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10. Februar 2022

MARKUS RILL explores some new avenues with Everything we Wanted !

25 years after his debut album MARKUS RILL releases Everything We Wanted, an album that brings together all his strengths: profound, wide-ranging Americana songs, gripping rock’n’roll and stirring soul with intelligent, touching lyrics. The 14th album is indeed a high point and culmination in the work of the singer-songwriter with the sandstone voice. There’s no other aetist in Germany, probably in all of Europe, who’s closer to Steve Earle, John Hiatt, Mellencamp, Tom Petty, no one who does his roots rock thing more authentically than the 51-year-old native of Frankfurt/Germany.

“My goal as a songwriter has always been to write every kind of song I like listening to myself – but with my own twist, of course,“ Rill says. He succeeds almost effortlessly with the 14 songs on Everything We Wanted. It’s easy to hear that Rill draws inspiration from Texas, from Nashville and Memphis, from the heyday of rock’n’roll as well as from the present. It’s just as clear that Rill is a confident original artist, with his own point of view, the ability to create poetry out of everyday language, and that unique voice.

The album opening title track is a catchy listen and unmistakably a song from and of the here and now. „The air was pure, water was clean … we had everything we wanted till we wanted more“ Rill sings over a pulsating groove. Moving from finger-pointing to reflection in the last verse gives the song special depth. Rill receives congenial supported from his longtime band, The Troublemakers, augmented by a few guests.

„During the pandemic a lot of great musicians had time to contribute to my album,“ says Rill. Thus, Jen Gundermann, a much in-demand musician and member of Sheryl Crow’s touring band, was available to record with Rill 15 years after their last collaboration. She provided brilliant piano and organ parts on the title track and the entire album. Backing vocalists Elizabeth Lee from Texas, Camille Bloom from Seattle and Rill‘s buddy Robert Oberbeck are also an integral part of the album’s always convincing Americana sound.

The same is true for longtime Blue Rose labelmate Todd Thibaud who stands out as a co-songwriter and duet partner on the laid-back midtempo rocker „Heart Up Yet.“ The record continues with „Hope Waits,“ an inspiring folk-flavored ballad of the highest order. „It perches in the soul, holds on tight and won’t let go – hope waits.“ That’s Rill drawing from Emily Dickinson and Glenn Campbell.

The songwriter and his Troublemakers explore some new avenues, leaning into crisp the riff-rocker „Never Trust Forever“ and into „Tumblin‘ Dominoes“ which is a hats-off to the Georgia Satellites and the Rolling Stones. And there’s even a first horn appearance on a Rill record. Jim Hoke and Roland Barber who have played with Aretha Franklin, Keb‘ Mo‘, Paul McCartney and Dolly Parton are giving „Where I Belong“ some soulfire. „The idea for the song came from my guitarist Maik Garthe after we opened for Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes.“ Further forays into new territory lead to the Nick-Cave-meets-Time-Out-Of-Mind-like „The Mystery Of You“ or the wondrous groove-folk of „Color Of My Heart.“

But of course, there’s also another a number of those compelling storytelling songs that are Rill’s great strength and have won him a slew of songwriting awards. „Flesh & Blood & Bone“ blends twang, Trump, Prine and human dignity with an an enticing gallop. „Country Town“ is an irresistible flannel-shirt, roll-up-your-sleeves roots rocker. The atmospheric outlaw brew „Slack“ and the piercing narrative „Get Paid“ combine strong lyrics with compelling rhythms. Album closer „Monochrome“ is a spartan but touching work of grief. And then there’s the outstanding „Always Trusted You,“ a mountain of a song, Rill’s moving ode to his late mother.

The Troublemakers with drummer Leonardo von Papp, bassist Chris Reiss and string master Maik Garthe (baritone, slide, 6- & 12-string guitars, dobro and mandolin) are proving themselves once more as a rhythmically as well as sonically versatile backing band. Rill sings with soul, sensitivity and power, making you believe every word he says.

In short, this is a whopper of an album. It delivers on everything Rill learned during his time in Austin, Texas, during three studio productions in Nashville, during concerts with Townes van Zandt, Rosanne Cash and Southside Johnny as well as about 1,000 gigs in dive bars, clubs and on big stages. Outstanding songs, a variety of sounds, classy performances. Everything We Wanted is for Markus Rill & The Troublemakers what Wildflowers was for Tom Petty.

18. November 2021

Joe Camilleri releases 50th career album with the 19th BLACK SORROWS album Saint Georges Road!

Finally available – exclusively in Europe through our mailorder – is the vinyl edition! Worldwide limited to 600 copies, 180g vinyl, gatefold cover, with lyrics printed inner sleeve, LP-size poster with many photos, front cover hand-signed and numbered by band mastermind Joe Camilleri. We have limited stock available!

Joe Camilleri and THE BLACK SORROWS are thrilled and proud to announce the world-wide release of Saint Georges Road on 10th September through Ambition Records. To celebrate this milestone – and to make this record truly special – Joe Camilleri reunited with Grammy nominated Peter Solley – producer of Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons’ breakthrough album Screaming Targets (‘79) that featured Joe’s first Top 40 hits, „Hit and Run“ and „Shape I’m In“.
Saint Georges Road showcases 11 original tracks written by Joe Camilleri and his long-time writing partner Nick Smith.
Before they embarked on the project, Peter Solley asked Joe one question, “What kind of record do you want to make?” Joe replied, “A good one.”
“This album is a testament to Joe Camilleri’s long-lasting career and his burning desire to keep working at his craft. The album shows the power of love and inspiration that spans 40 years of our lives,” says Peter Solley, who also adds his Hammond B3 and keyboards to the record… “I’m sure, Saint Georges Road will inspire Joe’s fans as well.”

At the final listening session, as the title track was played, Joe recalls a profound moment, “We were two like-minded souls coming together for what could be the last time… we knew we had something special… a record that was a culmination of everything I’d done before and probably the best record I’ve made.” The following day Peter Solley headed back to his home in the US. The day after that, Australia’s borders were shut.

THE BLACK SORROWS are one of Australia’s most prolific and enduringly popular bands renowned for their high-energy live shows, musicianship, and infectious, roots-soaked blues rock. They’ve sold more than two million albums to date and won an ARIA Award for Best Group.
Joe Camilleri has been at the forefront of Australian music for decades as the leader of Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons and The Black Sorrows and as writer of radio anthems „Hit & Run“, „Shape I’m In“, „Chained To The Wheel“, „Harley & Rose“ and „Never Let Me Go“.
Joe Camilleri is an ARIA Hall of Famer and at 73 years old, a rock’n’roll lifer. Not ready to hang up his boots just yet, he’s working on his 51st album. It’s what he does.

Saint Georges Road is exclusively in Europe on CD through the Blue Rose Records mailorder. As a limited edition Blue Rose is offering the deluxe edition of the album which includes 5 bonus tracks in a deluxe signed package by Joe Camilleri and a 12 page booklet.

„Somewhere a curtains falls“, Joe Camilleri sings in Another Blue Day, a standout on The Black Sorrows‘ 19th studio album. „It’s the end of the play. For me, it’s just the start.“ And though this is the 50th album in his remarkable career – yes, 50th – Camilleri crackles with the vitality of an artist who’s just embarking on his musical journey. If you need proof, check out the exhilarating Livin Like Kings.
Reunited with English producer Peter Solley (who helmed 1979’s Screaming Targets with Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons), Saint Georges Road is sophisticated, soulful and superb, a crowning mioment in a career that refuses to look back. Yep, consider this the end of Act One. There’s a lot of life left in Joe Camilleri.
(JB-Hi Fi Stack Magazine)

27. Februar 2021

New exclusive free mailorder-only-CD available now – Blue Rose Collecvtion 16!

Another issue of the Blue Rose Collection series is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to an order at our webshop with four and more items but a copy is also available to purchase for € 5,00.

1. RECKLESS KELLY – Every Step Of The Way (taken from the album Long Night Moon)
2. WILLIE NILE – LET’S ALL COME TOGETHER (taken from the album World War Willie)
3. SHURMAN – NEVER GONNA QUIT (taken from the album East Side Of Love)
4. HANK SHIZZOE – I BEEN TREATED WRONG (taken from the album Steady As We Go)
5. DAN NAVARRO – BULLETPROOF HEART (taken from the album Shed My Skin)
6. WILLIAM CLARK GREEN – IT’S ABOUT TIME (taken from the album Rose Queen)
7. LEEROY STAGGER – ONE PERFECT WAVE (taken from the album Dream It All Away)
8. THE GREAT CRUSADES – ONLY TOOK A MINUTE NOT TO SAY GOOD NIGHT (taken from the album Until The Night Turned To Day)
9. US RAILS – EAGLE & CROW (taken from the album Last Call At The Red River Saloon)
10. LOS LONELY BOYS – GIVE A LITTLE MORE (taken from the album Revelation)
11. JOSEPH PARSONS – MADNESS (taken from the album At Mercy’s Edge)
13. MARKUS RILL – YOU & MY YOUTH (taken from the album New Crop)
14. HARDPAN – THIS PLACE AND TIME taken from the album Hardpan)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – FRIEND OF THE SHOOTER (taken from the album Buried Treasures)

08. Dezember 2020

MARKUS RILL closes the year with a fresh, inspired, acoustic soundscape on New Crop!

New Crop
€ 14,90*

Singer-songwriter MARKUS RILL and Bavarian multi-instrumentalist Robert Hasleder have known each other for 15 years. However, with both of them being much-in-demand live performers and prolific artists, chances to play music together were few and far between. During the 2020 pandemic, however, they had nothing but time. Rill sat down in Hasleder’s basement studio to record some new and some previously unrecorded originals and a couple of cover versions. Hasleder embellished these live tracks with delicate guitar parts, mandolin, Weissenborn, slide, banjo, bass, accordion, percussion and more.

New Crop is a varied acoustic album, at times harking back to Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen’s musical interplay, at other times reminiscent of Steve Earle’s Train A-Comin‘ or John Hiatt’s Crossing Muddy Waters. “I’d always planned to make an all-acoustic album one day. The Price Of Sin and Late Night Drive were getting close. I think New Crop qualifies“, Rill says with a grin. The dark cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Man In The Long Black Coat“, one of the album’s undisputed highlights, is the only song featuring an electric lapsteel guitar. Everywhere else acoustic instruments create a warm, lush sound.

New Crop offers all of Rill’s strengths – wide-ranging Americana, rock’n’roll, country, folk and blues tunes with remarkably strong lyrics – in a fresh, inspired, acoustic soundscape handcrafted and tailor-made by string-wizard Robert Hasleder. If you are in the mood to hear two master musicians at work, New Crop is exactly what you need.

12. November 2020

The last curtain had fallen with the US RAILS at the „Red River Saloon“ in Heilbronn, Germany!

The US four piece US RAILS from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had started in February 2020 for another extensive European tour through Spain, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands. Shortly after their arrival in Spain all the booked shows had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. The band tried to continue the tour in Italy but there was the same situation. In mid March it was obvious that the remaining 15 shows of the tour had to be cancelled so the show on March 15 at the „Red River Saloon“ in Heilbronn, Germany was the final show of the tour before the lockdown.

It was not only the last show of the tour, it was also the last concert at the local music venue. The owner had sold the property months before and wanted to re-open after the lockdown for another few weeks but due to the pandemic the US Rails show was The Last Call at the Red River Saloon.

The show was recorded and contained 22 songs from the band’s six studio albums, except one all songs written by the band members Ben Arnold, Tom Gillam, Scott Bricklin, and Matt Muir. The music covers the entire range of melodic rock for fans of The Eagles, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne or Randy Newman, just to mention a few.

30. Oktober 2020

JOSEPH PARSONS let it rock on his new album At Mercy’s Edge!

At Mercy's Edge
PARSONS, JOSEPH At Mercy's Edge LP (180g)
€ 19,90*

At Mercy’s Edge, the latest CD from JOSEPH PARSONS, comes complete with arena-ready anthems bursting to break free of quarantine. While the world may be stalled, step up and take the ride from the opener „Greed on Fire,“ all the way to the pinnacle at „Mercy’s Edge.“

Now in his 50s and committed for the long haul, U.S. songwriter Joseph Parsons‘ resumé reads like an exercise of artistic endurance – or futility depending on the day. The album is reminiscent of his earlier work, but seasoned, raw and rougher around the edges; with three-and-a-half-minute deep dives into our worlds‘ unfettered capitalism, hope, desolation, war, love, politics and stories of flawed, yet potentially redeemable characters.

With the benefits of age, Parsons‘ voice and the band (Ross Bellenoit (guitar), Sven Hansen (drums), and Freddi Lubitz (bass) have never sounded better. His prolific album releases and standout live shows connect in a personal and inspirational way with the audiences throughout Europe and his original homeland, the United States.

The band, together since 2008, exude a powerful brotherhood on stage. In 2019, between German and Italian concert tour legs, they took time to capture that essence in recording sessions in Germany and Slovenia. The result is the latest release At Mercy’s Edge. „Recording while on tour is a real luxury as we are musically fully engaged and focused. The band is in top form and we are having a blast hanging out with each other. Traveling excites the senses, brings an x-factor & extra mojo to the music. A wonderful way to make records!“ says the reserved Parsons.

Uncut Magazine (UK) rightfully calls him an „experienced dealer in emotions“. And Radio Bremen (DE) declares his music to be „dynamic, intense & intoxicating.“

Ex-pat Parsons lives a private life with his wife and kids in northeast Germany. Living in a historic house from the late 16th century, he splits his downtime between the western Pomeranian town of Parchim and Berlin. He writes and records out of a personal studio he built in the back of their home in 2017. Often traveling to the U.S.A., Parsons says, “I like going to the States, but I love coming home to Germany”.

17. Oktober 2020

STEVE WYNN releases impressive 11-CD Box Set Decade!

WYNN, STEVE Decade 11-CD Box Set
€ 89,00*


Steve Wynn first gained fame as lead singer and songwriter for the legendary Paisley Underground outfit The Dream Syndicate. But his post-Dream Syndicate solo career is the equal of any indie-rock singer-songwriter you’d care to name. Now, Real Gone Music and Steve Wynn have joined forces to release Decade (yup, the Neil Young reference is deliberate), an 11-CD set that chronicles, with lavish deluxe editions, the guitar-driven albums Wynn recorded between 1995 and 2005, most of which have been long out-of-print.
The statistics on this box set are mind-blowing: 166 tracks, 57 of them totally unreleased, plus 31 other rarities! That’s right’over half of this 11-CD set consists of either hitherto unknown recordings or tracks that have been almost impossible to find! As for the other tracks, they hail from the following albums: the American releases Melting In The Dark, Sweetness and Light, My Midnight, Here Come The Miracles, Static Transmission, and ‚Tick’Tick’Tick, and the German-only compilation entitled The Emusic Singles Collection (rare tracks from another European-only release, a collection of rarities entitled Pick of the Litter, appear here as well).

So where do all the unreleased tracks come from? Well, during this 10-year period, Steve Wynn recorded dozens of songs ‚ sometimes at home and occasionally in a proper studio. Many of those songs got re-recorded and revamped and became key memorable parts of his catalog. Other songs got tossed away and forgotten. For Decade, long-time Steve Wynn (and Dream Syndicate) archivist Pat Thomas in cooperation with Steve Wynn listened to about a hundred hours of unreleased tapes and compiled this amazing box set that not only includes remastered (by Mike Milchner of SonicVision) versions of some of Steve Wynn’s best albums but also the first American release of the two rare European only titles. And ‚ it bears saying again ‚ 57 previously unreleased recordings that not even hardcore tape traders have heard! Several of these albums were recorded with Steve Wynn’s core band of Linda Pitmon on drums, Dream Syndicate guitarist Jason Victor, and long-time Miracle 3 bass player Dave DeCastro. Along the way, there are appearances from Green On Red keyboardist Chris Cacavas, Giant Sand’s Howe Gelb, indie chanteuse Barbara Manning, Chris Brokaw & Thalia Zedek of Come, Tony Maimone of Pere Ubu, John Convertino of Calexico, Rich Gilbert and many others. With so much material, you need a program’and so Steve Wynn himself has penned very detailed notes that tell the stories behind the origins of all 57y previously unreleased songs! Plus essays from box set producer Pat Thomas and several of Wynn’s long time bandmates. And a pile of previously unseen photos…all inside a mammoth, full-color 48-page book!

15. September 2020

Last Call at the Red River Saloon by US RAILS pays tribute to the final show at this venue with a 2-CD live set!

Before the general lockdown everything changed in Germany and most other countries in the world, the four piece US RAILS not only played the last show of the band’s due to the corona pandemic interrupted extensive European tour on March 15, it was also the last show at the „Red River Saloon“ in Heilbronn, Germany. The regular end after 30 years in the business should have been in June but due to Corona the club had to shut down after the US RAILS show and didn’t re-open the doors.

The show was professionally recorded by Detlef Zasche who mixed shows of Blue Rose artists for over twenty years. In countless hours he mixed and mastered the entire two-hour and 22 song set keeping the original sound of the show. René Geilenkirchen provided great photos for the packaging, a 6-panel digifile, and Roland Heckmann designed the artwork.

The band made several album title suggestions and finally Last Call at the Red River Saloon was chosen – a perfect album title! The double CD with the complete show will be released on November 13, 2020, of course on Blue Rose Records! Prior to the release we will release a few videos of the show, starting with the second song of the setlist, „Take You Home“ from the band’s current studio record, Mile By Mile.

21. Juli 2020

New free exclusive mailorder-only CD available now: Blue Rose Collection 15!

Another issue of the Blue Rose Collection series is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to the first order at our webshop with four and more items but a copy is also available to purchase for € 5,00.

1. US RAILS – FOOLING AROUND / taken from the album „Mile By Mile“ (BLU DP0739)
2. WALTER SALAS-HUMARA – HARD (ONLY HUMAN) / taken from the album „Walterio“ (BLU DP0721)
3. JEFF CROSBY – SUNRISE OVER ICELAND (FOR LOIS) / taken from the album „Postcards From Magdalena“ (BLU DP0715)
4. ELLIOTT MURPHY – THE PRODIGAL SON / taken from the album „Prodigal Son“ (BLU CD0693)
5. HIGH LINE RIDERS – A LONG, HARD FALL / taken from the album „Walking Home“ (BLU CD0703)
6. I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. – POOUR ME / taken from the album „Live And Never Learn“ (BLU DP0719)
7. THE BAND OF HEATHENS – LAST MINUTE MAN/ taken from the album „Duende“ (BLU DP0692)
8. THE BRANDOS – THE SOLUTION / taken from the album „Gunfire At Midnight“ (BLU DP0706)
9. AD VANDERVEEN – SONG FROM THE WISE MAN’S CAVE / taken from the album „I Was Hank Williams“ (BLU DP0728)
10. JOSEPH PARSONS – COME AROUND / taken from the album „Digging For Rays“ (BLU DP0732)
11. WATER AND SAND – I WANNA ROCK YOU / taken from the album „Catching Light“ (BLU DP0738)
12. PETER BRUNTNELL – MEMORY HOOD / taken from the album „King Of Madrid“ (BLU DP0733)
13. RUSS TOLMAN – GOODBYE EL DORADO / taken from the album „Goodbye El Dorado“ (BLU DP0730)
14. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – TILL I’M GONE / taken from the album „BACK TO THE GARDEN“ (BLU DP0731)
15. THE SCHRAMMS – IN ERROR / taken from the album „Omnidirectional“ (BLU CD0724)

24. März 2020

New Blue Rose mailorder-only-CD series started with the re-launch of the Blue Rose Collection series!

A few months ago we had announced the end of our compilation CD series Blue Rose Nuggets with the release of issue #100. However, all the remaining issues are still available for purchase for € 5,00.

We still want to thank our devoted customers with an exclusive free CD of an order with four items and more. We are making a re-launch of the Blue Rose Collection series which was sent in hiatus in 2008 with issue #12. The difference is that the new editions are not available in regular outlets but like the Nuggets series through the Blue Rose mailorder only, limited to 300 copies each issue. Of course the CD is also available for purchase for only € 5,00. When compiling this new collection we were trying not to use songs we have already put on the Nuggets series but please forgive us if it doesn’t work for all the selected tracks.

A copy of the Blue Rose Collection 13 issue will be added automatically as a giveaway to orders with four and more items.

The tracklist of Blue Rose Collection 13:
1. THE GREAT CRUSADES – IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE ME NOW / taken from the album „Until the Night Turned to Day“ (BLU CD0695)
2. WILLIE NILE – TROUBLE DOWN IN DIAMOND TOWN / taken from the album „World War Willie“ (BLU DP0683)
3. WATER AND SAND – CONFESSION / taken from the album „Catching Light“ (BLU DP0738)
4. THE BLACK SORROWS – LOVER I SURRENDER / taken from the album „Citizen John“ (BLU DP0722)
5. THE BAND OF HEATHENS – SUGAR QUEEN / taken from the album „Duende“ (BLU DP0692)
6. US RAILS – TAKE YOU HOME / taken from the album „Mile By Mile“ (BLU DP0739)
7. HARDPAN – MIRACLE CURE / taken from the album „Hardpan“ (BLU DP0700)
8. STEVE WYNN – CRAWLING MISANTHROPIC BLUES / taken from the album „Solo! Acoustic (Vol. 1)“ (BLU DP0740)
9. THE BRANDOS – WOODSTOCK GUITAR / taken from the album „Los Brandos“ (BLU DP0670)
10. MATTHEW RYAN – BATTLE BORN / taken from the album „Hustle Up Starlings“ (BLU CD0701)
11. NORA JANE STRUTHERS – LET’S GET THE DAY STARTED RIGHT / taken from the album „Champion“ (BLU DP0714)
12. MARKUS RILL AND THE TROUBLEMAKERS – INSIDE THE WHEEL / taken from the album „Songland“ (BLU DP0734)
13. JESS KLEIN – BLAIR MOUNTAIN / taken from the album „Back To My Green“ (BLU DP0727)
14. THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS – BALLAD OF JAYNE / taken from the album „After All These Years“ (BLU DP0698)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – A STONES THROW / taken from the album „Live At El Lokal“ (BLU DP0737)
16. DAN NAVARRO – NIGHT FULL OF RAIN / taken from the album „Shed My Skin“ (BLU DP0729)
17. BOTTLE ROCKETS – WAY DOWN SOUTH / taken from the album „Bit Logic“ (BLU DP0726)
18. HANK SHIZZOE – CALIFORNIA / taken from the album „Steady As We Go“ (BLU DP0725)