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30. November 2022

The reprocessing of TOM PETTY’s heritage continues!

Live Fillmore 1997
PETTY, TOM Live Fillmore 1997 4-CD
€ 64,90*
Live Fillmore 1997
PETTY, TOM Live Fillmore 1997 6-LP
€ 184,90*

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers famously played 20 nights at the legendary Fillmore venue in San Francisco in 1997. 6 of the shows were professionally recorded and this release features some of the high points of the residency. The small venue allowed the band to vary their sets each night; they included re-arranged and distinctive versions of their hits, deep cuts, and many cover versions – paying tribute to the artists that Tom and the band had been influenced by.

The 4 CD deluxe edition includes 58 tracks, 35 of which are covers – over 4 hours of music. The 4 CDs are packaged in a box with a 32-page booklet (with previously unseen photographs), 3 custom guitar picks, a replica All Access laminate, and an embroidered patch (“The Fillmore House Band” —a term that was bestowed on The Heartbreakers during the shows at the Fillmore).

The 6 LP deluxe edition includes 58 tracks, 35 of which are covers—over 4 hours of music. The 6 LPs are packaged in a box with a 24 page (12” x 12”) booklet (with previously unseen photographs), 3 custom guitar picks, a replica All Access laminate, facsimiles of 3 set lists, a reprint of the 8-page Fan Newsletter published in 1997, and an embroidered patch (“The Fillmore House Band” —a term that was bestowed on The Heartbreakers during the shows at the Fillmore).

13. November 2022

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 46/2022

27. Oktober 2022

General Store Neuheiten / New Releases Week 41-43/2022

Denim & Diamonds
LANE, NIKKI Denim & Diamonds LP (Colored Vinyl)
€ 29,90*
Blood Harmony
LARKIN POE Blood Harmony CD
€ 14,90*
Blood Harmony
LARKIN POE Blood Harmony LP (Red Colored)
€ 22,90*
Blood Harmony
LARKIN POE Blood Harmony LP (Bone Colored)
€ 22,90*
Here Again
SAY ZUZU Here Again 2-LP (orange vinyl)
€ 27,90*
World Record
YOUNG, NEIL World Record 2-CD
€ 19,90*
World Record
YOUNG, NEIL World Record 2-LP
€ 39,90*
21. Oktober 2022

JOSEPH PARSONS is releasing a new studio album: Holy Loneliness Divine !

This is a pre-order. The item won’t be shipped before 11.11.2022. If you want to order other items please place a separate order so those items are not delayed.

Holy Loneliness Divine is the latest and final record from the JOSEPH PARSONS BAND (JPB), as the members disperse to follow their individual musical paths. To mark that milestone, the band has created a record that fully realizes its signature sound, forged from countless recording sessions and live shows. From the opening anthem, “Dreaming a Universe”, the songs bite hard on the world’s march towards an uneasy future while finding hope in it’s not-so inevitable path. The journey includes moments of deep confusion followed by epiphanies and emerging clarity, while some age-old love songs balance out the mix. It’s an unpretentious record that provides a deeper sense of Parsons’ writing style, along with the themes and visions that he has pondered in these last few years. Some of the stories are provincial, some are worldly; but always relatable. A deep sense of “life-lived” emits from the disparate yet cohesive and hopeful tones.

Tonally, the record is a rock record mining the depths of traditional instruments – drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, piano – with touches of modern flavors to accentuate moods and provide ear candy to the headphone enthusiasts among us. Musical production is almost as big a part of Parsons’ palette as the songwriting itself. When performed solo, the songs hold up beautifully and display the range of Parsons’ edgy songwriting style. In the studio, the band’s full, uncluttered arrangements expand those edges and bring the listener an enhanced musical landscape of each of
the songs. This is underpinned by the soaring electric guitar solos and pristine vocals throughout.

While the songs were written by Parsons and much of the record was produced & mixed by him as well, each member of the band fully produced and mixed one song – top to bottom – from a guide vocal & acoustic track Parsons recorded in his studio. This showcases the amazing talent and evolution of the band individually and collectively and their ability to reach the ‘zone’ wherever they are. The record is a document of a band firing on all cylinders, creating a work that is energetic and vital, showcasing some of Parsons’ most consistent songwriting to date.

Going out at the top of their game, JPB has disbanded to pursue other demanding musical projects.

This is Parsons’ 15th full length studio record and his 25th studio record including the bands he has founded or co-founded (Hardpan, US Rails, 4 Way Street, Parsons Thibaud). He also has released numerous live albums and singles.

20. Oktober 2022

RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS finally are back with the new studio album Exiled On Mabel St !

After three decades of making music, Rich Hopkins has become synonymous with dusty, guitar-drenched desert rock from the American Southwest. After all his well-documented activities as leader of the Sidewinders, Sand Rubies, Underbelly and many other projects, the Luminarios are still his central focus – with himself and his wife Lisa Novak (the couple wrote all the ten album tracks) being the only irreplaceable band member, of course. Since 1992 they have been active as a trio, a four-piece or a five-piece band or simply a loose collection of Tucson, Arizona and Austin, Texas musicians. Early on, Rich was heavily influenced by Neil Young & Crazy Horse. In recent years he has become a more mature songwriter, has released some exciting concept albums and explored different styles and sounds.

The new studio album Exiled On Mabel St effortlessly joins the ranks of earlier first-class RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS releases in terms of content, sound and quality. The desert is alive and desert rock will be vibrant and fresh as long Rich Hopkins can hold a guitar. An electric guitar, mind you! On the album’s ten numbers electric guitars dominate the sound and help create this striking mix of epic rock hymns, sandy folk rock, tried and tested rock’n’roll values from the 60s and 70s, jingle jangle guitar pop and a healthy dose of psychedelia.

Listening to tracks on Exiled On Mabel St, you can hear how comfortable Rich Hopkins is in embracing the musical styles of the past, and exploring his own creative instincts. Hopkins is a lot more than just an archivist. Aided by his talented wife, singer/songwriter Lisa Novak, he mines all areas of his life, as well as his observations of the world today, for the songs on Exiled. It kicks off with „A Message Of Hope“, which acknowledges how everyone is struggling but says, „forgive yourself…you’ll make mistakes“. In the liner notes, he dedicates the song to Pastor David Dahlberg and says it was inspired by Steve Earle. In „Count On Me“ he is singing to his lady love and reminding her that he has come through for her despite his problems. „Everybody Knows“ is the reverse of the Leonard Cohen song of the same name, which has a dark cynicism at its core. Hopkins‘ song, rather, portrays how love cannot be hidden and shines so that everyone can see it.
Other standouts include „Prodigal Son“, which is based on an encounter with an unhoused person that Hopkins had back in Austin, Texas. The outpouring of compassion in the song will surprise no one who knows the singer/songwriter – who served in the Peace Corps and has helped people on the streets in Tucson in various ways for many years. Be sure, also, to give a good listen to „I Don’t Care“, which has almost a Mexican guitar feel to it, and a message of rejecting the haters, and „Bataan Death March“, a track about the infamous forced march of Filipino and American prisoners of war by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1942. The piece features sound effects, music that evokes the horrendous 60+ mile journey, and finds Hopkins reciting „The Lord’s Prayer“.

17. September 2022

ELLIOTT MURPHY is back with his first studio album with new songs since 2017!

€ 15,90*

ELLIOTT MURPHY in his own words to his new album:

What number album of mine is my upcoming release Wonder? Well … I wonder … maybe something like my 40th or if you include the 10 albums of the Vintage series maybe it’s my 50th? But who’s counting anyway? All I know is that my new album Wonder will be released on 23 September 2022 and I think it’s a special one, a musical and lyrical trip down memory lane and right on into the unknowable future. In 1975 somewhere in the lyrics of „Deco Dance“ (from the album Night Lights) I wrote, “The past is the only thing that lasts if you move too fast…” and I wonder if I have moved too fast? It certainly doesn’t feel that way when we’re stuck in a traffic jam on the Autobahn but in a way these past 50 years have flown by. Which speaking of 50th anniversaries, 2023 will mark that heavy milestone of my own career but more on that when we get closer to it…

I chose September 23 as the release date for Wonder because it’s a Friday and traditionally new albums are always released the last day of the working week (why I have no idea, but I’m not one to fight tradition) and also because it is the birthday of my dear friend Bruce Springsteen who (in my humble opinion) put the smile on the face of rock ‘n roll when things were getting pretty decadent and overly-self-indulgent in the late 60s and very early 70s. Last time I saw him I played “Hope (In Your Eyes)” for him and he gave me a thumbs up so that gave me… hope as well. Bruce taught me to always put my fans first (and that’s what I’ve always tried to do) so a big Buon Compleano to you my friend!

Why Wonder? Well … because it’s my first post-Covid album and because I wrote (or co-wrote with Olivier Durand) most of the songs on the album during the dark early days of the pandemic. The album begins with “Hope (In Your Eyes)” and ends with “I Know There’s A Place” so I think you can rest assured that there is an optimistic message within this new batch of songs although there are also tracks such as “Raindrops“, “Hailstones” and another one-word title “Lonely” which convey a plethora of emotions like those we’ve all been dealing with since this nasty virus decided to become our long-term global roommate.

Wonder was produced and mixed by Gaspard Murphy and is my real first studio album of original songs since 2017’s Prodigal Son. Besides my long-time cohort Olivier Durand (who has now been playing guitar with me for more than half my career!) the album features (among others) Melissa Cox on violin and Alan Fatras on drums along with a special guest appearance of the incredible BJ Scott on backing vocals. BJ, you might remember, sang on my 1996 break-through album Selling The Gold and although they weren’t in the same room at the same time did sing with Bruce Springsteen on “Everything I do (Leads Me Back To You)” from that album.

Wonder is full of memories and references from my youth and if anyone has any questions about the lyrics please send them to as we plan on including all the lyrics on my website along with French translations. And if there is anyone out there who would like to take on the job of translating the twelve songs of Wonder into other languages (Spanish, Italian, German…even Japanese!) please let us know and we will be very grateful here in Murphyland, where it’s a true tower of Babel as far as language goes.

16. September 2022

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 38/2022

09. September 2022

General Store Neuheiten/new releases week 36/2022

20. August 2022

General Store Neuheiten / new releases week 31-33/2022

30. Juli 2022

THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS return with a new studio album – on Blue Rose!

This is a pre-order. The official release date of the CD and vinyl-LP is September 2, orders through the Blue Rose mailorder will exclusively shipped on August 19! If you want to order other items please place a separate order so those items are not delayed.

Seven long years after the The End Of The Golden Age, THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS are back with a new studio album!

Big Ideas, the fourth full-lenth studio album by Edinburgh-based quintet, will sound immediately familiar to those who know the band, and serves as the ideal introduction for those who are less familiar with their output. Four years in the making, the album features ten tracks covering jangling, forthright, radio-ready power pop, rugged, rootsy rockers, moody guiatr workouts and stetely ballads – all underpinned by the heartfelt, poetic wordplay that the band are well-known for.

The Marshals have, like the rest of the planet, been through some challenges in recent times – and some of the lyrical content is inevitably shaped by the events of the past two years (the title strack and „Disappointment“ in particular), but – like the protagonist in the middle eight of the nostalgic, bittersweet album track „Tourist In My Hometown“ – the band have ‚emerged unbroken, smarting from the pain‘.

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