02. Mai 2022

New exclusive free mailorder-only CD available now – Blue Rose Collection 17 !

Another issue of the Blue Rose Collection series is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to an order at our webshop with four and more items but a copy is also available to purchase for € 5,00.

1. STEVE WYNN – BLOOD FROM A STONE (taken from the album „Sweetness And Light“)
2. WOOLDRIDGE BROTHERS – SWEET SENSATION (taken from the album „Uncovering The Sun“)
3. TIM EASTON – ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS LEAVE TOWN (taken from the album „Special 20“)
4. ELLIOTT MURPHY – LOVE TO AMERICA (taken from the album „Selling The Gold“)
5. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – UNGLUED (taken from the album „El Paso“)
6. FARMER NOT SO JOHN – GRAND BOUQUET (taken from the album „Receiver“)
7. CONTINENTAL DRIFTERS – SPRING DAY IN OHIO (taken from the album „Vermilion“)
8. RAINRAVENS – I AIN’T EVER GOIN‘ HOME (taken from the album „Rainravens“)
9. JOSEPH PARSONS – YOU LIED (taken from the album „5am“)
10. THE HOOBLERS – TOMORROW FADE AWAY (taken from the album „Can You Do This?“)
11. SHAKIN‘ APOSTLES – DISTANT FIELD (taken from the album „Austin, Texas“)
12. THE DASHBOARD SAVIORS – THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (taken from the album „Love Sorrow Hatred Madness“)
13. JULIAN DAWSON – ALL ABOUT THE RIDE (taken from the album „Under The Sun“)
14. THE PINETOPS – JESUS SPOKE (taken from the album „Above Ground And Vertical“)
15. TODD THIBAUD – DON’T SAVE ME (IT’S ALRIGHT) (taken from the album „Little Mystery“)

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