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This new album by Eric Bibb states the special talent of this blues master. The Eric Bibb signature is here more than ever as soon as the first notes play. Inspired by a legendary Eastman Johnson"s painting, "Ridin"" is a gorgeous album concept that puts Eric Bibb in the center of the game, almost two years after his last album. The "boss" is clearly back and it feels so good! Eric brings a humanity and sense of humor to his work. Listen to the playful "She Got Mine" or the simple joy of "The Happiest Man in the World" or the sublime pleasure of his articulate finger-picking on any number of songs. There are treasures here for everyone."When I think about my musical journey so far, I"m mostly grateful and amazed at where and who I am today. I also realize how many musical dreams of mine have come true".

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Dear America CD € 15.90* Info

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DFG LP 884
€ 25.90*

1. Family
2. Ridin'
3. Blues Funky Like Dat (Featuring Taj Mahal & Jontavious Willis)
4. The Ballad of John Howard Griffin (Featuring Russell Malone)
5. 500 Miles
6. Tulsa Town
7. Onwards (Interlude)
8. Hold the Line (Featuring Russell Malone)
9. I Got My Own (Featuring Amar Sundy)
10. Call Me By My Name (Featuring Harrison Kennedy)
11. Joybells
12. Sinner Man with Eric Bibb String Band (Live at Wheatland Festival)
13. Free (Featuring Habib Koité)
14. People You Love
15. Church Bells (Interlude)