Here Again

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Say ZuZu sind zurück! Das letzte Lebenszeichen der Band waren die beiden auf Blue Rose Records veröffentlchten Alben "Every Mile" (2001) und "Live in Germany" von 2004. Im Oktober 2022 wird ein brandneues Studioalbum erscheinen, nun gibt es als "Erinnerung" eine CD mit Songs aus den früheren Studio-Alben, die von 1994 und 2001 erschienen waren: "Say ZuZu" (1994), "Highway Signs & Driving Songs" (1995), "Take These Turns" (1997), "Bull" (1998) und eben "Every Mile" von 2001. Begleitet werden die 12 Songs von einem 32-seitigen Booklet, das neben den Songtexten auch umfangreiche Geschichten um Say ZuZu erzählt. Für Fans, die erst über die Blue Rose-Alben zu der Band gestoßen waren, die perfekte Ergänzung zur Sammlung!

Say ZuZu is an Americana rock band from New Hampshire. Originally formed in 1991, Say ZuZu recorded and released nine full-length albums before disbanding in 2003 and reuniting in 2019. The band's first release on Strolling Bones Records is Here Again: A Retrospective (1994-2002) and includes highlights from the group's five studio albums recorded during its touring heyday. A new studio record from the band is scheduled for release in October 2022 on Strolling Bones Records. 'For those who haven't met our music before, these are highlights from five records released between 1994-2002. The songs focus on the large internal lives of people in small mill towns like ours. This record also chronicles a decade of growth from a fiercely independent, self-produced New Hampshire band that flew under the radar during the heyday of the 1990s alt-country movement. The title of the record, "Here Again", is inspired by a song from our 1994 self-titled record. We've always sought to write songs that hold up, personal songs that are durable and can stand on their own in a variety of arrangements. "Here Again" is one of those songs. It's also a fitting title for a record that's an opening salvo from a recently reunited band with its first new studio record forthcoming in Fall of '22.'

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Here Again
Here Again
2-LP (orange vinyl)
SBR LP 511
€ 27.90*

1. You Don't Know Me
2. Pennsylvania
3. Better Days
4. Wasting Time
5. Broken
6. Here Again
7. Government Job
8. Doldrums
9. Good Girl
10. Don't Tie Me Down
11. Colorado
12. Highway Signs