18. April 2024

New exclusive free mailorder-only CD available – Blue Rose Collection 19!

Almost a year has passed since the 18th edition of the Blue Rose Collection series was released. Now it is available, number 19. When selecting the 15 songs, we limited ourselves to the early years of Blue Rose Records; all pieces come from CDs that we released between 1995 and 2001.
As with the previous editions, every order of four articles or more at our webstore will automatically receive this number 19 free of charge, but the free item will no longer be included with every additional order of at least 4 articles, unless the purchaser expressly requests another free copy. If desired, a copy of the Blue Rose Collection No. 13, 15, 16, 17, 18 or a copy of the still available editions of the Blue Rose Nuggets series can be requested as a replacement. These wishes can be expressed in the comment field in the shopping cart before submitting the order.
Of course, this 19th edition of the Blue Rose Collection series can also be purchased for € 5.00.

1. TRISH MURPHY – I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE (taken from the album „Rubies On The Lawn“)
2. CHRIS BURROUGHS – PENNY RITUALS (taken from the album „Clutter“)
3. SAND RUBIES – PRIMEVIL LOVE (taken from the album „Return Of The Living Dead“)
4. FRED HARING – THERE’S A SONG IN MY HEAD (taken from the album „This Grand Parade“)
5. TROY YOUNG CAMPBELL – A LITTLE MORE EVERYDAY (taken from the album „Man Vs. Beast“)
6. FRED EAGLESMITH – GETTIN‘ TO ME (taken from the album „50-Odd Dollars“)
7. JIMMY LAFAVE – VAST STRETCHES OF BROKEN HEART (taken from the album „Road Novel“)
8. ARTHUR DODGE AND THE HORSEFEATHERS – THE REAL ME (taken from the album „Nervous Habit“)
9. JOLENE – FIND IT LOVELY (taken from the album „Antic Ocean“)
10. THE BEL-VISTAS – LEARNING TO FIGHT (taken from the album „Pretty Ugly“)
11. RICH HOPKINS AND BILLY SEDLMAYR – AMELIA (taken from the album „The Fifty Percenter“)
12. MICHAEL HALL AND THE WOODPECKERS – TRULY (taken from the album „Dead By Dinner“)
13. JOHN P. STROHM – BALLAD OF LOBSTER BOY (taken from the album „Vestavia“)
14. DESERT BOOT – P.S. (taken from the album „Craving“)
15. HENSLEY STURGIS – SCRIBBLE (taken from the album „Open Lanes“)

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