Anthology Volume 4

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Eine weitere Kollektion von David Knopfler. Diesmal hat er sich Songs ausgewählt aus seinen Alben "Ship Of Dreams", "Grace", "Last Train Leaving", "Heartlands" und "Songs Of Loss And Love". Zusätzlich gibt es noch zwei bisher unveröffentlichte Versionen von "Shadowlands" und "Jericho".

Fourth collection of songs, this time taken from the albums "Ship Of Dreams", "Grace", "Last Train Leaving", "Heartlands" and "Songs Of Loss And Love". Additionally there are two previously unreleased versions of "Shadowlands" and "Jericho".

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Anthology Volume 4
Anthology Volume 4
CDP 20
€ 15.90*

1. 4U (Rabbit Song)
2. Honey Tastes Sweet
3. The Fun of the Fair
4. Waiting for the Call
5. Jericho (Solo Live)
6. So was I
7. The Ballad of Little Blackie
8. Only A Miracle
9. Midnight Shaker
10. Shadowlands
11. Walk Around