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2019 release. Colorado is the first new Neil Young with Crazy Horse album since 2012's Psychedelic Pill. The album features 10 new Neil Young compositions. It includes several songs that Neil has been playing live in the past few months (eg: "Rainbow of Colors", "Green Is Blue" and "Milky Way"), and the epic 13+ minute track "She Showed Me Love". This incarnation of Crazy Horse is Neil Young on vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica and vibes, Billy Talbot on bass, Ralph Molina on drums and features the return of Nils Lofgren on guitar and piano, almost 50 years since he last appeared on a Crazy Horse album (1971). The album is produced by Neil Young and John Hanlon and was recorded in Colorado in April & May 2019.

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RPRW 9670
€ 15.90*

1 Think of Me
2 She Showed Me Love
3 Olden Days
4 Help Me Lose My Mind
5 Green Is Blue
6 Shut It Down
7 Milky Way
8 Eternity
9 Rainbow of Colors
10 I Do