30. Oktober 2020

JOSEPH PARSONS let it rock on his new album At Mercy’s Edge!

At Mercy's Edge
PARSONS, JOSEPH At Mercy's Edge LP (180g)
€ 19,90*

At Mercy’s Edge, the latest CD from JOSEPH PARSONS, comes complete with arena-ready anthems bursting to break free of quarantine. While the world may be stalled, step up and take the ride from the opener „Greed on Fire,“ all the way to the pinnacle at „Mercy’s Edge.“

Now in his 50s and committed for the long haul, U.S. songwriter Joseph Parsons‘ resumé reads like an exercise of artistic endurance – or futility depending on the day. The album is reminiscent of his earlier work, but seasoned, raw and rougher around the edges; with three-and-a-half-minute deep dives into our worlds‘ unfettered capitalism, hope, desolation, war, love, politics and stories of flawed, yet potentially redeemable characters.

With the benefits of age, Parsons‘ voice and the band (Ross Bellenoit (guitar), Sven Hansen (drums), and Freddi Lubitz (bass) have never sounded better. His prolific album releases and standout live shows connect in a personal and inspirational way with the audiences throughout Europe and his original homeland, the United States.

The band, together since 2008, exude a powerful brotherhood on stage. In 2019, between German and Italian concert tour legs, they took time to capture that essence in recording sessions in Germany and Slovenia. The result is the latest release At Mercy’s Edge. „Recording while on tour is a real luxury as we are musically fully engaged and focused. The band is in top form and we are having a blast hanging out with each other. Traveling excites the senses, brings an x-factor & extra mojo to the music. A wonderful way to make records!“ says the reserved Parsons.

Uncut Magazine (UK) rightfully calls him an „experienced dealer in emotions“. And Radio Bremen (DE) declares his music to be „dynamic, intense & intoxicating.“

Ex-pat Parsons lives a private life with his wife and kids in northeast Germany. Living in a historic house from the late 16th century, he splits his downtime between the western Pomeranian town of Parchim and Berlin. He writes and records out of a personal studio he built in the back of their home in 2017. Often traveling to the U.S.A., Parsons says, “I like going to the States, but I love coming home to Germany”.

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