays desert rock like no one else, making the guitar sing and howl and time stop in his inspired solos. Needless to say, audiences are right there with him in a heartbeat.

Rich Hopkins & his Luminarios have toured Germany and the neighboring countries more than 20 times since 1997. „El Lokal“ in Zurich, Switzerland has long been one of their favorite venues. Recordings from two shows at „El Lokal“ are now available on CD. Ten of the album’s 13 songs – which touch on many stations of Hopkins‘ career – are from a concert in May 2017. The three others are from a 2015 appearance.

The CD with a playing time of 72 minute sounds absolutely brilliant and reflects the vibe of a Luminarios concert.

This release is limited to 1.000 copies!

21. Juni 2019

After nineteen years THE SCHRAMMS return with the new studio album Omnidirectional !

SCHRAMMS Omnidirectional CD
€ 14,90*

Omnidirectional is the seventh album from The Schramms, a beautiful work of art that was ten long years in the making. Frontman / guitarist / writer Dave Schramm has painstakingly assembled an expansive, cinescopic work that will delight long-time fans and new listeners alike. The album features drummer Ron Metz and bassist Al Greller who’ve played together with Dave in The Schramms since the 1980s, with JD Foster (Lucinda Williams, Richard Buckner, Calexico, Marc Ribot) producing.

Dave Schramm is perhaps best known as an original member and lead guitarist for Yo La Tengo, but over the years has worked with a wide assortment of notable artists from the Replacements to Richard Buckner and all points in between. In recent years, he created the Radio Free Song Club with singer / songwriter Kate Jacobs and disc jockey Nicholas Hill, a successful radio show / podcast showcasing a group of songwriting heavyweights that’s included Victoria Williams, Peter Holsapple, Freedy Johnston, Laura Cantrell, Robin Holcomb, Howe Gelb, Peter Blegvad, Jody Harris, Don Piper, Amy Allison, Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric.

Schramm and Ron Metz had been playing with cult faves Akron, OH’s The Human Switchboard before Dave fell in with guitarist Ira Kaplan and drummer Georgia Hubley, joining Yo La Tengo for their debut album, Ride The Tiger, and the recordings that preceded it. He would re-unite with the band along with Greller on their much-beloved 1990 release Fakebook as well as its 2015 sequel Stuff Like That There.

After the release of Ride The Tiger, and a subsequent tour, Schramm struck out on his own, reuniting with Metz who’d recently arrived in New York. At their first gig, they billed themselves „The Schramms“ as a joke, but the name stuck! There were several early line-ups, some including other Yo La Tengo alumni, with personnel shifting even as work started on their first album, Walk to Delphi. The Tall Lonesome Pines‘ Al Greller joined as bassist and has been with the band ever since.

Renowned as musician’s musicians, each of the members of the core band has been tapped to help out other artists over the years. Dave has recorded with Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey (on Mavericks, It’s Alright, Fireworks), The Replacements (All Shook Down), Yo La Tengo (Fakebook, Stuff Like That There), Richard Buckner (Since), Freedy Johnston (Can You Fly, This Perfect World, Never Home), Soul Asylum (Let Your Dim Light Shine), Whiskeytown and many others. Al was with Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps and The Tall Lonesome Pines before The Schramms, and later Yo La Tengo, Beat Rodeo, Paul Presti (of the Unholy Modal Rounders), The Tractors, Riff Doctors, and a Gene the Singing Plumber. Ron contributed to the solo efforts of former Human Switchboard bandmates, Bob Pfeifer and Myrna Marcarian; he currently plays with Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help and Tammy Faye Starlite. Other erstwhile Schramms would go on to work with musicians like Ian Hunter, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Little Steven, et al.

So The Schramms have been keeping busy since their last album’s release – Omnidirectional wound up being recorded in sporadic bursts over the course of a decade, but the end results show it was a labor of love for all involved and well worth the wait.

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