Bad Turn

Mudlow ist ein seit 20 Jahren mehr oder weniger aktives Trio, welches sich im schönen Brighton an Britanniens Südküste bequem gemacht hat. In ihrer langen Karriere haben sie es immerhin zum Deep Blues Festival in den USAgeschafft und im Heimatland mit Bands wie Seasick Steve, Scott H. Biram, The Detroit Cobras, The Jim Jones Review und Alabama 3 die Bühne geteilt.
Gefährlich und ganz schön funky ist ihr Sound, eine Art dreckiger Blues, dessen Texte sich vorwiegend um Verlierer und die Unbill, die sie erdulden, ertragen und hinnehmen müssen, drehen.
Inspiriert ist dieser Sound von Junior Kimborough, Tony Joe White, Jerry Reed und natürlich Tom Waits, aber Mudlow hat daraus ihre eigene Version gestrickt. Tobias Tester (Guitar/Vocals und Hauptsongwriter), Matt Latcham (Drums, Percussion) und Paul Pascoe (Bass/Produzent) legen mit BAD TURN erst ihr drittes volles Album vor, aber es ist mit Abstand ihr erstes, durchweg perfektes Werk.

Lurking along UK’s south coast, Mudlow have been making trouble and music for over twenty years, playing stages as farflung as USA’s Deep Blues festival, Belgium’s Muddy Roots festival and UK’s Dark Holler festival. Their good fortune has led them to play alongside household names such as Seasick Steve, Scott H. Biram, The Detroit Cobras, The Jim Jones Review, and Alabama 3. Now it is time for Mudlow to be a household name. Dangerous and unashamedly funky, Mudlow’s world is populated with characters full of lament and thoroughly committed to their mistakes. Tobias Tester (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Latcham (Drums, Percussion) and Paul Pascoe (Bass/ Producer) soundtrack these fables of misfortune with their distinctly scuzzy take on the blues. Mudlow are proud to present their third studio album and their definitive recording ‘BAD TURN’. Narrative tales populated with characters both full of lament and committed to their mistakes.An album that is dark, dangerous and unashamedly funky. Original and heartfelt, No other band sounds quite like Mudlow. Wearing their influences like talisman to guide initiates to the roots of their music, the band’s love of Junior Kimborough, Tony Joe White, Jerry Reed and of course Tom Waits, is apparent throughout. ‘Bad Turn’ is their strongest statement of intent to date, at once cinematic,literary and straight out of the gutter. It’s for the bar stool beatniks and dive bar dancefloors everywhere. You may have avoided those swinging doors in the past, but listening to ‘Bad Turn’ will introduce you to the regulars, you may even find yourself getting down and out on that hardwood floor.

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Bad Turn
Bad Turn
JJ CD 5009
€ 12.90*

01. Lower Than Mud
02. Red Rock
03. Lower Than Mud
04. Further Down The Road
05. Three Crows In A Row
06. Clean Slate
07. Crocodile Man
08.The Last Rung Down ...
To Hell
09. So Long Lee (Redux)
10. Sundown