Hair Down To My Grass

Die neue Hayseed Dixie CD enthält zwölf Rockgrass-Interpretationen von bekannten Stücken (u.a Eye of the Tiger, Final Countdown, Summer of 69) die alle seiner Zeit große Hits waren und auch als Bluesgrass-Versionen nichts von ihrer Wirkung verloren haben. Insbesondere Wind der Veränderung (Scorpions) wird aktuell, 25 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall, für ausreichend Aufmerksamkeit sorgen.

Hayseed Dixie began in the summer of 2000 in the fertile valley of Deer Lick Holler, deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee USA. In this area which was completely isolated from outside cultural and musical influence, the boys grew up playing the traditional music of their forefathers on banjo, fiddle, mandolin, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. All of this changed abruptly one afternoon when a stranger crashed his car into a stately old oak tree on a particularly dangerous curve, which the locals refer to as the Devils Elbow. Sadly, the stranger expired, but his legacy lives on! As the boys searched through the wreckage looking for identification, they discovered several vinyl AC/DC albums. After playing these back on an old Edison 78rpm Victrola, everyone agreed that the songs were rather fine country music . . . and that the Lost Highway of Brother Hank Williams and this Highway To Hell of AC/DC were indeed the exact same road! And the rest is now enshrined in musical history. Hair Down To My Grass is the newest release from Hayseed Dixie and was recorded in the Mountains of Cumbria in a converted barn. Alongside the aforementioned Eye Of The Tiger it also features classics such as Dude Looks Like A Lady, Dont Stop Believin, The Final Countdown and We Are The Road Crew.

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Hair Down To My Grass
Hair Down To My Grass
HDCD 999
€ 14.90*

1. Don't Stop Believin'
2. Eye Of The Tiger
3. The Final Countdown
4. We're Not Gonna Take
5. Summer Of 69
6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
7. Dude Looks Like A Lady
8. Livin' On A Praye
9. Wind Der Veranderungr
10. We Are The Road Cre
11. Comfortably Num
12. Don't Fear The Reaper