11. April 2023

New exclusive free mailorder-only CD available – Blue Rose Collection 18!

Another issue of the Blue Rose Collection series with a running time of 70 minutes (!) is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to an order at our webshop with four and more items. A copy is also available for purchase for € 5,00.

1. BLUE MOUNTAIN – GENTLE SOUL (taken from the album „Midnight In Mississippi“)
2. WRINKLE NECK MULES – STONE ABOVE YOUR HEAD (taken from the album „Apprentice To Ghosts“)
3. CAROLYN WONDERLAND – MEET ME IN THE MORNING (taken from the album „Peace Meal“)
4. THE WYNNTOWN MARSHALS – THE POCKET (taken from the album „Big Ideas“)
5. WATER AND SAND – EVERY GOOD THING (taken from the album „Catching Light“)
6. TURNPIKE TROUBADOURS – BLUE STAR (taken from the album „Goodbye Normal Street“)
7. US RAILS – LAY YOUR HEAD ON ME (taken from the album „Live For Another Day“)
8. THE SLUMMERS – RIFT VALLEY EVOLUTIONARY BLUES (taken from the album „Love Of The Amateur“)
9. THE BLACK SORROWS – THE HONEYDRIPPER (taken from the album „Live! At The Palms“)
10. THE SILOS – BEHIND ME NOW (taken from the album „Come On Like The Fast Lane“)
11. JAMES McMURTRY – SOUTH DAKOTA (taken from the album „Complicated Game“)
12. JOSEPH PARSONS – THANKFUL (taken from the album „Holy Loneliness Divine“)
13. THE GREAT CRUSADES – THE DEVIL AND ALL HIS RELATIONS (taken from the album „Thieves Of Chicago“)
14. TONY FURTADO – TIRED LION (taken from the album „The Bell“)
15. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – MORNING DEW (hidden track taken from the album „Exiled On Mabel Street“)

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