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14. September 2019

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 100 now available for free of for € 5,00!

We made it to number 100 of the Blue Rose Nuggets series! What had started eighteen years back in 2002 with an idea to release an exclusive CD compilation featuring items of the Blue Rose catalog surrounded by live tracks or previously unreleased music became a special edition and lots of Blue Rose fans are waiting for an new issue.
We are very happy to reach volume 100 of this little series but with tears in our eyes we have to tell that this edition will be the last Blue Rose Nuggets issue. Mainly because of licensing reasons we had to make this decision but with this last edition we’ll give the fans more than usual: The regular CD (which contains 17 songs with a running time of 75 minutes) is accompanied by a bonus disc! The regular disc contains cover versions only of very well-known songwriter like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, John Fogerty, Gillian Welch, Tom Petty, Lennon/McCartney, Richard Thompson and Leon Russell, but it also includes songs written by critically acclaimed artists like Rick Danko, Pinto Bennett, Danny Whitten or Gene Clark. The bonus CD is featuring ten tracks from all the albums we have put out so far in 2019.

You can buy the CD for either 5,00 € or you’ll get it for free if your order contains four and more items!

1. THE BRANDOS – Lodi / taken from the album „Nowhere Zone“ (BLU DP0709)
2. THE BAND OF HEATHENS – Look At Miss Ohio / taken from the album „One Foot In The Ether“ (BLU DP0491)
3. BIG IN IOWA – Cinnamon Girl / taken from the album „Bangin‘ ‚N‘ Knockin'“ (BLU CD0103)
4. CONTINENTAL DRIFTERS – I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight / taken from the album „Listen, Listen“ (BLU DP0265)
5. CODY CANADA & THE DEPARTED – Home Sweet Oklahoma / taken from the album „This Is Indian Land“ (BLU DP0548)
6. JOSEPH PARSONS – Jokerman / taken from the album „Live In Europe“ (BLU CD0235)
7. RECKLESS KELLY – The Ballad Of Elano de Leone / taken from the album „Somewhere In Time“ (BLU DP0513)
8. PAUL THORN – Small Town Talk / taken from the album „What The Hell Is Goin On?“ (BLU DP0577)
9. NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND – Get Back / taken from the album „Welcome To Woody Creek“ (BLU CD0356)
10. LEEROY STAGGER – Swingin‘ / taken from the album „Live At The Red River Saloon“ (BLU CD0525)
11. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – If You’re Gone / taken from the album „Devolver – Deluxe Edition“ (BLU CD0096)
12. ELLIOTT MURPHY & IAIN MATTHEWS – I Don’t Want To Talk About It / recorded live in Heilbronn/Germany on May 27, 2001 (not available on any regular album)
13. THE YAYHOOS – Dancing Queen / taken from the album „Fear Not The Obvious“ (BLU CD0261)
14. MARKUS RILL – One More Dollar / taken from the album „Getting Into Trouble“ (BLU DP0702)
15. THE RESENTMENTS – Someday Never Comes / taken from the album „Switcheroo“ (BLU DP0378)
16. HANK SHIZZOE – Yea! Heavy And A Bottle Of Bread / taken from the album „Headlines“ (BLU DP0425)
15. TODD THIBAUD mit Joseph Parsons und Thomas Juliano – The Weight / taken from the album „HOT-FM Sessions“ (BLU DP0266)

BONUS-CD (Excerpts Of 2019)
1. THE SCHRAMMS – Honestly Now / taken from the album „Omnidirectional“ (BLU CD0724)
2. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – Pissed / taken from the album „Back To The Garden“ (BLU DP0731)
3. MARKUS RILL & THE TROUBLEMAKERS – Swampland Of The Mind / taken from the album „Songland“ (BLU DP0734)
4. TODD THIBAUD – Edge Of Breaking / taken from the album „Hill West“ (BLU DP0735)
5. THE BLACK SORROWS – Do I Move You / taken from the album „Live At The Palms“ (BLU DP0736)
6. JOSEPH PARSONS – Dreaming / taken from the album „Digging For Rays“ (BLU DP0732)
7. HANK SHIZZOE – Careless Love / taken from the album „Steady As We Go“ (BLU DP0725)
8. RUSS TOLMAN – Kid / taken from the album „Goodbye El Dorado“ (BLU DP0730)
9. PETER BRUNTNELL – Dinosaur / taken from the album „King Of Madrid“ (BLU DP0733)
10. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – El Otro Lado / taken from the album „Live At El Lokal“ (BLU DP0737)

31. Juli 2019

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 99 now available for only 5 € or for free!

A new month, another issue of the Blue Rose Nuggets series which is exclusively available at the Blue Rose webshop. We have August 2019 and number 99. This new edition again contains 15 songs featuring current releases or albums released in the 24 years of Blue Rose history.

You can buy the CD for either 5,00 € or you’ll get it for free if your order contains four and more items!

1. HENSLEY STURGIS – Which William / taken from the album „Cabin Fever“ (BLU CD0254)
2. DELBERT McCLINTON – Livin‘ It Down / taken from the album „Nothing Personal“ (BLU CD0250)
3. WATER AND SAND – All I Wanna Do / taken from the album „Water and Sand“ (BLU DP0688)
4. WALTER SALAS-HUMARA – Find A Way / taken from the album „Work: Part Two“ (BLU DP0694)
5. JOSEPH PARSONS – Invisible / recorded live at HOT-FM Studio in Hof, Germany April 30, 1998 (previously unreleased)
6. SHAVER – New York City Girl / taken from the album „The Earth Rolls On“ (BLU CD0252)
7. STEVE WYNN – Blackout / taken from the album „Here Come The Miracles“ (BLU DP0237)
8. BILLY SEDLMAYR & RICH HOPKINS – The Fifty Percenter / taken from the album „The Fifty Percenter“ (BLU CD0233)
9. I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. – Live And Never Learn / taken from the album „Live And Never Learn“ (BLU DP0719)
10. ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO – Across The River / taken from the album „A Man Under The Influence“ (BLU CD0251)
11. STEPHEN SIMMONS – Puritan Cowboys / taken from the album „A World Without“ (BLU DP0689)
12. JUPITER COYOTE – Spiral / taken from the album „Waxing Moon“ (BLU CD0249)
13. CONTINENTAL DRIFTERS – That Much A Fool / taken from the album „Better Day“ (BLU CD0253)
14. THE SHAKIN‘ APOSTLES – Crazy Flowers / recorded live at HOT-FM Studio in Hof, Germany April 29, 1998 (previously unreleased)
15. NORA JANE STRUTHERS – Grit / taken from the album „Champion“ (BLU DP0714)

21. Juni 2019

After nineteen years THE SCHRAMMS return with the new studio album Omnidirectional !

SCHRAMMS Omnidirectional CD
€ 14,90

Omnidirectional is the seventh album from The Schramms, a beautiful work of art that was ten long years in the making. Frontman / guitarist / writer Dave Schramm has painstakingly assembled an expansive, cinescopic work that will delight long-time fans and new listeners alike. The album features drummer Ron Metz and bassist Al Greller who’ve played together with Dave in The Schramms since the 1980s, with JD Foster (Lucinda Williams, Richard Buckner, Calexico, Marc Ribot) producing.

Dave Schramm is perhaps best known as an original member and lead guitarist for Yo La Tengo, but over the years has worked with a wide assortment of notable artists from the Replacements to Richard Buckner and all points in between. In recent years, he created the Radio Free Song Club with singer / songwriter Kate Jacobs and disc jockey Nicholas Hill, a successful radio show / podcast showcasing a group of songwriting heavyweights that’s included Victoria Williams, Peter Holsapple, Freedy Johnston, Laura Cantrell, Robin Holcomb, Howe Gelb, Peter Blegvad, Jody Harris, Don Piper, Amy Allison, Amy Rigby and Wreckless Eric.

Schramm and Ron Metz had been playing with cult faves Akron, OH’s The Human Switchboard before Dave fell in with guitarist Ira Kaplan and drummer Georgia Hubley, joining Yo La Tengo for their debut album, Ride The Tiger, and the recordings that preceded it. He would re-unite with the band along with Greller on their much-beloved 1990 release Fakebook as well as its 2015 sequel Stuff Like That There.

After the release of Ride The Tiger, and a subsequent tour, Schramm struck out on his own, reuniting with Metz who’d recently arrived in New York. At their first gig, they billed themselves „The Schramms“ as a joke, but the name stuck! There were several early line-ups, some including other Yo La Tengo alumni, with personnel shifting even as work started on their first album, Walk to Delphi. The Tall Lonesome Pines‘ Al Greller joined as bassist and has been with the band ever since.

Renowned as musician’s musicians, each of the members of the core band has been tapped to help out other artists over the years. Dave has recorded with Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey (on Mavericks, It’s Alright, Fireworks), The Replacements (All Shook Down), Yo La Tengo (Fakebook, Stuff Like That There), Richard Buckner (Since), Freedy Johnston (Can You Fly, This Perfect World, Never Home), Soul Asylum (Let Your Dim Light Shine), Whiskeytown and many others. Al was with Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps and The Tall Lonesome Pines before The Schramms, and later Yo La Tengo, Beat Rodeo, Paul Presti (of the Unholy Modal Rounders), The Tractors, Riff Doctors, and a Gene the Singing Plumber. Ron contributed to the solo efforts of former Human Switchboard bandmates, Bob Pfeifer and Myrna Marcarian; he currently plays with Glenn Morrow’s Cry For Help and Tammy Faye Starlite. Other erstwhile Schramms would go on to work with musicians like Ian Hunter, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Little Steven, et al.

So The Schramms have been keeping busy since their last album’s release – Omnidirectional wound up being recorded in sporadic bursts over the course of a decade, but the end results show it was a labor of love for all involved and well worth the wait.

20. Juni 2019

General Strore new arrivals week 24+25/2019

14. Juni 2019

King Of Madrid is PETER BRUNTNELL’s tenth studio album and it’s one that focuses on his unique songwriting talents.

King Of Madrid is Peter Bruntnell’s tenth studio album, and it’s one that focuses on his unique songwriting talents. It also sees him returning to his roots, featuring beautiful, sometimes sixties-flavoured songs with his signature hints of psychedelia. Bruntnell’s warm voice helps create a yearning atmosphere that gives the album a consistent and organic feel.

The self-effacing Devonian is the ultimate musician’s musician, gaining respect from his peers all over the world for the atmospheric works that he creates with his long-distance songwriting partner Bill Ritchie. Kathleen Edwards, when planning her first album, gave the producer Bruntnell’s Normal For Bridgewater album and asked him to „make it sound like this“. Willy Vlautin simply says, „Peter Bruntnell is my favourite singer in the world“.

King Of Madrid was recorded in the Kiln, King’s Langley with Bruntnell’s long-term band Mick Clews (drums), Peter Noone (bass) and Dave Little (guitar) and their familiarity and comfortable interaction makes for a confident interpretation of the new songs. It was Bruntnell who wrote the inspirational anti-Trump song „Mr Sunshine“ on 2016’s Nos Da Comrade and politics are never far from King Of Madrid either. „National Library“ and „Thief Of Joy“ are both articulate takes on Brexit, with the writer commenting on the latter: „Of course the thief of joy is Pride, but as far as Brexit and May and the Bullingdon Boys go, obviously everybody already knows that“.
In „London Clay“ (reprised here from its original version on 2012’s unofficial release Ringo Woz ‚Ere), a man daydreams about ways he could possibly be together with his unrequited love, but even in the dreams it never quite works out. Typically of this songwriting team, odd and mysterious topics are tackled too: „Lucan“ muses whether the elusive lord is fish food or living in Libreville, Africa, while in „Dinosaur“, Mark Zuckerberg gets hit by a meteor. The title track is a lilting, reflective waltz, while the stunning „Broken Wing“, arguably the album’s standout track, is a song concerning a young person growing up in an evangelical cult. The song allows the band to hit a groove and stretch out instrumentally.

Helping to underline the luscious sound (synthesiser, electric twelve-string and pedal steel abound) are guests BJ Cole, Iain Sloan and the Pretenders‘ James Walbourne, who provides synth flourishes.

King Of Madrid showcases a classic English songwriter at the top of his game.

06. Juni 2019

General Store new arrivals week 23/2019

02. Mai 2019

The title tells the story – MARKUS RILL’s songwriting is the heart of Songland !

€ 14,90

If you go into the studio planning to hopefully record ten songs in ten days and you come out the other end after little more than half this time with all 15 of your new songs recorded and in the bag, you have every right to call that a successful session! This happened in late October of 2018 at 7V studios in Bockenem/Germany to Markus Rill – considered by experts and fans to be Germany’s finest Americana artist for more than 20 years – and his band The Troublemakers as they recorded their brand-new album Songland. The title tells the story: Rill’s
songwriting – the joy he finds in poetic, sometimes surrealist lyrics, in creative eloquence as a logical evolution of his earlier, purer storytelling – is at the heart of the album. Musically, Rill and his guys always play in service of the song and do so in absolutely terrific fashion. Not one of the 15 tracks falls short of the others in any way, so Rill’s decision to forget about marketing ploys or saving any song as a possible bonus track makes perfect artistic sense. Almost an hour of Songland – a true feast for fans!

Since 1997 Markus Rill from Würzburg has been living proof that you don’t necessarily need American genes to write and sing authentic folk & roots music. He’s been touring in Germany and Europe for more than twenty years and has steadily released album after strong album which makes his back catalogue quite an impressive one. Since his second album, The Devil & The Open Road (1999), he’s been signed to Blue Rose Records who have released most of his albums since then. There’s the trilogy of albums recorded with some of Nashville’s finest musicians – Hobo Dream (2004), The Price Of Sin (2006) and The Things That Count (2007) -, the meaty Americana songwriter effort Wild Blue & True (2011) and in early 2013 the tremendous band album My Rocket Ship, recorded with The Troublermakers. With Dream Anyway in 2016 Rill & band made a quantum leap. This gem was very varied, sounded fantastic and presented a mature artist with depth and rock’n’roll appeal at the apex of his abilities (up to now). In early 2018 he released Getting Into Trouble for his 20-year anniversary, a double album featuring new material and a collection of rare tracks culled from limited releases or collaborative albums with Swedish New Folk artist Annika Fehling or his German colleagues Hubert Treml & Franz Schuier.

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30. April 2019

General Store new arrivals week 17+18/2019

25. April 2019

Six years after Waterfall TODD THIBAUD is back with Hill West !

Hill West
€ 14,90

Like his last record, Waterfall, Todd Thibaud’s studio albums have been predominantly full band, rock collections, charged with a collective energy that effortlessly pulls the listener in on his journey. With Hill West, that energy still resonates, but Thibaud steers it toward a more intimate, stark approach, fueled by a changing and uncertain world. Inspired by artists and albums such as Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, Gillian Welch’s Revival, Aimee Mann, and Nick Lowe, Thibaud, a Blue Rose artist since 1997, homes in on the essentials: lyric, melody, and voice.

The result is a poignant reflection on our modern world – in a time when other artists have chosen to eschew the big questions or sit still with themselves long enough to look inside. In songs like „Find Your Love“, Thibaud shares a glimpse into two people’s struggle to grapple with the fear and pain that surrounds them, zooming his lens out as he goes to view the greater picture of human relationships. „Great Unknown“ explores the nostalgia we all have for the simpler, hopeful times experienced in youth – when uncertainty was fueled by big dreams – with lyrics reminiscent of Pete Yorn’s Music for the Morning After. In the gritty, forceful „Edge of Breaking“, Thibaud takes the wheel of his future, demanding a fearless love from the perspective of nothing left to lose. „Path of Us“, perhaps the barest track with only his voice and an acoustic guitar, turns back to those two lovers, offering a bittersweet delivery but hopeful message. „Something about open doors, makes me feel so unsure… But what I wouldn’t do for you.“ While the narrator may be unsure, the message is clear: we always have a friend to share our burdens.

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16. April 2019

Welcome back to the Blue Rose family: RUSS TOLMAN with Goodbye El Dorado !

Goodbye El Dorado
TOLMAN, RUSS Goodbye El Dorado 2CD (incl. Bonus-CD "Compass & Map")
€ 14,90

Americana singer, songwriter and guitarist, Russ Tolman has been confounding expectations from the start, following his own unique path, all the while with a knowing nod, tugging on our coats, inviting us to come along. It has always been a pleasing, worthwhile suggestion.

With his eighth album, Goodbye El Dorado, Tolman wistfully, but with a clear, critical eye examines his homeland from afar, penning his „love letter to Los Angeles“ without acrimony and with the clarity of distance. He was half a world away in Osaka, Japan and the miles provided a prism of certitude.

From his gunslinging days in the seminal 80’s twin guitar chainsaw band True West throughout a varied, exceptional solo career, Tolman’s strengths as a singer-songwriter are on full display here. From the everyday laments of time melting away on the 405 freeway to the personal musings over the intimate, familial travails of having your hopes and dreams running headlong into reality. Heady stuff you say? No doubt.

Dispatching these emotional adventures with his usual wisecracking aplomb, Tolman enlists some familiar musical samurai, along with some new ronin to expand the colors of his burgeoning musical palette. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Lloyd (Steve Wynn, Nels Cline, Wesley Stace) caressingly picks a mandolin, tickles the ivories and delightfully offers the plush inflections of his accordion, painting Tolman’s House of Melody with a fresh coat of satisfying color. Long-time six-string comrade Kirk Swan (Dumptruck, Amy Rigby) swings as usual with an insouciant groove, handsomely propelling the overall sentiment with taste and verve. Veteran Kevin Jarvis takes a double dip, serving as both engineer and drummer, providing pivotal experience from his previous work with Lucinda Williams, Grant Lee Phillips, and Brian Wilson. Cindy Wasserman (John Doe Band, Dead Rock West) provides glowing, elegant backing vocals and Tolman vet Dave Provost (Dream Syndicate, Al Green) anchors the bottom with his Motown tinctured bass guitar, while Tom Heyman contributes his potent pedal steel sheen. Newcomer Slim Zwerling offers his trumpet and flugelhorn, providing a yummy Bacharach zest, adding new flavors to Tolman’s soulful gumbo. Drop in a healthy dollop of Tolman’s seasoned, silky honeycomb vocals
and the results are a golden treasure.
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