Secret Canon Vol. 2

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Mit ihrer rauen, aber herzlichen Stimme erweist sich Dayna Kurtz als Liebhaberin traditionellen Liedgutes. Blues, Jazz und Folk sind die Grundsteine, aber mit Traditionspflege hat das nicht viel zu tun. Sie coverte Leonard Cohens "Everybody Knows", das als würdevoller Blues erscheint. Kurtz konzentriert sich einfach darauf, den Songs ihr ureigenstes Leben einzuhauchen. Unterstützt wird sie hierbei von einer ausgezeichneten, meist akustischen Band sowie ausgesuchten Gästen.

Dayna has changed NY for her other lover, NOLA. Featuring a mixture of songs recorded in New York & New Orleans. Vol II contains a couple of originals and some new interpretations of old songs that reflect better than ever where Dayna Kurtz stands both as an artist and a human being. Dayna has always felt empowered in New Orleans. And her vocals are the best to date. Songs like 'Reconsider Me' show some new colours of a wonderful voice with corners still to be discovered. Featuring similar players as Vol 1, Peter Vitalone and Jon Cowherd on keyboards, David Richards on upright bass, Dan Reiser on drums and John Bailey on trumpet. For half the songs, however, she enlisted new collaborators, in the form of John Gross on Hammond B3, Simon Lott on drums, Matt Perrine on upright bass, and then the horn section with Jason Mingledorff on saxophone, Craig Klein on trombone and Barney Floyd on trumpet. She has been touring non-stop for the last couple of years, performing in Europe and the USA, a mixture of solo shows with her jazz band or opening big stages for Elvis Costello, Mavis Staples and Trombone Shorty.

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Secret Canon Vol. 2
Secret Canon Vol. 2
KIS 712
€ 15.90*

1. I Look Good in Bad
2. So Glad
3. Reconsider Me
4. One More Kiss
5. Same Time, Same Place
6. If You Won't Dance With Me
7. All I Ask Is Your Love
8. Go Ahead On
9. I'll Be a Liar
10. I've Had My Moments