I Like It Down Here

I Like It Down Here on Soundly Music, deals a lot with his home region, the South, and his roots there: the place where he knew the shortcuts to get to every gig, where he'd had a great upbringing in Lower Alabama with a close family, where he first caught on as a guitar-blazing 16-year-old pop-rock wunderkind, where the last public lynching was in 1981, and where Confederate flags fly from homes not infrequently to this day.

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I Like It Down Here
I Like It Down Here
WLL 1006
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1. Hey Trouble
2. I Like It Down Here
3. Alabama (For Michael Donald)
4. Buddha Blues
5. I'm Not Running Away
6. When I Get to Memphis
7. It's a Sin
8. Salt Water & Sand
9. Anything Helps
10. Star