King Of Your Hometown

Nach dem überaus großen Output von 2008 wunderte es uns schon etwas, dass es einige Monate dauern sollte, ehe von der rührigen Smith Group aus Dallas etwas Neues erscheint. Und mit dem neuen Album der Cody Gill Band ist dann auch gleich eine der klassischen Texas Music/Alt. Country/Red Dirt-Bands Marke Reckless Kelly/Cross Canadian Ragweed/Micky & the Motorcars/Wade Bowen am Start. Typische melodietrunkene, mit knackigen E-Gitarren und omninpräsenten Akustikklampfen lassen aber auch die Southern Rock-Fans sowie Eagles/Poco-Liebhaber begeistern. Schon der Vorgänger „Boxcars“ konnte extrem gefallen, „King Of Your Hometown“ klingt auch ohne Szene-Produzent Mike McClure frisch und locker und zeigt, dass die Band selbst das Zepter in die Hand nehmen kann, um ein klasse Roots-Album an den Start zu bringen. Mission accomplished!

The Cody Gill Band takes the stage with a chemistry and family-like attitude not commonly found in any profession. Long hours on the road and days away from the norm bring out the truest of emotions, only to fuel the already-blazing fire dwelling in the underbelly of this nomadic foursome. Since its genesis, The Cody Gill Band has grown into a successful musical group with undeniable drive and relentless love for a wide range of music from other Texas country to southern rock. The Cody Gill Band began recording and co-producing their long-awaited second full-length album, “King of Your Hometown” in October of 2008. The album consists of 9 original songs penned by all members of the band and 2 covers. The title track, “King of Your Hometown” is a good-hearted, satirical memoir of sorts created by the band’s frontman, Cody Gill. The soaring guitars, powerful vocals, driving drums and interwoven bass grooves of their songs are sure to fulfill all of The Cody Gill Band’s diehard fans’ hunger for more and draw even more attention around Texas and the rest of the world.

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King Of Your Hometown
King Of Your Hometown
SED 7113
€ 13.90*

1. Consider
2. Threw Me Away
3. King of Your Hometown
4. Crazy
5. Special
6. 18 in Mexico
7. Heart in the Middle
8. Crumble
9. Roadsigns
10. Jack of Hearts
11. Movin' On