07. Mai 2020

New free exclusive mailorder-only CD available now: Blue Rose Collection 14!

Much faster than expected the relaunch-CD of the Blue Rose Collection series was sold out! 300 copies of volume 14 were made but with the (still ongoing!) successful overstock campaign the quantity didn’t last very long. While we made a second pressing we already started working on volume 14 which is available now! A copy of the compilation will be added automatically to an order through our mailorder with four and more items but a copy is also available to purchase for € 5,00. The „theme“ of this collection is the same we had with the final issue of the now ended Blue Rose Nuggets series – all the 17 tracks are cover songs, some of them released by big stars like Bruce Sringsteen, Jackson Browne or Simon & Garfunkel, some of them by not so well known artists like Jimmy Webb, Eliza Gilkyson or Doug Sahm. We included all the original artists to the tracklist.

A copy of the Blue Rose Collection 14 issue will be added automatically as a giveaway to orders with four and more items.

1. STEVE WYNN – THIS STRANGE EFFECT / taken from the album „Sweetness And Light“ (BLU CD0058) (The Kinks)
2. CODY CANADA & THE DEPARTED – FOOTLIGHTS / taken from the album „3“ (BLU DP0723) (Merle Haggard)
3. JOSEPH PARSONS BAND – WHAT’S GOING ON / taken from the album „Slaughterhouse Live“ (BLU DP0501) (Marvin Gaye)
4. THE BRANDOS – LET THE TEARDROPS FALL / taken from the album „Pass The Hat“ (BLU DP0708) (Patsy Cline)
5. SAY ZUZU – THE APARTMENT SONG / taken from the album „Live in Germany“ (BLU CD0334) (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
6. DAN NAVARRO – WICHITA LINEMAN / taken from the album „Shed My Skin“ (BLU DP0729) (Jimmy Webb)
7. THE BLACK SORROWS – SILVIO / taken from the album „Citizen John“ (BLU DP0722) (Bob Dylan)
8. HANK SHIZZOE – PRETTYHEAD / taken from the album „Live At The Blue Rose Christmas Party 2010“ (BLU DP0558) (ZZ Top)
9. KELLEY MICKWEE – DARK SIDE OF TOWN / taken from the album „You Used To Live Here“ (BLU DP0642) (Eliza Gilkyson)
10. TODD THIBAUD – LUCKY TOWN / taken from the album „HOT-FM Session“ (BLU DP0266) (Bruce Springsteen)
11. US RAILS – RUNNING ON EMPTY / taken from the album „We Have All Been Here Before“ (BLU DP0704) (Jackson Browne)
12. RICH HOPKINS & LUMINARIOS – RAINY DAY WOMAN / taken from the album „Live At The Rockpalast Crossroads Festival“ (BLU DP0550) (Waylon Jennings)
13. LUKE GASSER – LITTLE LOVER / taken from the album „The Judas Kiss“ (BLU DP0718) (AC/DC)
14. MICKY & THE MOTORCARS – SISTER LOST SOUL / taken from the album „Across The Pond – Live From Germany“ (BLU DP0661) (Alejandro Escovedo)
15. ELLIOTT MURPHY & IAIN MATTHEWS – BLIND WILLIE MCTELL / taken from the album „La Terre Commune“ (BLU CD0231) (Bob Dylan)
16. PARSONS THIBAUD – THE BOXER / taken from the album „Live At the Red River Saloon in Heilbronn 2007“ (BLU BS0025) (Simon & Garfunkel)
17. BOTTLE ROCKETS – SHE’S ABOUT A MOVER / taken from the album „Live In Heilbronn/Germany July 17, 2005“ (BLU CD0384) (Doug Sahm)

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