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01. Juni 2018

Blue Rose Nuggets Vol. 88 now available for only 5 € or for free!

Number 88 of the Blue Rose mailorder-only series Blue Rose Nuggets again contains songs from current Blue Rose releases (Luke Gasser, I See Hawks In L.A.), numerous tracks of the over 600 Blue Rose catalog titles plus a video of trhe Brandos sond „What Kind Of A World“.

1. Cowboy Mouth – Man On The Run / taken from the album „It Means Escape“ (BLU CD0010)
2. Dashboard Saviors – Consummation / taken from the album „Kitty“ (BLU CD0018)
3. Stoney LaRue – Box #10 / taken from the album „Us Time“ (BLU DP0672)
4. US Rails – Poor Poor Pitiful Me / taken from the album „We Have All Been Here Before“ (BLU DP0704)
5. Chris Burroughs – Rules Of The World / taken from the album „Clutter“ (BLU CD0021)
6. Desert Boot – Cry Alone / taken from the album „First Steps“ (BLU CD0014)
7. Yardsale – Been Hell On Me / taken from the album „Yardsale“ (BLU CD0019)
8. I See Hawks In L.A. – White Cross / taken from the album „Live And Never Learn“ (BLU DP0719)
9. Matthew Ryan – Close Your Eyes / taken from the album „Hustle Up Starlings“ (BLU CD0701)
10. Jupiter Coyote – Drew’s Theme / taken from the album „Lucky Day“ (BLU CD0013)
11. Tony Furtado – Broken Bell / taken from the album „The Bell (BLU DP0663)
12. The Pride – I’m / taken from the album „Lipstick Traces“ (BLU DP0022)
13. William Harries Graham – Mystical Ways / taken from the album „Foreign Fields“ (BLU DP0685)
14. Luke Gasser – The Judas Tree / taken from the album „The Judas Tree“ (BLU DP0718)
15. The Brandos – What Kind Of A World (MPEG Video Clip) / taken from the album „Los Brandos“ (BLU DP0670)

29. Mai 2018

General Store new arrivals week 22/2018

29. Mai 2018

First three albums of THE BRANDOS now re-issued on CD!

Honor Among Thieves
Honor Among Thieves
€ 9,90
Gunfire At Midnight
Gunfire At Midnight
€ 9,90
The Light Of Day
The Light Of Day
€ 9,90
Blue Rose Records will be releasing the entire pre-Blue Rose catalog of the Brandos on CD, vinyl and digitally! The first batch of three CDs will be out on May 25, followed by another three on June 22 plus two more on July 20 . Vinyl copies will be available in August.

THE BRANDOS owe their name to their love of Marlon Brando. Their fans know them as one of the most vital American live rock bands of the 20th century’s final decades. THE BRANDOS, known for timeless classics like “The Solution” and “Gettysburg” and their straight and true rock sound, were founded in 1986 with the line-up of David Kincaid (voc, g, mand, banjo), Ed Rupprecht (g), Larry Mason (dr) and Ernie Mendillo (b, voc) in New York City.

In October 1986 the band went in the studio to record the album Honor Among Thieves.The album spent 19 weeks in the Billboard charts and peaked at No.108 in late October. During this period, the band began touring the U.S. and Europe, opening for well-known bands such as The Georgia Satellites, INXS, The Cars and The Alarm. Their first video was released and was placed in medium rotation on MTV. The favorable reviews began to pour in: the Gavin Report dubbed them „Best new American band“, Rolling Stone magazine ran a full-page story describing them as „Real contenders“, and Time magazine clinched it with their quote „The Brandos‘ roots run deep and offer great nourishment“. In early 1988, the band won Best Album (Independent Label), and Kincaid was honored with Best Male Vocalist (Independent Label) at the New York Music Awards.

The year 1991 was spent writing and recording new material for a new album that would become Gunfire at Midnight, which would land a contract with SPV GmbH in Germany in the spring of 1992. Two singles from the album (‚The Solution‘ and ‚The Keeper‘) would reach the top 100 in the Netherlands. Extensive touring in Europe would follow, solidifying the band’s fan base even further, however Rupprecht and Mason decided to leave the band in 1993.

Ed Rupprecht left the band during the recording sessions for the band’s third album, and The Light Of Day was finished with the help of a few friends, especially ex-Del Lords members Scott Kempner (guitar, vocals) and Frank Funaro (drums, vocals). They filled out the live band, and an extensive European tour followed.

04. Mai 2018

Welcome to the Blue Rose family: JEFF CROSBY!

Born and raised in Idaho, JEFF CROSBY has been sharing his unique perspective of Americana throughout the US and beyond for the past decade. His songs and stories paint a picture of the hardships and beauty of being raised and living in small town America, to five years living in a shoe box apartment off Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles CA. Then traveling and living on the road playing 250 shows a year. Though recently making the move to Nashville TN, Jeff continues to spend majority of his time touring the country.

After spending the last two years splitting his time between playing guitar for Widespread Panic songwriter Jerry Joseph and performing with his own band, The Refugees, Jeff hit the studio to record his fourth full length album, Postcards From Magdalena. These new songs were inspired by the places and cultures Crosby experienced while traveling and touring across the U.S., Iceland, the U.K., Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Alaska.

Postcards From Magdalena was produced and engineered in Portland, OR by Gregg Williams (Dandy Worhals, Blitzen Trapper, Pete Droge, Jesse Malin) and Geoff Piller in Nashville, TN.

30. April 2018

General Store new arrivals week 14-17/2018

26. April 2018

Finally available again – incl. bonustracks: STACIE COLLINS‘ debut album from 2000!

She’s a favorite of Dan Baird, a Chuck ’n’ duck rocker who took the Georgia Satellites to chart-topping heights. She’s a favorite of Warner E. Hodges and Jason Ringenberg of Jason & the Scorchers, who invented country-punk music. Her husband, co-writer, and producer, Al Collins, plays bass these days for the Scorchers, but Scorcher-dom isn’t cause for fandom.

Warner and Jason don’t like STACIE COLLINS ‘cause she’s related. They like her ‘cause she’s badass.

The transition from the nice looking country girl to the „Harp Howlin‘ Twang Bangin_ Rock’n’Roller“ happened sometime between the self-titled debut album from 2000 and the follow-up Lucky Spot. A seven year gap was between these two releases, a very important part of that musical transition played the before-mentioned Dan Baird who not only had produced Lucky Spot but also Collins‘ third album Sometimes Ya Gotta from 2010.

A sympathetic shadow of the young Emmylou Harris is laying over all the twelve debut album tracks from 2000 which were written with husband Al Collins. The album was released independently and soon became a collectors item. Now, eighteen years after the initial release, a new edition is available with all the original songs plus seven previously unreleased alternate versions.

14. März 2018

Welcome to the Blue Rose family: NORA JANE STRUTHERS!

Great vulnerability is often part and parcel of great artistry. The songs that last decades and weave themselves into the fabric of listeners‘ lives are usually the ones in which an artist lays her soul bare for the world to hear. Nora Jane Struthers‚ new album Champion is built on these kinds of songs.

The 13-song collection is the follow-up to 2015’s Wake, which earned Struthers acclaim from major outlets like NPR Music, Rolling Stone Country, and „Fresh Air.“ Struthers wrote and recorded the album with her longtime road band the Party Line, and the chemistry between her and the other players is palpable. The album, produced by Neilson Hubbard in Nashville, is full to the brim with stellar musicianship, unexpected arrangements that blur the lines between folk, roots, and rock, and an audible sense that everyone in the studio is having a damn good time.

Where Wake explored themes like new love and new beginnings, Champion finds Struthers documenting the trials and tribulations of adult life; decrying the increasingly intrusive nature of technology; and plainly laying out the struggles faced by a young woman grappling with infertility.

„I’m 33 and want to start a family, but when I was 18 I was diagnosed with a condition called premature ovarian failure,“ she explains. „I’ve known for a long time that I’m going to have to find other ways to have kids. A lot of the songs on the album are about my personal fertility quest.“

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09. März 2018

VINYL Special!

04. März 2018

General Store new arrivals week 10/2018

28. Februar 2018

THE HIGH LINE RIDERS return with their second Blue Rose album Walking Home!

It doesn’t always have to take forever … A mere three years after the surprising return of his band The High Line Riders with Bumping Into Nothing, their mastermind Ed Pettersen presents us with Walking Home, an equally excellent successor. It’s a classy, timeless mix of handmade rock’n’roll, dynamic country rock and heartfelt folk roots numbers – an immensely listenable musical gumbo that will excite 70ies retro fans as well as current Americana listeners. Ed Pettersen: „artist, writer, producer“ is what it says on his website. These three simple words cannot encompass the multitude of activities Pettersen is involved in. The High Line Riders are just one of many projects in the 50-something’s career – but they are currently his most important project, the one he has most fun with, the one he pours his heart out in. You can hear it in every note and every riff of Walking Home.

Ed Pettersen, born of Norwegian descent in New York City, started his musical career in the mid-90s as a folkie singer-songwriter, inspired by the outlaw country music his parents had listened to and self-found idols like Pete Townshend and Paul Westerberg as well as Bruce Springsteen, Oasis and Steve Earle. When his debut album Desperate Times was released in 1995, he was already friends with The Brandos and The Del-Lords, two of the hottest NYC acts at the time. In 1997 the High Line Riders broke through with the much-lauded album Somewhere South Of Here. Since Pettersen’s health issues didn’t allow him to tour much then, the High Line Riders era ended quickly.

At the start of the new century he moved to Nashville, played pop rock with The Strangelys and revisited early, partially unreleased material. Additionally, Pettersen contributed to tribute albums for Waylon Jennings and Uncle Tupelo. In 2006 he was materially involved – as producer and musician – with the epochal three-CD project Songs Of America which dealt with 500 years of American history with participation by John Mellencamp, Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Black Crowes, The Mavericks, Andrew Bird, Old Crow Medicine Show and more. This project alone brought him more recognition than his entire previous output. Riding this wave he released his first album of new material in 2007 with The New Punk Blues Of … – exquisite, handmade, self-penned tracks between urban folk and songwriter rock.

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