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Für Careless hatten Micky % The Motorcars die Latte schon ziemlich hoch gelegt. Nun, zwei Jahre später, sind sie mit Naive zurück. Sollte ihnen der Druck des "verdammten dritten Albums" zuviel geworden sein? Schon der Titelsong als Opener schöpft Hoffnung, dass dem nicht so sein wird - catchy Start mit deftigen Gitarren und einem harten Drumbeat sowie einer (wie könnte es anders sein) mörderischen Hookline, ehe der Break zum Mitsing-Refrain einleitet. Fette Produktion, das wird bereits nach 3 Minuten deutlich. Doch nicht nur das - Micky Braun, der für fast alle Songs verantwortlich zeigt, sind wieder zwei Hände voll griffige Americana/Alt. Country-Songs von der Feder gegangen, die den Sommer auf der Terasse, im Freibad, auf der grünen Wiese oder beim Autofahren gnadenlos versüßen. Und auch ein Blue Rose-Künstler kommt zu Ehren - Jon Dee Graham's "Twilight" (aus The Great Battle) ROCKT wie Hölle - Micky & the Motorcars haben nicht nur wegen dieser grandiosen Coverversion die Prüfung bestanden und sind so ziemlich auf dem Country Rock-Gipfel der Neuzeit angelangt.

Micky and the Motorcars may be young, but they are far from lacking in either skill or experience. With just a slim 21 years on his odometer, Micky and the Motorcars front man Micky Braun seems almost too comfortable on stage…the kind of natural stage presence that makes one mutter under their breath in envy. It only makes sense that Braun feels at home in the spotlight … both he and his older brother, Motorcar guitarist Gary Braun, were practically born onstage. Add two of their closest childhood friends to the Motorcar roster, Shane Vannerson (drums) and Mark McCoy (bass), and fellow Texas transplant Joseph Deeb (lead guitar), and the result is a stunning new act with a camaraderie that is contagious to their audiences.

Hailing from the Sawtooth Mountains of Stanley, Idaho, Gary and Micky Braun were born into a family steeped in musical tradition. Their father, Muzzie Braun, was an accomplished player of Western swing before they were a mere twinkle in his eye. Alongside their older brothers, Cody and Willy Braun (Reckless Kelly), Gary and Micky Braun grew up as the youngest members of their family's Western swing band, Muzzie Braun and the Little Braun Brothers. Throughout their childhood, Micky and Gary Braun graced stages across the country, including the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Now, the Tonight Show, and more- and all of this before they were teenagers. It wasn't long before older brothers Cody and Willy left both Idaho and the Little Braun Brothers to form Reckless Kelly, eventually making their home in a very receptive Austin, Texas.

Left to explore his own musical endeavors, Micky decided to fly the coop himself. Braun invited his childhood friends, Travis Hardy, an accomplished drummer in his own right, and Mark McCoy, a fishing guide turned bassist, to accompany him to Phoenix, Arizona. The three spent the winter of 2000 refining their sound, but it wasn't until the Motorcars returned to Idaho and convinced older brother Gary Braun to join the band that the Motorcars truly began to take shape. Micky and the Motorcars made the move to the "Live Music Capital of the World" in January of 2001, and Texas has more than warmly welcomed ist newcomers. Not only did the band find a new home in Texas, but a new addition as well. Through mutual friends, the Motorcars found native Floridian and lead guitarist Joseph Deeb. Deeb added the musical texture the Motorcars had been looking for and the pit crew was complete.

Taking influence from Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, fellow Idaho native Pinto Bennett, and, of course, Muzzie Braun, Micky and the Motorcars offer a unique and friendly reminder that "americana" isn't just a southern phenomenon. Brandishing their talents at top venues across the state, including Gruene Hall, Antone's, the Saxon Pub, and the Continental Club, Micky and the Motorcars have shown their growing fan base that they are nobody's musical little brothers. Micky and the Motorcars released their independent debut album "Which Way From Here" during the summer of 2002, which has been well received in several Idaho and Texas radio markets. Micky and the Motorcars' engines are revved and ready to shift into overdrive.

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SED 7103
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1. Naïve
2. Amber
3. Long Enough To Leave
4. Grow Old
5. Don't Be Sad
6. Misunderstood
7. Bloodshot
8. Seashell
9. Everything I've Got
10. Twilight
11. Seeds
12. Let's Split Out Of Here